Basketball 2/7/2019

Lady Bobcats 78, Monterey 11

There isn't much you can do to keep the score down when one team is 
one of the best in the state and the other one is of the teams which 
is struggling the most. That was the case last Tuesday night when the 
Lady Bobcats hosted Monterey.
    The game began with Shayla Woods nearly stealing the ball. Soon 
Monterey turned the ball over with Kyndal Ludick being fouled. Her 
freethrow put the Lady Bobcats on the scoreboard. Monterey then threw 
the ball to Elly Smith, with Kyndal soon scoring. Kyndal then stole 
the ball with Elly hitting a three...6-0. Kyndal  stole the ball with 
Shayla sinking a three. Monterey called a time out. When play resumed 
Aaliyah Brown stole the ball and scored. The Lady Bobcats had several 
missed shots and a charge for the next minute or so, but also held 
Monterey scoreless. Shayla made another three pointer to make it 
14-0. She then had two more steals, with Aaliyah scoring on the 
second possession.
    CarolAnn Stockton had come into the game and was fouled. After 
making a freethrow she stole the ball and scored...17-0. Next it was 
Elly draining a three to make it 22-0. At that point Monterey finally 
scored. The quarter ended 28-4.
    The second quarter saw Abbi Bilbrey block two shots and also had 
a steal. Kyndal, Aaliyah, Elly and Chloe Burton all had three 
pointers in the quarter with Aaliyah scoring 7 points and CarolAnn 6. 
Jasimine Brown had a steal, as did Chloe as the Lady Bobcats held 
Monterey scoreless. The half ended 58-4.
    By the end of the 3rd quarter it was 69-11. Shalya had her third 
three of the game in the quarter. The Lady Bobcats held Monterey 
scoreless again in the 4th quarter for the 78-11 win.
    The Lady Bobcats had 9 threes in the game with CarolAnn Stockton 
having an outstanding game. She was the leading scorer with 16 
points. Shalya also had a great game with 3 threes and 14 points. 
Aaliyah had 13, 1 three; Chloe 6, 1 three; Kyndal 9, 1 three; Elly 9, 
3 threes; Abbi 7; Jasimine 4

Bobcat upset falls short vs. Monterey

The Bobcats gave second place Monterey (20-6, 10-2), all they could 
handle Tuesday night and nearly pulled off another upset as they led 
by 3 with about 3 minutes to go.
Monterey stuck first sinking a three, but a free throw by Will 
Amonett and a score by Parker Gore tied the game. The Bobcats took 
the lead at 6-5 before the Wildcats went ahead on another 3 and 
another basket...10-6. JP Reagan cut it to 2 with a score, but 
Monetery soon took a 19-7 lead.
    As in the game at Monterey, Wildcat Coach West pulled some 
starters, and just like at Monterey, the Bobcats made him pay as they 
ran off 6 straight points with baskets by Remi White and Zach Amonett 
to cut it to 19-13 at the end of the quarter.
     When play resumed, Parker had a spectacular block of a Wildcat 
shot which brought a big response from Bobcat fans. He then scored to 
make it a 4 point game.
    With Monterey ahead 21-15, Zach sank a three...21-18, but again 
Monterey pulled away to take a 28-22 lead. A JP Reagan score cut it 
to 4. Remington had a steal, but the Wildcats went ahead 31-24. Two 
free throws by Zach cut the Monterey lead to 31-26 at the half.
    In the 3rd quarter the Wildcats went up 40-32 before JP's three 
cut it to 40-35. Zach was fouled...40-37. He then stole the ball with 
Will tying the game at 40 all!
    The quarter ended 43-42 Monterey.
    Another three pointer by JP Reagan gave the Bobcats the lead at 
47-45. Zach then had another steal with Parker being fouled... 48-45.
    With about 4 minutes to go, Luke Smith had a huge steal. With the 
ball, a Bobcat was fouled but his free throw on a one and one was 
off, but the Bobcats grabbed the rebound. The Wildcats got the ball 
back on a Bobcat walk and scored...48-47. A Bobcat three was off and 
Monetery had the rebound. Parker made another huge block with 
Monterey missing three shots and then appeared to walk with the ball, 
but it wasn't called, and they scored...49-48 Wildcats.
    Zach was fouled and tied the game. After a time out Monterey 
scored. The ball then bounced off a Bobcat's foot and soon Monterey 
was fouled...53-49. They then pulled away in the last minute on 
freethrows for a 59-51 win.
    While the loss was disappointing, the Bobcats nearly beat the 
Wildcats. With the Bobcats getting everyone back next, and everyone 
else losing seniors, the future is very bright for the Bobcats.
    Zach Amonett led the Bobcats with 20 points with 2 threes. Parker 
13; Will 4, 1 three; JP Reagan 10, 2 threes; Remington 4.

Lady Bobcats 80, Gordonsville 48

The Lady Bobcats had no trouble beating Gordonsville Friday night. 
They are the team they most likely will meet in the first round of 
the district tournament.
    Elly Smith stole the ball early and hit a three. Aaliyah Brown 
next stole the ball, scored and was fouled...6-0. With a score, a 
steal, a score, another steal and score, Kyndal put the Lady Bobcats 
on top 12-1. Elly had another three as did Aaliyah, and the Lady 
Bobcats led 22-5 at the end of one quarter.
    The Lady Bobcats outscored the Tigerettes 20-14 in the second 
quarter to take a 42-19 lead at the  half.
    In the 3rd quarter Kyndal, Aaliyah, and Bailey Evans all had 
steals with Bailey and Aaliyah both sinking a three for a 63-35 lead 
at the end of three.
    The Lady Bobcats outscored the Tigerettes 17-13 for the 80-48 win.
     Aaliyah Brown led the team in scoring with 24 points, 3 threes; 
Chloe 4; Elly 6, 2 threes; Kyndal 13, 1 three; Abbi 11; CarolAnn 8; 
Shayla 9; Jasimine Brown 2; bailey one 3.

Bobcats 58, Gordonsville 52

Some might have seen the win on Friday over Gordonsville to be an 
upset, but the Bobcats have played most district teams close all 
year, and they outplayed the Tigers all night.
The first quarter saw the lead seesaw back and forth 8 times before 
the Bobcats took a 16-13 lead at the end of one quarter. John Parker 
Reagan had 6 points and Luke Smith a three to lead the Bobcats.
A JP three made it 19-13, and Zach had two more, for a 32-24 lead at 
the half. While Gordonsville had a height advantage, the Bobcats held 
their own in rebounds and just outplayed the Tigers.
The Tigers scored first in the 3rd quarter but Parker matched that 
score. The Tigers then hit a three...34-29. Luke scored, but soon 
Gordonsville cut it to 36-33. Zach hit 2 free throws for a 5 point 
lead. The quarter ended 41-35.
The Tigers cut it to 41-39 before tying the game at 43 all. They then 
took their first lead since the 1st quarter at 44-43. With the Tigers 
ahead 46-45, JP scored and sank a free throw, which put the Bobcats 
on top for good. Zach then scored, with JP making another 3 the old 
fashioned way for a 53-46 lead.
A Tiger 3 cut it to 53-49. Will made 2 freethrows. The Tigers then 
sank another three...55-52. Parker  put the game on ice down the 
stretch with freethrows for the 58-52 win.
Zach and JP both led in scoring with 20 points each, 2 threes for 
Zach and one for JP; Parker 7; Will 4; Remi 2; Luke 5, 1 three.

Pritchett’s #4 jersey retired

 At Friday night's home game Coach Brent Smith honored former PCHS 
Lady Bobcat Courtney Pritchett by retiring the #4 jersey that she so 
proudly wore during her four-year career as a PCHS Lady Bobcat.

 From 2014-2018 she scored 1,577 points, had 411 assists, 782 
rebounds and a team record of 112-19 with four straight appearances 
to the TSSAA Women's Basketball State Tournament. Courtney was named 
District 7A Freshman of the Year, Upper Cumberland Co-Freshman of the 
Year, was named to the District and Regional All-Tournament teams and 
Region Most Valuable Player during her junior and senior years.

Also during her senior year she was named to the Tennessee Sports 
Writers Association 2017-18 All-State Girls Basketball team, KICKS 
Country Hall of Fame award for outstanding academic and athletic 
achievement with dedication to the community and outstanding 
leadership, Miss Pickett and PCHS Most Athletic.

Courtney finished her career as being the first Lady Bobcat to be 
recognized by the TSSAA as Miss 2017-2018 Basketball in single A.

