Volume 52, Number 35

ten pages

Byrdstown, Tennessee 38549 -- Thursday, August 27, 2015

Travisville Civil War cite dedicated

By: LANA ROSSI, Co-Chairman
of Borderlands Foundation
The Borderlands Foundation
is pleased to announce their
participation in Tennessee’s
Civil War Trails program by
identifying and sponsoring the
installation of a marker and
signs to site of the Skirmish at
Travisville. The marker located
at the Travisville Cemetery
marks the first Civil War military
action in Tennessee that
occurred here Sept. 29, 1861,
when Union cavalry attacked a
Confederate camp. The surprised
Southerners scattered
after a brief defense, leaving
four dead. One of those killed in
the action, James Saufley, is
buried here in a marked grave.
This is the first site in the
Upper Cumberland to participate
in the multi-state Civil
War Trails program.
The Tennessee Civil War
Trails program is both a freestanding,
statewide program
and part of the existing Civil
War Trails program that includes
Virginia, Maryland,
North Carolina and West Virginia.
The Civil War Trails program
is administered by a
non-profit corporation and supported
by local communities,
state tourism offices, and state
departments of transportation.
This trails program allows
Tennesseans to create the nation’s
best program for telling
the whole story of the Civil War
and to benefit our towns and
communities through heritage
tourism. The National Trust for
Historic Preservation identified
the Civil War Trails program as
one of the most successful and
sustainable heritage tourism
programs in the nation. Twice,
the Federal Highway Administration
has officially recognized
the program’s role in improving
the transportation experience
by strengthening multi-modal
systems and boosting local
The Tennessee Department
of Tourist Development was
awarded a two-part federal enhancement
grant, totaling
$1,080,720, which is an 80/20
match through the Tennessee
Department of Transportation
to be a part of this very successful
and nationally recognized
The marker at Travisville is
the first site in the Upper Cumberland
to participate in the
Civil War Trails program. Further
development of the Civil
War Trails program is funded
in Tennessee and West Virginia,
with an additional 300
sites planned for those two
states. Additional marketing
and interpretive program services
are being planned by the
183 member localities in Virginia,
Maryland, and North
Carolina in preparation for the
150th anniversary of the Civil
War, commencing in 2011.


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