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Byrdstown, Tennessee 38549 -- Thursday, January 19, 2017


Lady Bobcats storm back, beat Jackson Co. 64-49

It may have been the hard fought game at LA the night before wearing the Lady Bobcats out (LA’s Coach Smith said her girls were worn out from the PC game in their game against York Friday night too) which caused the Lady Bobcats to struggle against Jackson Co on Friday night.
Jackson Co. jumped out to a quick 6-0 lead with their big girl, Kyliegh Hardy, scoring inside twice and after an all ball block by Courtney Pritchett was called a foul, they scored 2 free throws. Savannah Hammock scored, followed by 2 more free throws by JC. Gracie Martin hit a three for an 8-5 score. Jackson co stayed ahead by 3 to 5 points until Elly Smith stole the ball with Savannah scoring, JC turned the ball over and Aaliyah drove to the basket to make it 12-11. A score by Savannah tied the game at 16 all, but the Lady Blue Devils pulled away for a 20-17 lead after one.
Savannah hit a free throw to cut it to 20-18, then stole the ball and was fouled and she tied the game. But the Lady Bobcat shooting was off, missing threes and missing layups. After Courtney hit 2 free throws for a 27-25 lead, JC hit a three. PC missed a layup, and Jackson hit a free throw. PC missed 3 threes, layups and JC went ahead 32-27 on free throws. The Lady Bobcats fouled and 2 free throws made it 34-27. Another foul and Jackson County led at the half 35-27. The big girl had dominated scoring under the basket, and the Lady Bobcats had only shot about 25%. But JC was in foul trouble.
But the second half was different. Courtney scored, the Lady Bobcat defense was awesome and JC turned the ball over with Abbi hitting a 3…35-32. Another defensive caused turnover and a Savannah score made it 35-34. JC then went up by 3 on 2 free throws. Courtney drove to the basket and scored. JC scored with Courtney scoring again…39-38. JC fouled and Gracie drove in to score and the Lady Bobcats came back from 8 down to a 1 point lead. Courtney scored next as the Lady Bobcat defense was outstanding. Courtney then stole the ball with Abbi scoring…44-39. Kassidy then stole the ball but PC was called for a walk and JC scored. With the score 44-42 Abbi hit a three to end the quarter at 47-42 Lady Bobcats. They outscored JC 20-7 in the quarter.
The 4th quarter started with Aaliyah hitting a three for a 50-42 lead. Ahead 50-44, a technical was called on Jackson Co.’s Coach Brown and Abbi hit both free throws. They then ran 3 minutes off the clock before Courtney scored…55-44. Down the stretch Gracie hit 6 of 6 free throws and Courtney 3 of 4 for the 64-49 win. The Lady Bobcats outscored JC 37-14 after being down by 8 at the half. The difference was the Lady Bobcats’ outstanding defense in the second half and better offensive play
The win put them at 18-0 and was their 6th straight over JC! They played a good Clay County team last night, and play at state ranked #9 Clarkrange Friday night (GET THERE EARLY!).
Scoring: Brown 11, 1 three, Geesling 2, Pritchett 17, Buck 11, 2 threes, Martin 11, 1 three, Hammock 12

Bobcats hang on to beat LA 56-54

The Bobcats looked like they were on their way to a blowout Thursday night against LA, leading by 15 points, before they had to hand on for a nail biting 56-54 win.
Livingston took a quick 7-2 lead with Bryson scoring the 2 before freshman Parker Gore stole the ball with Dawson hitting a three to make it 7-5. A Brian Gibson 3 made it 8-7 with Parker stealing the ball again. An Abbott pass to Bryson under the goal made it 10-7. LA scored on a free throw before Gibson scored for a 12-8 Bobcat lead. LA scored, Trent Young went to the free throw line to make it 14-10 and LA cut it to 2. Another Gibson three made it a 5 point game. LA matched that 3 with Dawson hitting his 2nd three of the quarter for a 20-15 Bobcat lead at the end of one.
Parker stole the ball to start the 2nd quarter and Brian’s score made it 22-15. Miller scored for LA, Brian hit yet another 3 and it was 25-17. Parker scored next and it was 27-17. Hayes scored for LA, PC turned it over but Jake Smith stole the ball with Parker scoring. Ahead 33-23 Dawson scored, Trent Young stole the ball with Dawson hitting a three a minute later…for a 38-23 score and a 15 point lead. With time running out, LA scored, the Bobcats missed a shot with LA hitting a three at the buzzer for a 38-28 halftime score.
The 3rd quarter began with Dawson hitting another 3 for a 41-28 score. Soon after a Parker Gore score made it a 15 point game again. Trent Young’s score kept it at 15, 45-30. But then momentum changed. LA outscored the Bobcats 10-2 for a 47-40 score at the end of three.
LA scored first, then Parker scored…49-42. Jake stole the ball but a Bobcat shot was blocked and LA scored and now it was a 49-44 game. The ball was tied up with LA gaining possession and score…49-46. A Bobcat foul sent LA to the line and they made it a 1 point game. Dawson scored, Trent stole the ball with 2:50 to go and Dawson’s three gave the Bobcats a 54-48 lead and it appeared that the ‘Cats had the game in hand. LA went to the line and missed the front end of a 1 & 1, but a Bobcat double dribble gave the ball back to LA. Dawson scored and it was 56-48. LA scored on 2 free throws. The ‘Cats were called for 5 seconds trying to bring the ball in. LA scored…56-52. They then stole the ball and were fouled. They missed both free throws but grabbed the rebound and scored…56-54. With 29 seconds to go, LA tipped the ball and on the tie-up gained possession. They missed a three. Hayes shot was blocked but they got the ball with .18 seconds to go. The Wildcats got the ball in but Hayes’ three was off and the Bobcats escaped with a 56-54 win.
Scoring: Bryson 4, Dawson 21, 5 threes, Parker 10, Brian 17, 3 threes, Trent 4