She is the daughter of Jackie and Cyndi Pritchett and is currently 
playing at Campbellsville University for the Lady Tigers.

Basketball 1/10/2019

Special to the PRESS

Lady Bobcats win 82-54 over Clinton Co.

 The Lady Bobcats met the Lady Bulldogs in Albany Thursday night and 
came away with an 82-54 win over the much improved Lady Bulldogs. In 
the three previous meeting Clinton County had only scored 12, 23 and 
19 points, so they are well on their way.
They stayed with the Lady Bobcats, who again are one of the top teams 
in the state, for the first few minutes until Chloe Burton stole the 
ball with Kyndal Ludick scoring to make it 11-6. That was followed by 
an Aaliyah Brown three for a 14-6 lead. Shayla Wood added a three, as 
did Bailey Evans making two threes for a 24-14 lady Bobcat lead at 
the end of one quarter.
The 2nd quarter began with Aaliyah stealing the ball with Kyndal 
driving to the basket to score. She added a free throw to make it 
27-14. Elly's three made it 32-14 and Bailey's third three made it 
42-32. Aaliyah, Chloe, Abbi, and CarolAnn all had steals in the quarter.
In the third quarter a three by Aaliyah made it 51-28 and that was 
soon followed by Bailey's fourth three of the game...56-31. Abbi and 
Shayla had blocked shots in the quarter which ended 65-38.
The game ended 82-54 with Aaliyah leading in scoring with 22 points, 
2 threes. Elly 7, 1 three; Abbi 8; Kyndal 16; Chloe 6; Bailey 4 
threes for 12; Shayla 6 with 1 three; CarolAnn 3; Jasimine Brown 3.

Bobcats drop game at Clinton County

Each year for the last five years in the Bobcats/Clinton Co. 
basketball game, the home team has won. It was no different last 
Friday when the experienced Bulldog team beat the young Bobcats 72-39.
    In the first quarter the game started off a close one. During 
warm ups both teams had players dunking, under the impression it was 
allowed in Kentucky. But before the tip off, the Bobcats were called 
for a technical, while Clinton County wasn't. It didn't make a 
difference in the game though.
    John Parker Reagan tied the game followed by a Bulldog three. 
With Clinton Co. up 7-2, Will Amonett hit a three to cut it to 7-5. 
Parker Gore then blocked a Bulldog shot, the 'Dogs missed their next 
shot with Will next stealing the ball. A Bobcat three was off but the 
Bulldogs sank one...10-5. Zach Amonett then stole the ball and scored 
to make it a 3 point game. But at this point the Bulldogs pulled away 
for a 19-8 lead.
    The second quarter was closer with Clinton Co. outscoring the 
Bobcats 8-5 for a 38-17 lead at the half. The 3rd quarter again was 
closer, with the Bulldogs scoring 19 to the Bobcats' 14.
    The final score was 72-39 with Zach Amonett leading the Bobcats 
in scoring with 11 points, 1 three. Luke Smith had 2 threes and 7 
points; Will Amonett 4, 1 three; Parker Gore 2; Remington White 7; 
Mark Smith 2; John Zachary 3; Caleb Lowhorn 1.
    With the Bulldogs losing three seniors and the Bobcats returning 
everyone, a win at home next season may be very likely.

Richland Christmas Tournament results

    The Lady Bobcats met AA Community (8-4) in their first game at 
the Richland Christmas Tournament and came away with an easy 80-51 
win. Aaliyah Brown had an outstanding game with 31 points, 1 three. 
Elly Smith 4; Abbi Bilbrey 4; Kyndal Ludick 13, 1 three; Chloe Burton 
10, 1 three; Bailey Evans 8, 2 threes; Shayla Wood 8, 2 threes; 
CarolAnn Stockton 2.
1st quarter 20-11 Pickett Co., 2nd-41-24, 3rd- 52-36, Game 80-51.
    The second game was also a breeze as they won 77-48 over Ardmore, 
Alabama. This time Kyndal led the scoring with 23 points including a 
three. Aaliyah was close behind with 22 and a three; Abbi 6; Chloe 9, 
3 threes; Bailey 7, 1 three; Shayla 7, CarolAnn 8.
1st quarter 22-5 Pickett Co., 2nd-46-23, 3rd- 64-36, Game 77-48.
    In the final game a controversial technical cost the Lady Bobcats 
the game. In a call that was one for the books, the game went into 
overtime after the Lady Bobcats came back from being down 48-42 at 
the end of three to send it into overtime. According to reports, 
Richland (11-3) was at the foul line and after a shot, a Lady Bobcat 
touched the ball and a technical was called. That was a call that no 
one can recall EVER being called before. It gave Richland the game on 
their home court. Abbi led in scoring with 19; Aaliyah 17; Elly a 
three; Kyndal 9, 1 three; Chloe 13, 1 three; Bailey 5; Shayla 4; 
CarolAnn 2. 1st quarter 13-12 Richland, 2nd-32-23 Richland, 3rd-48-42 
Richland, 4th 63 all, OT Richland 73-70.
     The Bobcats also met AA Community (8-6) in their first game and 
lost a close one 47-42. Zach Amonett led in scoring with 15, 2 
threes; Parker Gore 12; Will Amonett 3, 1 three; JP Reagan 1; Slayde 
Copeland 2; Remington White 2. 1st quarter 13-13, 2nd- 17-15 PC, 
3rd-32-26 Community, game 47-42 Community.
    In the second game the Bobcats met Ardmore, Alabama and lost 
64-32. Again Zach Amonett led in scoring with 20, 2 threes. Parker 
16; Luke Smith 2; JP Reagan 10; Remington 8.
    In the final game the Bobcats beat Woodville, Alabama 74-58. JP 
Reagan led scoring with 18 points. Zach was next with 16, 2 threes; 
Parker 12, Luke Smith had a great game with 15; Slayde 2; Remington 11.

Lady Bobcats beat Gordonsville 73-31

The Lady Bobcats traveled to Gordonsville Friday night along with a 
large Pickett County crowd of fans that was larger than 
Gordonsville's crowd.
    The Tigerettes have been through a rough few years having gone 
2-79 in the past three seasons, but this year they were greatly 
improved with a 7-7 record. Even with the improvement they were no 
match for the Lady Bobcats, who had been ranked #1 on Coacht before 
the Richland game with the controversial "win" by Richland. Still, 
they are ranked #3 with the AP Poll coming out on the 15th.
    Abbi Bilbrey scored first with the Tigerettes tying the game. 
Kyndal Ludick was then fouled and she made both. She soon scored 
again for a 6-2 lead, and again to make it 8-2. She then stole the 
ball with Abbi scoring. Ahead 10-3, Kyndal drained a three pointer. 
By the time the score was 17-3, Gordonsville turned the ball over 
with Chloe Burton going in for an impressive layup.
    Shayla Wood ended the 1st quarter scoring with a three pointer 
for a 24-6 Pickett Co. lead.
    Aaliyah Brown scored first to start the 2nd quarter. About 
halfway through the quarter, many of the starters came out. Jasimine 
Brown made an immediate impact stealing the ball. Bailey Evans also 
had a steal. The half ended 44-17.
    The younger players got plenty of playing time in the second half 
with the 3rd quarter ending 65-28. In the final quarter Elly Smith, 
Jasimine Brown and CarolAnn Stockton all had steals, with the game 
ending 73-31.
    Kyndal Ludick had a big game scoring 23 points, 1 three; Aaliyah 
Brown 17; Chloe Burton 6; Elly Smith 2; Abbi Bilbrey 12; Shayla Wood 
a three for 3; Carol Ann Stockton 2; Bailey Evans 2.

