Volume 54, Number 8

twelve pages

Byrdstown, Tennessee 38549 -- Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cooper Recycling expands with new shredder facility

Reprinted from OVERTON COUNTY
NEWS by permission
Steve and Cindy Cooper of
Cooper Recycling L.L.C. is expanding
their family owned
business. They have purchased
a Metso Texas Auto
The shredder was made in
San Antonio, TX, and shipped
here by truck in small pieces.
Powered by two 2,000 horsepower
DC motors, it will have
an SGM Magnetic sorting system
that will separate all material
into different piles by
grade of metal and it will also
separate the trash that comes
from old cars or appliances.
This will make the steel be
top grade metal and will be
shipped by truck and rail to
steel mills in several states
and overseas market, according
to the Coopers.
The shredder will sit on
two acres by the time all the
conveyors are set up, and will
be able to shred 600 to 700
tons (1.2 - 1.4 million pounds)
in an 8-hour shift. It will
shred a junk auto in 20 seconds
into pieces the size of a
cell phone.
One person will control the
entire machine from a control
house that will be 50 feet in
the air, watching by eye and
computer everything that
gets fed into the machine.
Two inspectors will be on
the ground to check every
load that comes in. They will
be looking for things that
could be too thick to shred
and objects that could explode,
according to the Coopers.
No gas tanks, propane
tanks, or sealed units will be
allowed to be unloaded. Items
too thick will still be bought,
but they will be trucked to
Livingston to be sheared or
Metso is planning to use
this location as their model
site. When someone wants to
look at their machine they
will be sent to Monroe because
of the layout of the machine.
“We had plenty of room to
stretch out all the conveyors
for a better design and setup,”
Cindy Cooper stated.
“We have tried to use local
businesses and labor for this
project. During the economy
slump, we had our employees
to assemble this machine, instead
of hiring outside help.
They have exceeded our and
the Metso engineers expectations.
“We have, up until April,
always had to sell to other
shredders, but decided that it
was time for us to take the
next step in recycling. The
closest shredder of this size is
in Nashville or Knoxville. So
this is a big step for us.
“This will also help our
county with more tax money
from federal and state levels,
as well as local businesses
that will sell fuel, food,
etcetera to people coming
from as far as 250 miles away
to deliver scrap to us.”
This expansion will reach about $10 million by the time they
get finished.
Steve Cooper stated, “We plan to hire 30 to 40 new people
for this location. This will then have us totaling 75 or more employees.
“In 1995 when we moved from Cindy’s father’s old location,
we had one employee, no trucks. and one semi-trailer and one
forklift. We had no idea that recycling would take off as well as
it has.
“When we bought the property on Airport Road in 1995 from
David Thrasher, we had no idea that we would ever run out of
room for scrap metal.
“For those of you that have visited us lately, you have seen
we are full of scrap.”
The Airport Road location will remain open. The Monroe
yard will only receive things that can be run through the shredder,
such as junk cars, appliances, roofing, and light steel. All
other metal will go to Airport Road.
“You can still deliver junk cars, appliances, roofing, light
steel to Airport Road as well,” Cooper said.
The new location will consist of 16 acres. Opening will be
sometime in October or early November.
The Coopers expressed appreciation to all those who have
supported them, to their employees, to all the businesses that
worked to get the machine together, and to their neighbors in
Livingston and Monroe for understanding and supporting this
type of business.
Harlis Qualls started the business in 1976 and taught that
you have to work for what you get and that nothing is free, according
to Steve and Cindy Cooper, who also thank God for
blessing them with their families and friends who have always
supported them.


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