Pickett Co. 71-LA 63

The State Ranked #1, 18-0, Lady Bobcats remained unbeaten last week with their 5th straight win over Livingston Academy and their 6th straight win over Jackson County.
The Livingston Academy gym was packed last Thursday night with a standing room only crowd, like you’d see at a Sub-state game, and fans were treated to an outstanding game.
Courtney Pritchett scored first for PC. Savannah Hammock then stole the ball, the Lady Bobcat missed a shot, LA rebounded with Abbi Buck then stealing the ball. After both teams had missed baskets, Savannah scored to make it 4-0. She then blocked a shot, PC grabbed the ball and Courtney was fouled in the act of shooting. Her free throw made it 5-0. LA threw it away and Abbi scored for a 7-0 Lady Bobcat lead.
But then momentum switched to LA as they scored the next 10 in a row before Courtney’s 2 free throws made it 10-9. LA then hit a 3. A Gracie Martin pass to Kassidy Geesling and score cut it to 13-11. Courtney was fouled again and made it a one point game. Kassidy ended the quarter giving the Lady Bobcats a 14-13 lead.
LA stole the ball to start the 2nd quarter and hit a three. Courtney quickly matched it…17-16. Kassidy stole the ball with Gracie being fouled. 19-16. LA hit 1 of 2 free throws before Aaliyah added 2 free throws for a 4 point lead. LA scored and Aaliyah again was fouled…23-19. When Kassidy was fouled, her free throw made it 24-19, but LA came back with a 3. Just like that, Kassidy hit a three for a 27-22 lead. But LA hit an NBA three to make it a 2 point game. It remained close at the half: 35-33 Lady Bobcats.
LA stole the ball and scored to tie the game as the 3rd quarter started. Gracie hit a three…38-35. The game then was a mix of ties or Lady Bobcat leads until with the score 43 all, LA stole the ball and hit a 3. 2 PC misses and a LA basket made it 48-43. Another PC miss and a LA score gave the Lady Wildcats a 7 point lead. But the Lady Bobcats fought back to be down just 52-50 at the end of 3.
LA stayed ahead the beginning of the quarter and were ahead 59-55 with 4:50 to go. A score by Gracie and 2 free throws by Courtney tied the game. LA had their last lead at 60-59. Free throws by Courtney and Abbi made it 63-60. Gracie scored, Abbi was fouled…67-60. LA hit a 3…67-63. Then Gracie scored with Aaliyah’s 2 free throws giving the Lady Bobcats a 71-63 win.

Jackson County shocks Bobcats

Jackson County came in with a 4-12 record and was a heavy underdog to the 12-6 Bobcats, but it was the Blue Devils coming away with a 61-51 shocker over the Bobcats. The loss dropped the Bobcats to 0-2 in the district with the state ranked #2 Clay Co. Bulldogs at the Bobcat Den last night.
The Bobcats had a height advantage over JC with Brian Gibson and Bryson Yorke, but had almost no inside game. Those little inside shots like Jackson County had in the girls’ game for a lot of points, just weren’t there for the Bobcats on a night when their outside shooting was off.
JC scored the first 4 points before Trent scored on a free throw followed by Brian’s score…4-3. JC scored on free throws and a field goal for an 8-3 lead. Soon it was 14-7 and a Jackson County three at the buzzer made it 17-8.
A Bobcat missed shot and a JC score made it 19-8. Brian scored, followed by a JC score and Brian hit a three making it 21-13. Down 24-15 Dawson’s three cut it to 24-18. After JC scored 3 the old fashioned way, Dawson hit another 3…27-21. JC turned it over with Jake Smith scoring. Another JC turnover gave Dawson another 3 and it was now 27-26. JC turned it over again with Parker Gore scoring and the Bobcats had the lead at 28-27 and the hald ended 30-29.
Bryson stole the ball with Parker scoring and it was a 3 point Bobcat lead. But JC then scored 10 straight to go ahead 39-32. The ‘Cats cut it to 39-38 but JC pulled away for a 47-42 lead after 3.
But the Bobcats went 4-13 in the final quarter as the Blue Devils gained the 61-51 win. With the talented big men the Bobcats have, developing the inside game might help turn things around for our Bobcats. The district season is young and the Bobcats still can move well up in the standings.

Upcoming games....

Tuesday night Pickett County hosted Clay Co. The Lady Bulldogs have a good team this year while the Bulldogs are ranked #2 in the state.
Friday night the Lady Bobcats will have their toughest game of the year at Clarkrange...get there early. The Bobcats face a surprising Buffalo team which has beaten Jackson County and Monterey at Monterey and lost to Clay Co. by 22.

PCHS basketball Schedule
13 Jackson County home
17 Clay County home
20 Clarkrange away
27 Monterey home
28 CSAS home
31 Jackson County away

3 Clay County away
7 Clarkrange home
10 Red Boiling Springs home

All games begin at 6:00 central or listed otherwise
Lady Bobcats Head Coach Brent Smith
Bobcats Head Coach Joseph Amonett


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