Gordonsville tops Bobcats

  In a game which had been closer than the final score, the Tigers 
won a district contest over the Bobcats 63-52.
    The Tigers scored first but Will Amonett's three put the Bobcats 
ahead. He then stole the ball with Zach Amonett being fouled. His 
free throw made it 4-3. Parker Gore then stole the ball with Luke 
Smith scoring and the Bobcats were on top 6-2. The Tigers charged 
back to tie the game at 6-6 and again at 8-8. John Parker Reagan 
scored next for the Bobcats, but the Tigers tied it again on free 
throws. They then took the lead and led 14-10 at the end of the first 
    The shots wouldn't fall in the second quarter for the Bobcats, 
plus Parker was playing with a sore wrist, which took away one of the 
Bobcats' scoring weapons, although he did score 7 points.  He had 
several steals and as usual, and played great D with several steals. 
The half ended with the Tigers on top 25-18.
    The 3rd quarter began with Luke Smith stealing the ball. Free 
throws by Reagan made it a 5 point game before the Tigers went ahead 
by 9 at 33-24.
    The Bobcats fought back with Zach's basket cutting it to 33-28. 
Both teams missed shots before a free throw by Zach cut it to 33-29.  
Again the Tigers pulled away with the 3rd quarter ending 39-31.
    With the score in 42-34, Zach drove in to score to cut it to a 6 
point lead. On the Bobcat's next possession, Zach was fouled and it 
was then a 4 point game at 42-38. It was  still a 4 point game at 
44-40 with 3:22 to go, but again Gordonsville pulled ahead. The 
Tigers made 8 of 8 free throws down the stretch to extend their lead 
for the 63-52 win.
    Zach led in scoring with 16 points; JP Reagan had a good game 
with 13, 1 three; Will had 11 with 3 threes; Parker 7; Luke 5, 1 three.

6A Girls

Clarkrange 16-2, 4-0; Pickett Co. 13-2, 4-1; Clay Co. 13-5, 4-1; RBS 
13-6, 3-2; Gordonsville 7-8, 2-3; Trousdale Co., 9-8, 2-3; Jackson 
Co. 0-15, 0-5; Monterey 0-16, 0-5.
Tuesday night Clarkrange traveled to Clay Co. for a key district 

6A Boys

Clay Co. 15-2, 5-0; Gordonsville 9-6, 3-2; Monterey 14-6, 3-2; RBS 
15-4, 3-2; Clarkrange 9-9, 2-3; Trousdale Co. 6-11, 2-3; Pickett Co. 
9-8, 1-4; Jackson Co. 7-11, 1-4.

Sports 12/6/18

Special Sports

Lady Bobcats edge LA 55-50
 It wasn't easy but the Lady Bobcats won their 8th straight over the 
Lady Wildcats at Hogeye 55-50. In both this game and the boys' game 
the officiating left a lot to be desired, but our Lady Bobcats 
overcame that and a Livingston comeback for the win.

Abbi Bilbrey scored first for the Lady Bobcats to tie the game at 
2-2, and with that her only score of the game, mainly due to foul 
trouble, Aaliyah Brown took over the scoring role for 32 huge points 
in the game.

The Lady Bobcats were plagued by poor passes and turnovers, but  the 
Lady Bobcats also made some great plays including a blocked shot by 
Abbi and two steals by Aaliyah.

Kyndal's freethrow made it 3-2 and after a LA charge, Elly Smith sank 
a three for a 6-2 lead. That was followed by Aaliyah blocking a shot, 
then another, but they couldn't score. Bailey Evans came into the 
game and her good defense caused a jump ball with possession going to 
the Lady Bobcats. Aalyiah then drove in and scored over two LA 
defenders. After freethrow misses by LA, Shayla Wood grabbed a 
rebound with Aaliyah scoring again. Elly's defense aided in Aaliyah 
stealing the ball and scoring with the quarter ending 12-2.

With the score 14-2 LA hit a three, but the Lady Bobcats kept a safe 
lead. Carol Ann Stockton scored on 2 freethrows as did Shayla. With 
the score 20-15, Aaliyah swished a three. By the half the Lady 
Bobcats led 32-23.

It seemed like a different Lady Wildcat team came out in the 3rd 
quarter. Aaliyah stole the ball and scored to make it an 11 point 
lead. But LA hit a three, then stole the ball and scored. They 
chipped away at the Lady Bobcat lead until it was 36-34 when a Lady 
Wildcat went in for an uncontested layup. With that Coach Brent Smith 
called a timeout.

When play resumed Kyndal scored, LA was called for a charge and Chloe 
Burton scored...40-34. As time ran down in the quarter, LA cut it to 
40-39 at the end of three.

The final quarter began with Livingston having possession. But after 
a missed jump ball call, Livingston was called for an over and back. 
The Lady Bobcats missed a layup and LA responded with a three to take 
a 42-40 lead. Aaliyah tied it with two freethrows. After a series of 
LA walks and fouls not called, Aaliyah was fouled and sank both...
44-42. LA tied the game. Aaliyah hit two more freethrows.

With the score 48-46 Livingston went back on top with a three...
49-48. Aaliyah made it 50-49. Both teams began missing shots and 
freethrows and with 1:30 to go, Coach Smith called a time out. When 
play resumed, Aaliyah made a spectacular shot to give the Lady 
Bobcats a big 3 point lead. LA then made one of two freethrows...
52-50. After a Lady Bobcat steal, Chloe went to the freethrow line 
and made it 54-50. As time was running out, LA threw a long pass 
which Elly intercepted and was fouled. Her freethrow made the final 
score 55-50.

While this wasn’t the Lady Bobcats’ best game, they fought back after 
falling behind and pulled away for their 4th win of the year with no 

Aaliyah led the Lady Bobcats with 32 points including 2 threes. Also: 
Elly 6, 1 three; Chloe 4; Kyndal 7; Abbi 2; Carol Ann 2; Shayla 2

Bobcats lose first game
    The young Bobcats lost their first game of the year but held 
their own against a more experienced LA team. Just a few nights later 
LA beat 8A favorite Upperman by 16.

    It was all Wildcats early as they grabbed an 11-2 lead but after 
a score by Parker Gore, a freethrow by Remington White, a steal and 
score by Parker and scores by John Parker Reagan and Zach Amonett, 
the Bobcats cut it to just 13-11. The first quarter ended 15-11.

     The Wildcats began to pull away in the second quarter with Slade 
Copeland scoring first for the Bobcats with a drive to the basket. LA 
scored followed by two freethrows by Zach. LA made it 24-15 on a 
score and freethrow. At 28-16 Coach Amonett called a timeout. The 
Bobcats responded with Zach scoring and adding a freethrow to make it 
a 9 point game. But by the half the Wildcats were ahead 32-19.

    John Parker Reagan scored to start the 3rd quarter. With the 
Wildcats ahead by 10, Zach scored, LA missed a shot and Parker 
grabbed the rebound and scored...37-31. LA then went up 40-31 on a 
score and free throw, but Luke Smith's three pointer cut it to 6 at 
40-34. Zach then stole the ball and scored and it was now just a 4 
point game at 40-36. At that point a series of calls went LA's way in 
route to a 48-39 lead at the end of three.

    The final quarter began with an LA walk not called and a score. 
The crowd was especially unhappy with that overlooked walk. The 
Wildcats stretched the lead to 56-42 before Parker scored on two 
freethrows. LA was called for a 5 second violation and Luke sank his 
2nd three of the night...56-47. But LA was able to seal the win with 
hitting 8 of 10 freethrows down the stretch. The final score was 
Bobcats 50, Wildcats 64.

    Freshman Zach Amonett lead the Bobcats with 23 points. Parker 
added 12, Luke had 8 with 2 threes, Remington 1, John Parker 4 and 
Slade 2.

    With the loss the Bobcats are now 5-1 and played Red Boiling 
Springs Tuesday night at home. RBS was picked for 2nd place.

6A Update...

The Clarkrange girls are now 6-0 with a 6 point win over Cumberland 
County, who is one of the favorites to win the AA state title. The 
Lady Buffaloes are lightning quick. When a team tries to bring the 
ball in, three Lady Buffaloes surround the opposing player with the 
ball and either smack it or steal it when she tries to pass the ball. 
Against Oneida Friday night, it was 6-0 Clarkrange within 10 seconds. 
When the Lady Bobcats travel to Clarkrange on the 11th of December, 
they will need to be sharp on their passes, and guard against the 
three. Jackson County is struggling averaging just 20 points a game 
while giving up over 64 points a game. Clay Co. is 6-1 with their 
only loss to Macon Co. by 20. Coming into last night's game, Red 
Boiling Springs was 4-2.

In 6A boys' action, favorite Clay Co. is 5-1 winning 5 in a row. 
Jackson Co. is 3-4 with similar scores as the Bobcats in games played 
with LA and DeKalb Co. RBS came into last night's game against the 
Bobcats at 9-0. Monterey has won 4 in a row after an opening loss to 
York. Trousdale Co. is 0-7 but apparently some of their players were 
still playing football. Clarkrange is 5-1 with 3 very close wins over 
Oneida. Gordonsville is 5-2.

