Volume 54, Number 8

twelve pages

Byrdstown, Tennessee 38549 -- Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pickett Relay For Life raises $47,500

The 10th Annual Pickett
County Relay for Life was
held last Friday, June 19th at
the athletic field.
This year’s theme was
"Sharing the Hope” and the
total money raised was
The ceremony was opened
with a prayer and then a presentation
of flags by the DAV
Hull York Chapter 5 with National
Anthem by the Hill Sisters.
Caregiver speaker was
Norma Kerbaugh and the survivor
speaker was Ryan
Meadows. The Survivors were
recognized by Tommy Fryar
followed by the balloon release.
Special singing was
provided by Amelia Collins
while survivors, caregivers
and teams walked the first
few important laps.
At around 9:30 a special
Luminaria Ceremony with
candlelight was held to remember
and honor many
loved ones who were affected
by cancer.
The money that is raised
for Relay for Life is used by
the American Cancer Society
for research, education and
support programs. If you
would like more information
about American Cancer Society
visit www.cancer.org or
call 1-800-ACS-2345.
Luminaries this year:
In Honor Of
Barb Abbott-2, Sam Allen-1,
Eugene Amonett-1, Jerry
Amonett-1, Ed Anderson-1,
Sonny Anderson-1, Linda
Arms-2, Shirley Groce Austin-
1, Olete Basicker-1, Jackie
Beaty-1, Ruth Beaty-2, Vicky
Bandy Bilbrey-2, Pat Dyer
Bracy-2, Joyce Brown-2, Bea
Butler-3, Perri Capps-2,
Sweet Cheeks-1, Mary Lou
Chiles-1, Duane "Punkin"
Clark-1, Ruth Coe-1, Curtis P.
Cope-1, Jerry Copeland-1,
Kathy Crouch Crisp-1, Debbie
Cross-2, Shelley Cross-1,
Gladys Crouch-1, Joan Davis-
1, John Davis-1, Susan Duerr-
2, John D. Eliassen-3, Donald
Ford - 1, Tyler Garrett - 60,
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Ruby Glass-8, Drexel Groce-1,
Pauline Groce-1, Henry
Hance-4, Don Hosbrook-3,
Phyllis Howden-1, Faye Huddleston-
1, Judy Huddleston-
5, Linda Huddleston-3, Sam
Huddleston-1, Willie Huddleston-
3, Jacob Keltner-1,
Shirley Kinchen-25, Bob
Koger-1, Jeanne Koger-1,
Beth Lanier-3, Alex Larue-1,
Monica Madden-1, Thom
Madden-2, Diane Copeland
Martin-1, Linda McMillen-3,
Ryan Meadows-1, Clara
Moulder-1, John Moulder-1,
Charlene Mullins-1, Joey
Mullins-1, Juanita Mullins-1,
Ivan Neal-1, Vina Neal-1,
Deborah Palk-2, Susan
Copeland Parlo-1, James Parris-
8, Jimmie Alice Poore-2,
Pacey Rector-2, Shannon Rector-
2, June Robbins-1, Johnny
Robinson-1, Ronnie Robinson-
4, Ed Rossi-2, Larry Sandlin-
1, George Savage-1, Helen
Savage-1, Richard Sells-2,
Janice Shewmake-2, J.D.
Simmons-1, Chrystell Smith-
1, Evelyn Smith-1, Kim
Smith-8, Oleta Stanton-1, Lee
Stocking-2, Alice Storie-1, Loraine
Taylor-1, Theresa
Biarsel Wells-1, Dr. S.H.
West-1, Ilene West-1, Carl
Winningham-1, Dr. Hilde
In Memory Of
Carol Aaron-23, Arthur
Amonett -22, Clarice Amonett
7, Dersie Amonett-1, Bobby
Anderson-1, Mary Lou Anderson-
1, J.C. Asberry-1, Everett
Ashley-6, Luke Austin-1, Gail
Baker-3, Delma Belew-1, Debbie
Besser-1, Lillie Bilbrey-1,
Orella McDonald Boles-1,
Denny Bone 1, Marion Bone-
1, Duncan Bone, Jr.-1, Duncen
Bone, Sr.-1, Ada Bonfy 1,
Ellen Brown 1, Dennis Burrey
2, Leeta Jean Burrey 57,
Mary Busby 2, Agnes Buttram
1, Frank Henderson
