Volume 54, Number 8

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Byrdstown, Tennessee 38549 -- Thursday, February 23, 2017


MVP Courtney Pritchett scores 28 points


Courtney Pritchett, tournament Most Valuable Player, led the 26-2 Lady Bobcats to their 2nd consecutive District 7A Tournament Championship Monday night at Livingston Academy.

They played in the 2nd game after Clay County demolished Jackson County 63-33, with a huge crowd of fans from both schools packing the gym and the Pickett County student section, cowboy themed, making themselves heard led by the terrific Pickett County cheerleaders.

The Lady Bobcats won the tip off but their 3 pointer was off but their defense caused a Clarkrange turnover. Soon Clarkrange scored on two free throws. Savannah Hammock was fouled and tied the score. A second Clarkrange wild pass gave the Lady Bobcats the ball again and Courtney was fouled…4-2. Each score brought on a roar from the Lady Bobcat faithful! Courtney then stole the ball and Savannah scored and was fouled…7-2. But Clarkrange came right back to take an 8-7 lead.

That didn’t last long as Abbi Buck drained a three pointer! A Clarkrange 3 was off and Aaliyah was fouled…12-8. Clarkrange’s Crabtree also was getting into early foul trouble. Clarkrange came back to tie. Then a Lady Buffalo fouled Courtney and as Courtney started to walk by her, the player body-shoved her but nothing was called…much to the dismay of the crowd calling for a technical. Courtney added a free throw and then hit a three pointer to end the quarter 16-12! That shove may have been the incentive the Lady Bobcats needed!

Savannah scored first to go up 18-14. Courtney scored…20-14. Clarkrange walked with the ball and Courtney hit another 3 for a 23-14 score and the crowd was roaring again! Next she went to the foul line…25-18. After Aaliyah hit a free throw, Courtney sank her 3rd three of the night…29-20. Both teams missed shots and had turnovers before Aaliyah scored…31-23. Kassidy Geesling then stole the ball but a Lady Bobcat three was off. PC got the ball back and Kassidy was fouled…33-23. After a Clarkrange missed shot, Courtney hit 2 free throws and the Lady Bobcats had their biggest lead at 35-23. Clarkrange hit a 3 and the half ended 35-26.

Clarkrange opened the 3rd quarter hitting a three, then scored again…37-31. Courtney then drove in to score. Clarkrange scored, Savannah scored…41-35. When Aaliyah scored it was 43-36. Clarkrange scored, a PC shot was off but Aaliyah stole the ball and was fouled…45-38. Clarkrange got an old fashioned 3, PC missed a 3 with Clarkrange scoring…after 2 Clarkrange walks were not called. PC missed free throws and Clarkrange scored. Another PC shot was off and Clarkrange answered with a three to take the lead at 46-45 and the quarter ended.

They then went ahead 48-45 and the Lady Bobcats missed 2 shots before a huge basket by Aaliyah cut it to 48-47. Clarkrange threw the ball out of bounds on a wild pass but a PC shot was off. Courtney then stole the ball, passed off but another PC shot was off. She immediately stole the ball AGAIN and scored 49-48! Clarkrange turnover, Courtney scored…51-48. Clarkrange score and then one of Abbi’s biggest three pointers of the year made it 54-50!

With 2:55 to go Clarkrange scored. Aaliyah then drove to the basket and scored over a player a foot taller than her 56-52. Courtney stole the ball and was fouled…58-52. Clarkrange missed the front end of a 1 and 1. Courtney was fouled…60-52. Clarkrange scored. PC turnover and Clarkrange score…60-56. Gracie Martin added a free throw…61-56 and with 11.3 to go Aaliyah was fouled and hit both for the winning 63-56 score!

Courtney had 28 points, 6 steals and 10 rebounds as she was named MVP. Also on the All Tournament Team were Kassidy Geesling, Aaliyah Brown, Abbi Buck and Savannah Hammock. While district MVP defensive player Gracie Martin didn’t make the team this time, the Lady Bobcats wouldn’t be where they are this season without her outstanding play all year.