Come out for Friday's home game against Jackson County which will be 
a key contest for the boys. Then Saturday Sunbright visits with the 
girls' game at 4 p.m. Tuesday the 11th, there is the big Clarkrange 
game away.

Sports 11/29/18

Special Sports

Update on District 6A
Since there were few games this past week, here is an update on our 
6A District.

In boys' action, Clarkrange is 3-1, but the wins came against teams 
with a 3-6 records including two close games against Oneida. Monterey 
is 3-1 with their wins are against teams which are 2-12. Their loss 
was to York 60-49, after York took a 20-2 lead to start the game.

Red Boiling Springs is 6-0 but are untested playing teams that are 
1-6 and non-TSSAA club teams and small private schools. They will be 
a very good team though. Jackson Co. is 2-3 beating DeKalb Co. and 
Westmoreland and losing to Livingston, Watertown and Cookeville. 
District favorite Clay Co. is 2-1 losing to York and beating Van 
Buren Co. and Midway. Gordonsville is 4-0 with two games not 
reported. The teams they beat are 2-10.

Trousdale Co. picked for third, is 0-4, all lopsided losses. Those 
teams have an 8-5 record.

In the girls' 6A, Clarkrange is 4-0 with a big win over AA favorite 
Macon Co. by 3. They had easy wins against Scott Co. and Dresden and 
a surprisingly close game against 2-3 Oneida, 56-48.

Jackson Co. has scored 14, 10, 29, 12 and 22 in blowout losses and 
are 0-5 with a good possibility of a winless season. Picked second, 
Clay Co. is 4-0 with 3 easy wins and a close game to 3-1 Midway, 
58-53. Much improved Trousdale Co. is 3-2.

RBS is 4-0 but against very weak competition. They were picked for 
4th. Monterey is 0-4, all big losses. Gordonsville has already won 
more games this season than they did in any of the last 4 seasons and 
are 2-2.

Bobcats win 65-41 over Sunbright
  The Bobcats started off their game just like the Lady Bobcats 
did. They were down 4-0, then a Remington White basket and a three by 
Zach Amonett gave the 'Cats a 5-4 lead. Sunbright turned the ball 
over and a Zach pass to Remington led to another score. Will Amonett 
had a nice steal as did Parker Gore and his two free throws gave the 
Bobcats their 11-6 lead at the end of the 1st quarter.
    Coach Amonett has done an outstanding job of taking this young 
team with just two starters returning and molding them into a very 
good team. While there will be much tougher competition ahead, this 
is a talented team with a lot of potential.
    Zach and Parker both sank two free throws, with Luke Smith 
scoring on a nice drive to the basket for a 17-8 lead. Remington had 
2 steals, Parker had another and the Bobcats pulled away for a 34-16 
lead at the half.
    With the score 43-21, Luke stole the ball and hit a three 
pointer. When Mark Smith came into the game, he made a great move to 
the basket for a layup making it 49-23. Zach's 2 free throws ended 
the quarter...51-27.
    Caleb Lowhorn's play in the final quarter was very good with him 
scoring 9 points. With 6:02 to go the starters were out and their 
replacements protected the Bobcats 24 point lead with the final score 
being 65-41. The Bobcats are now 5-0.
    Parker Gore had an outstanding game scoring 16 points with Zach 
Amonett adding 15, 1 three. Also: L. Smith 5, 1 three; White 11; 
Reagan 1; Lowhorn 9; W. Amonett 2 and B. Zachary 3.

Lady Bobcats roll 79-39
 What a difference a halftime can make. After not playing Thanksgiving 
week, the Lady Bobcats were a bit rusty in the first half against the 
3-1 Lady Tigers of Sunbright only leading 32-28 at the half. But, 
they caught fire in the second half outscoring the Lady Tigers 47-11!
Sunbright took an early 4-0 lead before Abbi Bilbrey scored, followed 
by an Aaliyah Brown three. But, they had trouble shaking Sunbright 
with turnovers and a lot of favorable calls for the home team. With 
the Lady Bobcats ahead 10-9, Aaliyah made two free throws, then when 
they got the ball back Chloe Burton made a great drive to the basket 
and added a freethrow...15-9. The quarter ended 15-11. Abbi had 
gotten into foul trouble so she sat out much of the first half.
The 2nd quarter started with a Bailey Evans three, and Chloe's second 
old fashioned three made it 21-13. Elly Smith's 2 free throws gave 
the Lady Bobcats a 10 point lead. Aaliyah had a nice steal and hooked 
in a shot for a 27-16 score. But at 30-19, a series of calls that 
went the Lady Tigers’ way, helped them to close the gap to 30-26 and 
32-28 at the half.
What a second half though! Chloe started off the scoring with another 
athletic layup. Soon after Abbi stole the ball. She scored on a nice 
8' shot and the Lady Bobcats began to pull away. Another Aaliyah 
steal and score made it 44-32. Kyndal Ludick made a nice play when 
trapped along the sideline she bounced the ball off her defender out 
of bounds and kept possession. Steals by Bailey and Aaliyah, a 
blocked shot by Aaliyah and all around great play, gave the Lady 
Bobcats a 57-32 lead at the end of 3. They outscored Sunbright 25-4.
Kyndal started the final quarter with a three, Aaliyah stole the ball 
with Abbi scoring...62-36. Then Elly stole the ball, passed to 
Jasimine Brown who scored. Soon after Carol Ann Stockton had a steal 
and went the length of the court for another score...67-36. In the 
final minutes of the game Elly hit a three, Bailey stole the ball and 
also scored on a three pointer, and Shayla Wood stole the ball.
Scoring: Aaliyah Brown 19, 1 three; Abbi Bilbrey 16; Chloe Burton 13; 
Kyndal Ludick 4, 1 three; Carol Ann Stockton 7; Bailey Evans 6, 2 
threes; Elly Smith 12, 1 three; Jasimine Brown 2.

Bobcats win two at Oliver Springs
 The Bobcats traveled to Oliver Springs with the rematch with the OS 
Bobcats on Monday and another game against Northview Academy on Tuesday.
In the first game the Bobcats had nearly an identical score as they 
had in their Saturday game against Oliver Springs. In their match up 
at home, the Bobcats won 68-38, and on Monday won 70-38. They were 
behind 16-12 after one quarter and then outscored Oliver Springs 
25-10 in the second quarter. The third quarter was all Bobcats 20-6 
and in the final 13-6.
Scoring: Gore 5; L. Smith 2; W. Amonett 4; Z. Amonett 21; Reagan 8; 
Copeland 2; White 15; M. Smith 7; J. Zachary 3; Buck 3
On Tuesday they had an exciting barnburner against Northview Academy 
winning 56-54. The  game saw the Bobcats go ahead 20-17 after one 
quarter and 31-25 at the half. Northview Academy fought back in the 
second half but the Bobcats held on for the 56-54 win.
Scoring: Gore 11; L. Smith 5; W. Amonett 10; Z. Amonett 15; Reagan 8; 
Copeland 3; White 4.

Sports 11/22/18

Special Sports

Cats sweep at DeKalb County
The Lady Bobcats came back from 12 down at the end of the third
quarter to beat DeKalb County, while the Bobcats held on to beat the
Tigers. With Dekalb County being an AA school, and with Pickett
County having young and inexperienced teams, the wins were especially

In the girls' game, DeKalb County got off to a big start leading the
Lady Bobcats 21 -13, but our young and talented Lady Bobacts
outscored the Lady Tigers 22-19, to cut the DeKalb County lead to 5
points at 40-35 at the half.

Our only senior, standout Aaliyah Brown, got into foul trouble and
sat out much of the third quarter. The Lady Tigers took advantage and
pulled away for a 60-48 lead at the end of three quarters.

But when Aaliyah came back into the game, in the words of one fan,
"She was on fire!" The Lady Bobcats shut down DeKalb County holding
them to just 8 points in the 4th quarter and with their 25 points
pulled away for the 73-68 win. Abbi Bilbrey matched Aaliyah's 18
points, with an impressive game as well.

Aaliyah and Abbi Bilbrey led the team with 18 points each, while
Kyndal Ludick added 14.

Scoring: Aaliyah Brown 18, 2 threes; Elly Smith 6; Abbi Bilbrey 18,
Kyndal Ludick 14, 1 three; Chloe Burton 10, Shayla Wood 2 and Carol
Ann Stockton 2.