Buttram 1, Judy Buttram 1,
Tommy Buttram 1, Reba Byrd
1, Robert "Red" Capps 4, Vincie
Capps 2, Al Chamberlain
1, Dick Clay 1, Faye Clay 1,
Linda Collins 4, Albert Conner
2, Dosha Cooksey 12,
Betty Lou Cooper 1, Bill Cope
1, Bonnie Louise Cope 1, Ina
Cope 1, John Elijah Cope 1,
Lloyd Cope 1, Lloyd Corbin 2,
Mark Corbin 2, Paul Corbin
2, Bill Craig 1, Dennis Cross
2, Billy K. Crouch 3, Duncan
Crouch 1, Jan Crouch 1, Mr.
& Mrs. Jason Crouch 2, Pansy
McDonald Crouch 2, Sheila
Crouch 1, Print Cummings
13, Doyle Davis 1, Gary Dell
1, Norman Dillon 1, Stan Dillon
10, Kirby Dowdy 1, Katie
Sells Edward 1, Dale Elder 5,
Hubert Elder 1, Juel Elder 1,
Robert Elder 1, Jenny Fair 1
Jesse Rich Family 1, Phyllis
Ford 22, Florence Forrest 1,
Edgar Glass 2, Jim Gray 10,
Joyce Gribble 1, Allene Mc-
Donald Groce 3, Belle Rich
Groce 1, Clio Groce 2, Elizabeth
Groce 1, Elizabeth
Smith Groce 1, H.T. Groce 1,
Ineta Groce 1, Jan Groce 2,
Kendall W. Groce 1, Mary
Elizabeth Groce 3, Rich Groce
3, Robert D. Groce 2, Sam W.
Groce 2, William T. Hall, Jr.
1, William T. Hall, Sr. 1,
Martha Harris 2, Mattie Mc-
Donald Hassler 1, Ruby Hassler
5, Vernon Hassler 1, E.S.
Hill 1, Katie Holden 2, Adel
Huddleston 3, Alma Huddleston
1, Dee Huddleston 1,
Earl M. Huddleston 1, Eugene
Huddleston 1, Kelly Huddleston
1, Olen Huddleston 1,
Ollie Huddleston 1, Ruby Mc-
Donald Huddleston 1, S.O.
Huddleston 1, Vera G. Huddleston
1, Roger Johnson 1,
Ralph C. Keisling 2, Joe
Kemp 5, Bob Kerbaugh 1,
Gerald "Jerry" Kinchen 4,
Richie Kinchen 4, Clyde King
3, A.C. Koger 17, Christine
Groce Koger 1, Leigh Koger 1
Paul Koger 1, Wayne Lee 1,
Barbara Madruga 20, Barbie
Crowley Madruga 1, Junior
Manis 2, Forest Martin 1,
Jeanetta Martin 1, June Martyn
1, Lloyd Martyn 1, J.Q.
McDonald 1, Kent W. McDonald
1, Maggie McDonald 1,
Gina McWhorter 3, Lily
Meadows 1, Lowell Miller 5,
Harlen Mullins 1, Mr. & Mrs.
Virgle Mullins 1, Vera Mae
Mullins 1, Beulah Ellison
Neal 1, Clarence Neal 1,
Glenn Neal 2, J.C. Neal 1, Mr.
William C. O'Neal 1, Mrs.
William C. O'Neal 1, Mike
Palk 2, Laura P. Parris 9,
Alice Peteric 1, Cleo Poston 3,
Joe Poston 1, Wilbur Poston 1,
Hazel Reagan 1, Kathleen
Reagan 1, Howard Rector 1,
Marvin Rector 2, Francis
"Bea" Reeder 3, Hattie Rich 1,
Jesse Rich 1, Oren Rich 1,
Monica Richardson 1, Ward
Robbins 4, Evora Roberson 1,
Johnnie Robinson 1, Dalton
"John Henry" Sells 1, Emogene
Sells 1, Frankie Sells 1,
John Cato Sells 1, Leola Huddleston
Sells 1, Lloyd Sells 1,
Mary Sells 1, W.W. Sells 1,
Minnie Sidwell 1, Billy Randall
Smith 2, Dora Smith 1,
Floyd Smith 1, Ira H. Smith
1, James Lee Smith 8, John
Herbert Smith 1, Justin Lee
Smith 4, Lane Smith 1, Mr. &
Mrs. Floyd 1, O.B. Smith 1,
Ona G. Smith 1, Lavina Shelley
Speigle 1, Homer Stamps
2, Joel Stearns 2, Judy
Stearns 4, Nancy Stearns 1,
Darwin Storie 2, Enola Sells
Storie 1, Jack Storie 15,
Mossie Storie 1, Addie Mac-
Donald Taylor 2, Bob Taylor
1, Hobert "Smokey" Taylor 2,
John G. Taylor 2, Nell C. Taylor
2, Robert Q. Taylor 1,
Ruth Thrasher 2, Stephanie
Vasofsky 1, Glossie Walker 1
Ruby Walker 1, Jay West
3,Kathy West 2, Mary Lou
Winningham 1, Peggy Winningham
4, Esther Young 1,
Odis Zachary 2.


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