They will now play Trousdale County Friday night at home! Pack the gym! The Bobcats also play at home on Saturday night.

Scoring: Courtney 28, 3 threes, Aaliyah 15, Kassidy 2, Gracie 1, Savannah 11 and Abbi 6, 2 threes.

Lady Bobcats crush Jackson Co. 80-45


The Lady Bobcats breezed past Jackson County in the first round of the district tournament on Friday night. The win was the 7th in a row over the Lady Blue Devils with the Lady Bobcats winning by an average score of 70-46.

JC scored first with the Lady Bobcats missing a three, but Courtney Pritchett stole the ball and was fouled. Her free throws tied the game. With the score tied at 4 all, MVP Defensive Player of the Year Gracie Martin stole the ball with Savannah Hammock scoring. Abbi was next to score…8-4. It was Kassidy Geesling stealing the ball next with Gracie going coast to coast to score.

JC then scored on an old fashioned three but Aaliyah’s three pointer made it 13-7. Another steal and Aaliyah was fouled and sank both…15-7. Courtney then stole the ball and scored and the rout was on! Courtney hit a three and a minute later added a free throw for a 21-11 score at the end of one.

Aaliyah’s score made it 25-15 and then she immediately stole the ball. Courtney scored the next 2 baskets, plus added a free throw…30-19. Aaliyah then drove the length of the court for a layup. Courtney added 2 free throws, Aaliyah scored again with Savannah next going the length of the court to score…38-25. Aaliyah had yet another steal. Savannah scored at the buzzer to end the half with the Lady Bobcats ahead 46-30.

Savannah scored first on a freethrow for Pickett Co with Courtney then stealing the ball and being fouled. She sank both. Next Abbi stole the ball. With the score 54-30, Gracie had another steal and score with Courtney stealing the ball. She was fouled and sank both…58-31. The quarter ended with Savannah nearly stealing the ball but then Courtney did steal it and was fouled. Her free throws made it 63-33 at the end of 3 quarters.

The final quarter scoring began for the Lady Bobcats with Savannah sinking a three pointer. Gracie’s three made it 71-39. At that point the talented younger players came in, along with Aaliyah who stays in since there aren’t enough substitutes for 5 players. She is outstanding in her role of wrapping up a game. Tyra Johnson scored on a free throw with Elly Smith going all the way down the court to score…73-39. She then had a free throw and Aaliyah scored next on a turn around jump shot…76-43. She then took the ball coast to coast to score. The game came to an end with Elly stealing the ball and being fouled. She sank both free throws for a final of 80-45.

The win put them into the finals against Clarkrange, who won 68-50 over Clay County in the earlier game. Courtney led all scorers with 23 points with 1 three. Brown 19, 1 three, Geesling 4, Buck 2, Martin 9, 1 three, Hammock 17, 1 three, Smith 5, Johnson 1.

The win also gave them a home first round region game.

Abbott scores 32 in 64-53 win
The Bobcats met Jackson County in the district tournament on Saturday night and after leading by as many as 19 points, came away with a 64-53 win to advance to the championship game Tuesday night against state ranked #4 Clay County.

The game started with the Bobcats winning the tip off, but turned the ball over. A quick reacting Parker Gore then stole the ball and scored. Brian Gibson was next to score…4-4. JC went ahead on free throws but Dawson then went coast to coast to score. He then stole the ball but his three pointer went in, spun around and came out. JC then scored followed by both teams trading turnovers before Dawson drove in to tie the game at 8 all and added a free throw to go ahead. The Blue Devils scored to take an 11-10 lead at the end of one.

The first score for the Bobcats of the 2nd quarter came when Trent Young stole the ball with Brian Gibson feeding Bryson Yorke for the score. The score was soon tied twice at 11-11 and 13-13. Trent’s free throws put the Bobcats on top 15-13 but a Blue Devil three gave them the lead at 18-17. It would be tied one last time at 20-20 before Brian scored for a 22-20 lead. JC scored and made a free throw to give them their last lead at 23-22. Trent scored with Clay Smith stealing the ball and he scored… 26-23. Jackson County then cut it to 1 point before Brian’s 2 scores made it 30-25. JC scored on free throws with Dawson ending the scoring for the half with 2 free throws…32-27.