In the boys' game, it was the Bobcats racing to a 17-9 first quarter
lead and continued outplaying the Tigers in the second quarter for a
26-15 lead at the half.

Starting for the Bobcats were two starters from last year Junior
Parker Gore and John Parker Reagan. Joining them were Freshman Zach
Amonett, Junior Luke Smith, and Freshman Will Amonett. Remington
White, who was injured last season, also saw a good deal of playing

The third quarter belonged to the Tigers as they outscored the
Bobcats 19-10 to cut the Bobcat lead to just 36-34 when the horn
sounded. The fourth quarter was a battle but our Bobcats held on
outscoring DeKalb Co 16-15 for the 52-49 win.

Team scoring was very evenly distributed with John Parker Reagan
being the leading scorer with 11.

Scoring: John Parker Reagan 11, 1 three; Will Amonett 6, 2 threes;
Zach Amonett 9; Luke Smith 8, 2 threes; Parker Gore 10 and Remington
White 8.

Bobcats roll to 67-36 win over Oliver Springs

The Bobcats got off to a slow start on Saturday until Remington White
came into the game to score 10 points in the first quarter to spark
the Bobcats to from the short end of an 8-4 score to a 16-15 lead at
the end of the quarter. It was Luke Smith's three pointer at the end
of the quarter which put the Bobcats on top.

Zach Amonett stole the ball to start the 2nd quarter. John Parker
Reagan's free throw made it 17-15, the 'Cats stole the ball with Zach
Amonett scoring...19-15. Zach's three pointer made it 22-15. The
Bobcats continued to pour it on as they pulled away to a 34-19 lead
by halftime.

With the score 38-21, Luke Smith dropped in another three to give the
Bobcats a 20 point lead. When Zach was fouled while shooting a three,
he went to the free throw line and made all three shots. That was
soon followed by a John Parker Reagan steal, a Bobcat missed shot, a
Zach Amonett steal with John Parker hitting a three...51-27, which
was the score at the end of three.

The final quarter saw Zach hit another three and Mark Smith grabbing
a rebound and going the length of the court to score. Starter Will
Amonett showed his ball handling skills throughout the game, John
Zachary saw playing time as did Ben Zachary, and Spencer Moody did as
well. Caleb Lowhorn contributed 6 points as well. Slade Copeland saw
some playing time and was impressive. Kayden Buck came into the game
and grabbed a couple of rebounds to help the Bobcat cause.

Zach Amonett lead the Bobcats with 19 points with 2 threes. Remington
White was close behind with 16 points.

Scoring: Zach Amonett 19, 2 threes; Remington White 16; Will Amonett
4; Luke Smith 2 threes for 6; John Parker Reagan 4, 1 three; Parker
Gore 10; Caleb Lowhorn 6; Mark Smith 2.

Lady Bobcats crush Oliver Springs 72-46

The Oliver Springs Lady Bobcats visited on Saturday for a 4 p.m. game
with our Lady Bobcats easily beating them by a score of 72-46.

Our young team raced to a 10-0 lead over the stunned OS team, and by
the time our girls were ahead 12-2 the OS coach called a time out.
The game was put out of reach with the early baskets by Kyndal Ludick
to start the game with a 2 pointer followed by Abbi Bilbrey blocking
an Oliver Springs shot and Kyndal grabbing the ball. Kyndal then hit
a three, followed by a three pointer by Chloe Burton.

Later in the quarter, Kyndal's next three made it 17-6, with about 2
and 1/2 minutes to go in the quarter. At the end of the first quarter
it was 24-8.

Aaliyah Brown stole the ball to start the 2nd quarter. Soon
afterwards Kyndal was fouled and made the score 25-8. While her 2nd
shot missed, Chloe was there to grab the rebound and Kyndal drained a
three. Up 30-8, Abbi pulled in a rebound and went coast to coast for
a layup to make it 32-8. Bailey Evans came into the game, nearly
stole the ball, and after Abbi blocked another OS shot, Bailey hit a
three pointer...40-18. That was followed by Aaliyah stealing the ball
again. The half ended 41-18.

The third quarter was highlighted by three pointers by Kyndal, and
Elly Smith with two and Freshman Shayla Wood's three pointer. She was
impressive with her hustle and rebounding as well. Carol Ann Stockton
came into the game and played aggressively and scored a basket. The
third quarter ended 57-32.

Aaliyah began the final quarter hitting a three. Kyndal's next three
made it 63-34. Chloe had a steal in the quarter and Abbi had yet
another blocked shot and a steal. The game ended with Jasmine Brown
blocking an Oliver Springs shot, grabbing the ball and going coast to
coast for an impressive layup with defenders all around her.

The Lady Bobcats had 9 threes in the game with Kyndal leading the way
with 4. She was leading scorer with 20, with Abbi adding 17.

Scoring: Kyndal Ludick 20, 4 threes; Aaliyah Brown 7, 1 three; Abbi
Bilbrey 17, 4 blocked shots; Elly Smith 10, 2 threes; Shayla Wood 4;
Bailey Evans 1 three; Carol Ann Stockton 5, Jasmine Brown 2.

Sports 11/8/2018

Lady Bobcats shoot for fifth straight State Tournament

Losing 2018 Miss Basketball Courtney Pritchett and All Tournament 
starters Savanah Hammock and Gracie Martin to graduation are huge 
losses for the Lady Bobcats but they have so much talent coming back, 
along with talented freshmen, a return to Murfreesboro is a real 
possibility again this year.
There are three exceptional teams in 6A this year. Clay County 
returns the most starters from a team which made the Substate last 
year. The Lady Bobcats beat them 4 times by 2, 18, 14 and 2 points 
last year. The coaches voted them #1 in the preseason poll. 
Clarkrange lost two key starters but return Gracie Bush, Reece 
Stover, Kaylie Monday and Kassie Monday. Last year the Lady Bobcats 
lost 69-60, 65-59 to them in the regular season but won the Region 
semi-final 42-39 ending the Lady Buffalo's season. They were #2 in 
the coach's vote.
Our Lady Bobcats were picked 3rd and return starters Aaliyah Brown 
and Abbi Bilbrey, along with players who played a lot of basketball 
last season...Elly Smith, Chloe Burton, Kyndal Ludick and Bailey 
Evans. In addition there are talented freshmen CarolAnn Stockton, 
Shayla Wood and Jasmine Brown joining the Lady Bobcats. Aaliyah and 
Abbi will be two of the top players in the district, and in the state.
The rest of the district will be fighting for that 4th region spot. 
Red Boiling Springs was picked 4th by the coaches. Jackson County no 
longer has the talent they once had. Trousdale County and Monterey 
should remain weak, while Gordonsville may see some improvement as 
they played their more talented freshmen the latter part of the season.
Also a big plus for the Lady Bobcats is our  multi-time Most Valuable 
Coach winner,  Brent Smith. He said that by mid-season the Lady 
Bobcats should be ready to challenge both Clay County and Clarkrange 
as they gain experience as a team.
They start the season Nov. 13th at DeKalb County with the first home 
game being Saturday, Nov. 17, against Oliver Springs. Please check 
the schedule for upcoming games and times.

Bobcats young but talented

The Bobcats will be looking a lot different than they have for 
several years as the core group of seniors have graduated and will be 
replaced by a very young squad. While they may not be challenging for 
the district championship this year, give them a year or two and they 
will be one of the top teams once again.
The Bobcats lost heavily to graduation losing Dawson Abbott, Brian 
Gibson, Trent Young, Bryson Yorke, Clay Smith and Evan Caudle. But 
they have talented starters Parker Gore and John Parker Reagan 
returning for the Bobcats.
In the coaches poll, Clay County was picked for 1st, Red Boiling 
Springs 2nd, Trousdale County 3rd, Monterey 4th, Jackson County 5th, 
Pickett County 6th, Clarkrange 7th and Gordonsville 8th. The Bobcats 
have been near the top of the district for many years, but 
inexperience, not talent, is why the Bobcats have been picked for 
6th. There is plenty of talent on this young team including 
sophomores and freshmen who have won the state tournament as 7th or 
8th graders, so watch for this team to possibly  move up as the 
season progresses.
With outstanding Coach Joseph Amonett guiding our young Bobcats, this 
group can not be counted out having an impact in the district.
Lucas Smith saw key playing time last year with another very talented 
player, Remington White, unable to play last year due to an injury.
Clay County has a great chance to return to the state tournament and 
Red Boiling Springs could join them. Clay County has 7 seniors 
returning, while Red Boiling Springs has big man Dalton Marsh 
returning along with a talented squad.
After playing DeKalb County and Oliver Springs, the Bobcats head to 
Oliver Springs to play in the Oliver Springs Thanksgiving Classic 
Nov. 19, 20 and 21. Teams include Oliver Springs, Jellico and 
Northview Academy.
More on our players next week...
2018 Oliver Springs Basketball Thanksgiving Classic Schedule
(boys only)

Monday, November 19th
7:30 ET PCHS vs. Oliver Springs

Tuesday, November 20th
6:00 ET PCHS vs. Northview Academy

Wednesday, November 21st
12:00 ET PCHS vs. Jellico

Football Seniors recognized at last home game

Fball senior night 18
During the last home game last Friday, the four senior players were 
recognized: Austin Reagan #52, Austin Conner #83, Luis Bautista #40, 
Bryce Dicken #58, Brandon Smith #4.


