Volume 52, Number 21

twelve pages

Byrdstown, Tennessee 38549 -- Thursday, May 21, 2015

UCHRA delivers hope to 157,000 residents

‚ÄúThe Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency‚Äôs 450 employees, located across the 14 counties, have provided assistance to more than 157,000 residents in the Upper Cumberland area during the past fiscal year. The Agency projects to expend $28.7 million, reflecting a 5% increase in funding, despite decreases in federal and state funding,‚ÄĚ stated Phyllis Bennett, Executive Director, Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency. ‚ÄúDelivering Hope‚ÄĚ was the theme of the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency‚Äôs (UCHRA‚Äôs) Annual Meeting, held Oct. 24th, at the Leslie Town Center in Cookeville, with approximately 250 locally elected public officials, county advisory board members, community leaders, representatives of public and private sector business and organizations, and staff in attendance.
Congressman Bart Gordon, keynote speaker, was introduced by Cannon County Executive Mike Gannon, Chairman, UCHRA Board of Directors. ‚ÄúThe great work that is done by UCHRA becomes increasingly important to our communities as they are faced with a time of economic difficulty. Even though the employment rates and economic situation present reason for serious concern, I am hopeful that the economy and availability of jobs will see improvement in the not to distant future,‚ÄĚ stated Congressman Gordon.
Incoming Chairman Foster stated that, ‚ÄúUCHRA is to be commended for providing services at a level that is superior to any other location in the State. The numerous services provided by the UCHRA are increasingly important as the residents in our communities are confronted with adverse economic and employment situations.‚ÄĚ
The UCHRA is looking forward to continuing and expanding current services as well as exploring opportunities for new programs. ‚ÄúThe UCHRA begins a new fiscal year ‚Äėdelivering hope‚Äô to the residents of the Upper Cumberland, we are appreciative for all the support the Agency receives from the Board of Directors; the Policy Council; the county advisory board members and community leaders; the members of the General Assembly and Administration; the Congressional delegation; the employees of the State, Federal, and Local Governments; and the numerous public and private sector businesses and organizations that UCHRA partners with to make services to the Upper Cumberland residents the best they can be,‚ÄĚ stated Ms. Bennett.


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