Volume 52, Number 51

fourteen pages

Byrdstown, Tennessee 38549 -- Thursday, December 18, 2014

Get ready to bare arms

by: Trish Hill, R.N.
With the flu season rapidly
approaching, it is recommended
by the Center’s for
Disease Control (CDC) that
people make plans now to get
vaccinated. The seasonal flu
vaccine, which contains killed
virus given in shot form, is approved
for use in people older
than six months and includes
those who are pregnant. It
takes about two weeks after
given the vaccine for antibodies
to develop that protects
against the flu virus. The
viruses used in vaccines
change each year based on
data collection and estimates
regarding which types and
strains are most likely to be
circulating. Getting the flu
vaccine cannot cause the flu
and persons can still develop
the flu if exposed, but symptoms
should be lessened. It is
estimated more than 200,000
persons are hospitalized
yearly related to the seasonal
flu and approximately 36,000
Americans die per year.
This year there is another
flu virus wreaking havoc and
causing health care concerns
nationally. The first US case
of the H1N1 (formerly Swine
Flu) was reported in April
2009. The vaccine for the 2009
H1N1 is estimated to be available
in mid October. Candidate
testing is now underway.
It is suggested that no one
delay getting the seasonal flu
shot until the H1N1 vaccine is
available. The CDC recommends
that those in a high
risk population get vaccinated
as soon as possible: pregnant
women, people with or around
children under 6 months of
age, anyone between six
months and 24 years old, anyone
25 to 64 years old with a
chronic illness or compromised
immune system and
medical/healthcare personnel.
As of August 30, 2009 it has
been reported that there have
been 593 deaths in the US
from the H1N1 flu since April,
2009. The PRESS will be in
contact with the Byrdstown
Medical Center and the Pickett
County Health Department
to report when the
H1N1 vaccine is available.
Dr. Mason and associates
at the Byrdstown Medical
Center are now giving seasonal
flu vaccines. The Pickett
County Health Department is
also giving seasonal flu vaccines
and will be holding a flu
shot clinic on Tuesday, Sept.
15, at the Methodist Church
1249 Livingston Hwy. from 8
a.m. until 3:30 p.m. with no
registration. Cost is $25
adults and $13.70 for children.
Pneumonia vaccines
will also be available for $41
and is recommended one time
before age 65 and once after
age 65. Participants are asked
to wear short sleeves.


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