Volume 54, Number 8

twelve pages

Byrdstown, Tennessee 38549 -- Thursday, February 23, 2017

Concerned parent questions policies and procedures during Pickett County School Board meeting

The Pickett County Board of Education met Monday, July 14th, 7 p.m. at the office of the director of schools with all members present.
Motion was made by Jimmy Storie and seconded by Jerry Mitchell to adopt the agenda and approve the minutes from the June 9th, 2014 meeting. All ayes.
Carried motion by John Reagan seconded by Terrell Garner to approve changes to the following policies-first reading.
1.803-Tobacco-Free Schools
4.400-Instructional Materials
4.700-Testing Programs
4.802-Student Equal Access (limited public forum)
4.803- Recognitions of Religious Beliefs, Customs and Holidays
5.200-Separation Practices for Tenured Teachers
5.201-Separation Practices for Non-Tenured Teachers
6.312-Use of Personal Communication Devices and Electronic Devices
6.317-Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority
6.40001-Student Surveys, Analyses and Evaluations
6.600-Student Records
Policy #6.200-Attendance was tabled in order to give teachers time to review new changes recommended to see if they had any further input. All ayes.
Class ranking scores for high school students was discussed and was determined that ranking would be calculated using the present board policy in place by using numerical averages only to rank students with "no" ACT score being included.

Editors note: There was a motion and a second but failed due to the policy already being in place therefore no motion was needed.

Motion by Jimmy Storie and seconded by John Reagan to give approval for Director of Schools to work with an architect from COPE Associates to retain an estimate only on the cost and/or requirements to enclose both breeze ways at the high school. All ayes.
Passed motion by Jerry Mitchell and seconded by John Reagan to approve changes to the high school handbook as presented by Rebecca Wallin. All ayes.
Motion by Jimmy Storie and seconded by Terrell Garner to adjourn. All ayes.

Editors Note: Judy Tompkins presented the board with questions and concerns regarding a few policies and procedures due an incident at school that occurred six months ago. She asked to board to clearly define what the school system considers to be a fight, an altercation or an attack and how teachers and administration need to file an incident, which is a first report of injury with Tennessee Risk Management. Under the Pickett County School's Code of Conduct, a fight is considered an act directed against persons or property but does not seriously endanger the safety of others. Assault and Battery is defined as an act which results in violence and pose threat to the safety of others and/or school property. How a report is filed from the school system involving an incident, indicates if the school's insurance can be used for any medical liability.
Tompkins also questioned how any student, who had not completed a disciplinary action given by the school, was allowed to attend school functions even if they were homeschooled. Director of Schools Diane Elder stated that once a student is withdrawn from the school system and they are enrolled in homeschool, then they can attend any school public event. Elder said that the concerns Mrs. Tompkins had were going to be discussed with the school attorney and asked to board to take the issues presented as a consideration with determining the polices in question.


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