Fb homecoming 18
Photo:James Purkey

Football Homecoming Princesses & Queen
Homecoming Princesses and Queen pictured at left: Belà Duncan, Gracie 
Smith, Alix Driver, Tyra Johnson, Kenzie Zachary.

Bobcats defeat RBS 48-19

92018 football

The following stats were submitted from last Friday night's game 
against Red Boiling Springs.

The PCHS Bobcats won 48-19 against the 
Offense passing - Luke Smith 107 yards & 2 TD, Rushing - Parker Gore 
225 & 4 TD, Austin Conner 28 yards, Cole Sells 33 & Luke Smith 12 
yards, Receiving - Mark Smith 78 yards, Cole Sells 55 yard TD, 
Defense (tackles) - Austin Conner 11, Ricky Clark 3, Austin Reagan 
54, Bryce Dickens 3, Hunter Vick 2, Cole Sells 4, Parker Gore 3, Luis 
Bautista 1, Tanner Davis 1, Mark Smith 3, Hayden Clark 2, Luke Smith 
2, Mark Smith 2 and a int. for TD. 

Basketball News 3/1/2018

Special Sports

Lady Bobcats advance to Region Semi-Finals
You may look at the Lady Bobcats' 110-23 score and wonder how it 
happened. They faced a 1-19 Hardy Memorial who played a very weak 
schedule and still only won one game due to the fact that their 
district has 5 teams but only 4 play basketball. Because of that, 
Hardy Memorial made the region tournament.
    The Lady Bobcat starters only got to play a little over a quarter 
and a half and it was 35-0 before Hardy got their first score. In 
that first quarter Courtney Pritchett had 2 threes, 3 steals, 8 
points and several rebounds; Aaliyah Brown had 4 threes, a steal and 
11 points; Savannah Hammock had 9 points and 3 steals, plus rebounds; 
Gracie Martin had 8 points, 2 steals and rebounds, while Abbi Bilbrey 
had 4 points and many rebounds. Another steal happened so quickly 
that who did it was unclear!
    The score at the end of one quarter was 46-4. The second quarter 
began with the younger talent taking the floor, along with one 
starter. One starter had to be in, and they came in and out, due to 
the fact that there are only 4 other players available off the bench.
    These players were also far more talented than the Hardy starters 
as they outscored them 27-11 for a 73-15 half time score. That had to 
be a halftime scoring record.
    Elly Smith and Bailey Evans both had a three  pointer, with Elly 
also making another basket, while Kyndal had 6 points, and Chloe 5. 
While playing just a few minutes each, Courtney had another 3 
pointer, Savannah scored, as did Aaliyah.
    The starters played just a few minutes in the third quarter with 
Savannah hitting a three, plus another basket; Abbi blocked a shot 
and scored 4; Aaliyah added another 4 points; and Gracie was 
outstanding on defense as always. The score at the end of three was 
100 to 21, with Courtney being the starter playing with next year's 
stars to score the 100th pointsunk.
    With the clock running in the final quarter, it was the Lady 
Bobcats scoring 10 to Hardy's 2. Savannah Hammock led the team in 
scoring with 20 points.
    As far as scores go since the '95-'96 season, the 110 points were 
the most scored by either a boys' or girls' team. The boys scored 106 
in a 106-60 win over Livingston back when Nathan Aaron was playing 
for the Bobcats.
    The win sent the Lady Bobcats to Monday night's semi-final 
against the state's #3 ranked Clarkrange Lady Buffaloes. Pickett 
County is currently #4 in the state.
    Scoring: Courtney 10 with 2 threes; Gracie 10; Savannah 20 with a 
three; Aaliyah 18 with 4 threes; Abbi 10; Elly Smith 15 with 3 
threes; Kyndal 10; Chloe 13 and Bailey a three.

Bobcat win region opener 82-54
On Saturday night the Bobcats had an easy win at home over South 
Pittsburg, which is a little West of Chattanooga on the Tennessee/
Alabama border.
Brian Gibson started the night's scoring with a three pointer, one of 
five he would have on the night. The Pirates scored, the Bobcats 
missed a shot but Brian stole the ball with Dawson Abbott scoring. So 
Pittsburg missed a three, Brian grabbed the rebound and Trent scored. 
Again the Bobcats grabbed the ball with Brian scoring and that was 
followed by another steal with Brian scoring and it was 11-4. The 
Pirates were unable to score, Dawson hit a three for a 17-4 Bobcat 
lead. With a little over a minute to go in the quarter Trent Young 
drained a three pointer and it was 27-7. By the end of the quarter 
the Bobcats had a 34-7 lead.
The 2nd quarter began with Dawson hitting a three, Clay Smith 
stealing the ball with John Parker Reagan swishing a three for a 40-9 
score. Dawson had 2 more threes in the quarter with Luke Smith coming 
in and also sinking a three. Bryson also came into the game and 
played very strong scoring 6 points in the half, along with grabbing 
several rebounds. Brian had 4 threes and 16 points in the half.
In the 3rd quarter Trent was injured coming down from blocking a 
Pirate shot and didn't play any more of the game.
By the end of the quarter the score was 76-40 with all the Bobcats' 
younger players getting to play in the final quarter. The game ended 
The Bobcats were set to meet Clay County in the semi-finals Tuesday 
after the Bulldogs traveled to Van Buren County and upset the favored 
home team which had beaten them by 14 points the week before. The 
Bobcats lost at Clay County, then beat them at home and again in the 
district tournament.
Brian Gibson led the team in scoring with 22 points and 5 threes. 
Dawson 16 and 5 threes; Trent 13 and a three; Parker 5; John Parker 5 
and a three; Bryson 14; Luke a three; Cole Sells 2 and Slade Copeland 2.

Courtney Pritchett nominated for Miss Basketball

Pritchett nominated20180312 27130 aonksc
Special Sports

There was excitement all across the area when last week TSSAA
announced that our own Courtney Pritchett was nominated for the honor
of Tennessee Miss Basketball in Class A.
TSSAA announced that the awards will be presented to the top girls
and boys in five classifications of the Tennessee Secondary School
Athletic Association on the floor of Murphy Center on the campus of
MTSU on Tuesday, March 6 at 7:00 p.m.
A statewide committee of sportswriters selected winners based on
performance during the 2017-2018 regular season. Academics and
character were also taken into consideration. High school head
basketball coaches and members of the media nominated the finalists.
This is the 34th year that the Mr. and Miss Basketball Awards have
been presented to Tennessee’s best high school basketball players.
American General was the sponsor of the event since the inception of
the awards in 1985 until 2001. The Memphis Grizzlies were sponsors of
the awards from 2002-2004. From 2005-2015 the Mr. and Miss Basketball
Awards were presented at the conclusion of each respective
championship game as part of the post-game trophy ceremony.
  Also nominated from the area was Akira Levy who was last year’s
Miss Basketball in AA. This marks the 2nd year in a row that a girl
from our district has been nominated. Last year Clarkrange’s Kara
Meadows won the award. Also last year, Courtney won both the District
and Region MVP.

