Volume 52, Number 16

ten pages

Byrdstown, Tennessee 38549 -- Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meth lab found in Pickett County

Meth lab found in Pickett Countyby: AMANDA HILL BOND
The Pickett County Sheriff's Department was notified of possible drug activity at a residence in the Greenbriar Community.
While the tip was investigated, Pickett County Sheriff's Deputies were notified by Clinton County Sheriff's Department for a pick up warrant for Troy Pryor, 46, of 6492 Greenbriar Rd., Byrdstown for indictments. The indictments were for possession of a controlled substance and persistant felony offender first degree.
On Monday, February 2nd at around 8 a.m. while observing Pryor's residence, Deputy Steve Wilbur noticed several vehicles with Kentucky plates and suspected illegal activity. The vehicles quickly left and Wilbur approached the home and notified Pryor of the pick up warrants.
While routinely checking for weapons and illegal substances before placing the suspect in the K-9 vehicle, Wilbur found a coffee filter that contained a white powder. After the discovery of what appeared to be a drug substance, Clinton County Sheriff's Department was notified to investigate the Kentucky vehicles which had left earlier.
After Pryor was brought to the Pickett County Jail with a hold from Clinton County, a field drug test was conducted on the powder by a Pickett deputy and revealed that the drug was methamphetamine.
Clinton County Sheriff Rick Riddle contacted Pickett Sheriff Clois Brown and stated that one of the suspicious vehicles had contained a partial meth lab and he had a statement from a vehicle occupant that a meth lab operation was being conducted at the Pryor residence.
Sheriff Brown quickly obtained a search warrant and needed to locate a meth certified officer, which is required in order to contact the Hazemat office to clean up any meth lab waste.
Pickett Deputy Chico Conner is DEA Clan Certified Officer, however, Conner was out of town so the Livingston Police Department was contacted and assisted in the investigation along with the Clinton County Sheriff's Department.
At around 3 p.m., the investigation was conducted and evidence of meth manufacturing was found and the residence was quarantined by Tennessee Meth Task Force.
Troy Pryor is currently being held in the Clinton County Jail and the evidence from the Pickett County investigation will be presented to the grand jury which will meet in May.
Just this past week, the Herald-Citizen reported that there have been two Meth cases in Overton County. Friday, January 30th, a vehicle which was stopped from a report of reckless driving, contained 13 bags of crystal meth. Six Hispanic males were arrested and charged with possession of meth with intent to deliver, who will soon be released to U.S. Immigration who filed warrants for deportation.
On Sunday, February 1st, a vehicle was stopped in Livingston and it contained items which were used to manufacture meth. Upon further investigation from the evidence in the vehicle, the occupants’ residence in Jackson County revealed another meth lab. Three persons were arrested for manufacturing meth.


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