Volume 54, Number 8

twelve pages

Byrdstown, Tennessee 38549 -- Thursday, February 23, 2017

Livingston Regional Hospital strictly enforces visitation policy

Most people think hospitals
are places to recover from an
illness, but they are also in
the business of preventing illnesses.
Taking steps to prevent
infections saves lives,
and is the responsible thing to
do in the interest of our community.
During the 2009-10 influenza
season, in order to
help prevent the spread of the
influenza viruses, including
H1N1, Livingston Regional
Hospital will begin enforcing
visitor restrictions in our facility
immediately, which includes
restricting children
under 12 from patient-care
areas. Michelle Watson, Chief
Nursing Officer and Chief Operating
Officer, said that Livingston
Regional chose this
route because of the patient
population. "We are notifying
the public now so that families
can make arrangements
for their children before visiting
friends and family at the
hospital," stated Ms. Watson.
"We're not being unreasonable
- we're being responsible.
Visitors will be told they either
need to return home with
the children, or arrange for
them to be supervised by an
adult in an area outside the
hospital or outside patient
care areas."
Sheila Garrett, RN, Director
of The Women's Center at
Livingston Regional which incorporates
a Level II Neonatal
Unit into the Women's
Center stated, "As a hospital,
we wanted to let the community
know that there will be
restrictions on children's visitation
to help protect the patients,
visitors and staff. We
have women and infants who
are part of the higher risk category
for H1N1. We also have
older patient's hospital-wide
who are immune-compromised
and are more susceptible
to the flu. Because the
Center for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC) has
named children and pregnant
women as higher risk for
H1N1, LRH decided to enforce
the visitation policy as
effectively as possible. "
Visitation restrictions will
be evaluated on a daily basis
at Livingston Regional. The
severity of the flu season will
affect any decisions regarding
hospital visitation, what is
best for our patients, their
families, our employees and
the community as a whole.
Some guidelines when considering
visiting at Livingston
Regional Hospital are:
*Do not visit the hospital if
you have signs of possible flu -
runny nose, cough, fever, etc.
*Children under 12 will not
be permitted in patient-care
areas in the hospital. Research
indicates that children
are the main carriers of the
*Patient care areas include
any area in the hospital
where a patient receives care,
such as patient rooms, medical
imaging, speech, occupational
or physical therapy,
outpatient services, etc.
Restrictions do not apply to
public areas such as the main
lobby, cafeteria, or gift shops.
*During flu season, children
MAY be allowed into patient
care areas on a
case-by-case basis ONLY
after the child has been
cleared by the nurse, provided
with a respiratory mask,
gloves, and observes strict
precautions during their visit.
*Visitors are asked to wash
their hands often - before entering
a patient's room and
upon leaving. Waterless hand
sanitizer is also available in
the rooms and on all nursing
If you have questions regarding
this article, please
call Livingston Regional Hospital's
Infection Control
Nurse, Teresa Rogers, RN at


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