Freshman Year Awards (2014-2015) - District 7-A Freshman of the Year
- Upper Cumberland Co-Freshman of the Year - District 7-A All
Tournament Team - Pickett County High School Best Field Goal
Percentage award - TSSAA State Tournament Stats: 21 points, 4
assists, 2 rebounds, 1 steal
Sophomore Year Awards (2015-2016) - District 7-A All Tri-Lakes
Conference 1st Team - District 7-A All-Tournament Team - Region 4-A
All-Tournament Team - Upper Cumberland 2nd Team - Pickett County High
School Rebounding award - TSSAA State Tournament Stats: 21 points, 7
assists, 11 rebounds, 1 block, 1 steal
Junior Year Highlights: Lead Team to 3rd straight TSSAA State
Tourney, Region 4A MVP, District 7A MVP, Tri Lakes Conference 1st
team, led team in scoring and rebounding
Senior Year: Player of the Game at Robbie Davis Memorial Tournament,
District 6A MVP
Congratulations Courtney and to her parents Cyndi and Jackie
Pritchett and family.

Basketball 2/8/2018

Special Sports

Lady Bobcats 75, Monterey 22
The Lady Bobcats and a large turnout of Pickett County fans were at 
Monterey last Tuesday night and were treated to another big Lady 
Bobcat win.
Monterey scored first but a Courtney Pritchett 3 pointer put the Lady 
Bobcats on top for good. Savannah Hammock added a free throw, Abbi 
Bilbrey went to the line and sank two with Elly Smith hitting a three 
pointer for a 10-2 lead. To their credit, Monterey played well for 
the first quarter with the Lady Bobcats only ahead 13-6 after one 
The 2nd quarter began with Aaliyah Brown making a three and the Lady 
Bobcats pulled away. By the half it was 48-12 with Chloe Burton and 
Kyndall Ludick scoring on three pointers. Next year's stars played 
most of the 3rd and 4th quarters with some of the starters helping out.
The score after 3 quarters was 64-18 with the final 75-22. Kyndall, 
Gracie, Savannah, Aaliyah and Chloe all had steals in the game. 
Gracie Martin led the team in scoring with 20 points. Courtney had 6 
with 1 three, Savannah 11, Aaliyah 11 with a three, Abbi 6, Elly 5 
with 1 three, Chloe 10 including a 3 pointer, Kyndall had 7 with a 
three and Bailey 2 points.

Bobcats lose showdown with Monterey

The Bobcats tried to do something no other team has done this year 
and that was to beat Monterey on their home court. Monterey, now 
22-4, had only 3 losses up until that point and was ranked #4 in 
the state
Monterey started the game hitting a three before Brian Gibson drove 
to the basket to score. The Wildcats then went ahead 5-2 before 
Parker Gore scored. After Monterey scored Trent Young cut it to 1. 
The game stayed close until with Monterey ahead 9-8, Brian was fouled 
shooting a three pointer with almost no time left. He made all 3 free 
throws and the quarter ended 11-9 Bobcats.
This game was important because Monterey had just one district loss 
and that was to the Bobcats. A Bobcat win, along with another team 
beating them would give the Bobcats a tie for 1st. But beating them 
on their home court would be tough.
Early in the 2nd quarter Brian stole the ball and scored making it 
13-9. Then Parker stole the ball and went coast to coast to score 
putting the Bobcats up 15-9 and Monterey called a time out. After the 
time out they responded with a three...15-12.
The Monterey defense was all over Dawson and kept him from scoring in 
the 1st half. Several turnovers kept the Bobcats from pulling away 
but they were still ahead 25-23 at the half.
The 3rd quarter began with Trent scoring followed by Brian making it 
29-25. Dawson then got free and sank a 3 pointer making it 32-25. But 
each time the Bobcats would start to pull away, Monterey would come 
back. At 34-32 Brian scored and Monterey missed a three. The Bobcats 
had the ball with Bryson making a move but he was pushed...yet the 
foul wasn't called and a walk was called instead. Monterey missed a 
three, Dawson was fouled and he made both...40-34. There were several 
calls which went against the Bobcats which helped Monterey close to 
40-39. The Bobcats were called for a foul and Monterey went ahead 
42-40 on free throws. The 3rd quarter ended 42-41. The final quarter 
saw Monterey slowly pull away with their biggest lead at 63-52. The 
Bobcats cut it to 66-59 but could get no closer with the final score 
being 68-59.
While the loss gave Monterey the regular season championship, the 
Bobcats are still in 2nd place. And, come tournament time, the 
Bobcats certainly have the talent and big coaching advantage, to win 
the district tournament title.
Brian led the team in scoring with 17, Dawson came on strong in the 
2nd quarter scoring 15 with 1 three, Trent had 8, Parker 11, John 
Parker Reagan 2 and Bryson Yorke 2.

Congratulations Dawson Abbott and Brian Gibson

    In Sunday's Sports' section of The Tennessean, Dawson Abbott was 
at the top of the list of outstanding performances for Friday's games 
for scoring 44 points against Gordonsville. Brian Gibson was also 
listed for scoring 20 points in that same game.

    The Lady Bobcats and Bobcats will host Red Boiling Springs on 
Thursday, Feb. 8th in a make up game. It will also be Senior Night. 
Come out and support the teams in their final regular season games. 
This will be the final regular season game for the many seniors on 
both teams. Both the senior girls and senior boys have had 
outstanding 4-year careers at Pickett County.

Lady Bobcats 81,
Gordonsville 13

The Lady Bobcats traveled to Gordonsville on Friday for a match up 
with the 1-22 Lady Tigers. Needless to say, it didn't go well for 
Gordonsville. The game began with Aaliyah scoring and the team began 
stealing the ball, scoring, stealing the ball and a three by Aaliyah 
made it 16-0. It was 20-0 before Gordonsville made their first basket 
and at that point in the game, with nearly 6 minutes gone, it was 
only their 2nd shot at the goal. By the end of the 1st quarter it was 
Despite the domination, the Lady Bobcats were still having a little 
bit of a problem with turnovers, something which had hurt them since 
the Clarkrange game. But, after the first half, which ended 50-8, 
they didn't have any more, nor did any of the younger players who 
came into the game early.
Gordonsville's lineup was altered from the previous game with them as 
they are now starting a very young team, clearly looking for a 
stronger future.
Aaliyah led the team in scoring with 20 points including 1 three, 
Courtney had 9, Kyndall had 7, Elly 3, Gracie 10, Abbi 12, Chloe 6 
and Savannah 15.

Abbott scores 44 in win over Gordonsville

Dawson Abbott had a big scoring night with 44 points and 6 threes, 
with Brian Gibson also scoring 20 points including a three, in the 
Bobcats’ 87-67 win over Gordonsville.
Gordonsville gave the Bobcats a good game in the first quarter taking 
an 8 to 2 lead before a Brian Gibson free throw and Dawson Abbott 
three cut that to 8-6.  The Tigers went back ahead 13-8 but the 
Bobcats came right back and tied the game on 2 free throws by Dawson. 
With 34.5 seconds to go in the quarter the Tigers walked with the 
ball and Dawson hit an NBA three for a 3 point lead. The quarter 
ended 16-15.
Gordonsville regained the lead hitting a three to start the 2nd 
quarter but again Dawson drained a very long three pointer. The 
Tigers would have their last lead at 20-19. It was then Brian 
scoring, the Tigers missing a three, with Brian then hitting a three 
for a 24-20 Bobcat lead. Clay Smith then stole the ball with Dawson 
being foiled. His free throws made it 26-20. Gordosnville hit a 
three, Brian scored, the Tigers missed a shot and a Gore to Smith 
pass ended with Clay scoring making it 30-23 Bobcats.
    With the Bobcats ahead 37-31, Dawson stole the ball. He and Brian 
raced down the court with Dawson making an alley-oop pass to Brian 
who slammed it through the hoop for a dunk, bringing a roar from the 
large  turnout of Bobcat fans.
    The Tigers then missed a shot, with Dawson again hitting a long 
three making it 42-31. On the next play the Tigers broke away with 
their big man going in for a dunk...which hit the rim and bounced 
away. Dawson grabbed the rebound with Brian then driving to the 
basket to score. The half ended 44-31.
    The game was never close again. The Tigers, apparently frustrated 
with the talented Bobcats, played a bit rough which resulted in 2 
technical fouls and an intentional foul called on them. By the end of 
three it was 67-48 Bobcats. Coach Amonett sent in the younger players 
in the 4th quarter but after the Gordonsville coach left his starters 
in and they made 2 threes in a row, our starters returned. That gave 
Dawson several trips to the free throw line which added to his big 
scoring night. Finally the Tiger starters went out, with ours to follow.
    After Dawson's 44 and Brian's 20 points, Trent had 12, John 
Parker Reagan 4, Slayde Copeland 1, Clay Smith 4 and Bryson Yorke 2.