Dawson’s three to begin the 3rd quarter started the Bobcats on their big third quarter. Parker scored next, Brian added a free throw…38-29. Dawson drove to the basket to score…40-31, Brian fed Bryson again for another score 42-31. Brian then stole the ball with Trent hitting a three for a big 45-31 lead. It was then Trent to Bryson for a score and then Dawson hitting a three as the Bobcats completely shut down the Blue Devils. It was now 50-31, which would be the Cats’ biggest lead of the game. The quarter ended with a great steal by Parker. The Bobcats outscored Jackson Co. 18-5 in the quarter.

Dawson had one more three in the final quarter to end his scoring for the night with 32 points with 3 threes. Bryson 10, Trent 7, 1 three, Parker 4, Brian 9, Clay 2.

The win put the Bobcats into the championship game against Clay County Tuesday night and gave them a first round home game in the region tournament.

All District 7A Teams

The coaches have voted the All 7A District teams with many Pickett County players being honored. A few Pickett County players may just prove in the playoffs that they certainly deserved to be placed higher! This post was before the district tournament was played and the All Tournament Teams will also be in this issue.

Congratulations to Coach Brent Smith on being Coach of the Year yet again!

Girls’ 7A All District Teams
Coach of the Year: Brent Smith, Pickett County

First Team:
MVP: Kara Meadows
Kyleigh Hardy-Jackson County
Hannah Garrett-Clarkrange
Jada Kerr-Clay County
Taylor Strong-Clay County

Second Team:
Kenzie Arms-Clay County
Gracie Bush-Clarkrange
Kaitlin Pippin-Jackson County

Third Team:
Charity Crabtree-Clarkrange
Courtney Bilbrey-Monterey

Honorable Mention:
Breanna Bush-Clarkrange
Reese Stover-Clarkrange
Bella Wilmoth-Jackson County
Alexis Ragland-Jackson County
Jaycie Woolbright-Jackson Co.
Brittany Boone-Clay County
Mckenzie Biles-Clay County
Maddie Harlan-Clay County
Allie Ragle-Monterey
Tamicka Smith-Monterey

All-Freshman Team:
Freshman of the Year: Courtney Clayborn-Clay County
Faith Walker-Monterey
Anna Hudson-Monterey
Daniella D’augustino-Monterey
Abigail Polson-Jackson County

All-Defensive Team:
Kara Meadows- Clarkrange
Alexis Ragland-Jackson County
Anna Hudson-Monterey
Brittany Boone-Clay County

Boys 7A All District Teams
Coach of the Year: Kevin Thomas-Jackson County
First team:
MVP: Tyreke Key-Clay County
Michael Cody-Monterey
Jonah Smith-Jackson County
Austin Monday-Clarkrange
Dalton Coleman-Monterey

Second Team:
Dawson Russell-Clay County
James Coe-Jackson County
Joe Brown-Jackson County
Tyrus West-Monterey

Third Team:
Briley Stephens-Clarkrange
Gavin Silk-Clay County
Payton Smith-Clay County
Conner Brown-Jackson County

Honorable Mention:
Cobe Hayes-Clarkrange
Nick Hall-Clarkrange
Ryan Miller-Clarkrange
Sean Michalski-Clarkrange
Colby Long-Jackson County
Seth Ogletree-Clay County
Jake Ashlock-Clay County
Heath Kimes-Clay County
Brian Stamps-Monterey
Cade Printer-Monterey
Grayson Randolph-Monterey
Patrick Gago-Monterey

All Freshman Team:
Freshman of the Year: Jake Ashlock-Clay County
Jacob Handy-Jackson County
Paxton Payne-Monterey
Peyton West-Monterey
All Defensive Team:
MVP: Seth Ogletree-Clay County
Parker Payne-Monterey
Conner Brown-Jackson County


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