Lady Bobcats 82, Green Co., Ky. 53

The Lady Bobcats, Bobcats and a host of fans headed to Albany on 
Saturday for the Robbie Davis Memorial Classic at Clinton County High 
as part of a 5-game afternoon.
    Green County came into the game with a 18-5 record and had played 
in the All "A" Classic, a tournament of the top 16 small school teams 
in the state. This would be a good match-up for the Lady Bobcats to 
prepare them for upcoming district, region and hopefully substate and 
state tournament games.
    Green County took a quick 4-1 lead before Gracie Martin cut it to 
4-3. Savannah then stole the ball with Abbi scoring. Green scored but 
a pass from Gracie to Aaliyah Brown made it 7-6. The Lady Bobcats 
then had a couple of turnovers which helped Green Co. go ahead 12-7. 
But the Lady Bobcats came right back on scores by Gracie, Courtney 
and Savannah to take a 14-12 lead. It remained close with the quarter 
ending 16-15 Green Co.
    Gracie scored to start the 2nd quarter, Courtney made 2 free 
throws and after a Green Co. shot was in and out of the basket, Abbi 
raced the length of the court to score...24-18. Green Co. would cut 
it to 26-25 but a Chloe Burton three made it 29-25. From there on, 
the Lady Bobcats would dominate play.
    Gracie scored, Chloe drained another 3 and it was 36-28. With the 
score 40-29, Courtney stole the ball and by the end of the half it 
was 44-32 Pickett County.
    The third quarter was highlighted with steals by Gracie and 
Courtney and by the end of three it was 59-40.
    The final quarter's scoring was started with a three by Aaliyah 
who had not played much due to foul trouble. In fact, the Lady 
Bobcats had several players in foul trouble early and they had to 
come out. But the younger players stepped up and played outstanding 
basketball against Green County's starters. The game ended with 
Bailey Evans sinking a three for an impressive 82-53 Lady Bobcat win.
    Courtney led the scoring with 17 points, Gracie had 14, Savannah 
8, Aaliyah 11 with 1 three, Elly 4 with a 3, Kyndall 6, Abbi 12, 
Chloe 7 with 2 threes, and Bailey one 3.
Courtney Pritchett was selected as "Player of the Game" for her 
outstanding game. Congratulations Courtney!

Bobcats beat Clay Co., KY 69-59

On Saturday, the Bobcats also won in the Robbie Davis Memorial 
Classic at Clinton County High against a good Clay Co., Ky. and 
pulled away to win 69-59. The team was very similar to Jackson 
County, a team the Bobcats could face in the upcoming tournaments.
    Clay Co. got off to a quick 6-0 lead before Trent Young's three 
pointer cut that lead in half. Clay then went ahead 8-3 but Brian 
Gibson scored, Trent then stole the ball with Brian sinking a three 
to tie the game. With the score 14-12 in Clay County's favor, they 
hit a three to go ahead 17-12. They then stole the ball and scored 
for a 7 point lead. Brian would score again before the 1st quarter 
ended with the Kentucky team ahead 21-14.
    The Bobcats had possession to start the 2nd quarter and Dawson 
Abbott drove in to score. Clay missed a shot and Brian scored to make 
it 21-18. With Clay Co. on top 23-18, Trent hit another three pointer 
to make it a 2 point game. After another Clay score, Brian's three 
pointer cut it to 25-24. Clay called a time out and when play resumed 
they missed a three pointer and Pickett County took their first lead 
of the game on Bryson Yorke's score.
    Clay Co. pulled ahead once more, this time by four, but with the 
score 34-30, Dawson scored, Clay Co. was called for a charge and John 
Parker Reagan drove in to tie the game. As time ran out, Brian 
blocked a Clay Co. shot, they grabbed the rebound but missed on a 
three. At the half it was 35 all.
    Clay Co. came out strong and scored the first 5 points of the 3rd 
quarter before Trent hit his 3rd three of the game. Clay then went 
ahead 43-37, but again Trent scored on a three pointer...43-40. After 
a missed Clay Co. shot, Dawson's three tied the game.
    After a Clay time out, they scored, but Dawson sank another three 
to put the Bobcats on top 46-45. He then made another for a 49-45 
score and the Bobcats led 52-48 at the end of three quarters.
    Parker Gore scored to put the 'Cats up by 6 to start the 4th 
quarter and soon they were ahead by 10 at 58-48. A three by Brian 
gave the Bobcats their biggest lead at 69-56, with the game ending 
69-59 Bobcats.
    Trent Young, Brian Gibson, and Dawson Abbott all had  4 threes 
each and scored 16, 28 and 19 respectively, with Brian being high 
scorer. Also, Parker Gore 4 and Bryson Yorke 2.
    Brian was selected as the"Player of the Game." 
Congratulations to Brian on this well deserved award.

Pickett County Basketball 2/1/2018

Special Sports

Lady Bobcats lose to Clarkrange 65-59
There was good and bad news from last week's Clarkrange game for the 
Lady Bobcats. The bad news was that that lost 65-59, had 23 
turnovers, and most likely will not win the regular season 
championship. The good news is that they had an 8 point lead in the 
2nd quarter and overall looked like a team with more talent than the 
Lady Buffaloes. And, if they cut the turnovers way down, and play to 
their ability, they look like can repeat as District Tournament and 
Region Tournament champions, just like last year.
    The Clarkrange gym was packed for the big game and Pickett County 
fans came out in large numbers. Our girls scored first as Courtney 
Pritchett passed to Savannah Hammock who drove in to score. 
Clarkrange then missed 3 threes in a row before Aaliyah Brown stole 
the ball but then the Lady Bobcats made their first turnover. 
Clarkrange responded with a three pointer. The Lady Bobcats turned it 
over again, and fouled Clarkrange. They sank both for a 5-2 lead. 
Aaliyah then shot along 2 pointer to cut it to 5-4. They then tied up 
Clarkrange but possession went to the Lady Buffaloes. Again the Lady 
Bobcats tied up the ball, gained possession but were called for a 
walk. Clarkrange then appeared to walk with the ball but it wasn't 
called and they then scored...7-4.
    Savannah scored to make it a one point game. A Clarkrange three 
and it was 10-6. PC then turned the ball over on a 5 second call but 
a Clarkrange foul gave the ball back to the Lady Bobcats who again 
turned it over, only to get it right back with Savannah scoring to 
make it 10-8. After a Lady Buffalo three missed its mark, Savannah's 
three did hit the target and the Lady Bobcats led by a point.
    Clarkrange then retook the led. A Lady Bobcat three was off, 
Clarkrange got the rebound but obviously walked and when it wasn't 
called the Pickett County crowd responded. They then called a foul on 
the Lady Bobcats and Clarkrange went ahead 14-11. Just as time ran 
out in the quarter, Aaliyah scored to make it a one point game at 14-13.
    Clarkrange had the ball to start the 2nd quarter, missed a shot 
with Gracie Martin scoring to put Pickett Co. back on top. Both teams 
then missed several shots before Aaliyah connected to make it 17-14 
Lady Bobcats. After Clarkrange missed two three point attempts, 
Courtney sank a three to give Pickett Co. a big 20-14 lead and Coach 
Rogers called a time out.
    When play resumed the Lady Buffaloes missed a three, and  
Courtney was fouled. Her free throw gave the Lady Bobcats a 7 point 
lead. Abbi Bilbrey then blocked a Lady Buffalo shot with Pickett Co. 
then going to the free throw line when another of the Lady Bobcats 
was fouled. But both shots were off. Then as Clarkrange was cutting 
to the basket from the corner, the player had one foot halfway out of 
bounds directly in front of the official, but it was not called and 
she scored. PC responded with Courtney scoring...23-16. Clarkrange 
scored and then as Abbi was shooting, she was fouled. She made both 
for a 25-18 score.
    But then the lead was to be lost. Clarkrange hit a three, Aaliyah 
was fouled but it wasn't called and another player was then called 
for a walk. The Lady Buffaloes scored and cut it to a 2 point PC 
lead. Then the Lady Bobcats turned the ball over and Clarkrange took 
the lead on a three pointer, 26-25. The Lady Bobcats were then called 
for carrying the ball, and yet when Clarkrange came down the court 
after gaining possession, and carried the ball, nothing was called. 
By now the PC crowd was more than frustrated with the officiating.
    But, after that, a great Lady Bobcats defense caused a 5 second 
call on the Lady Buffaloes but PC turned it over. Clarkrange then 
went ahead 28-25 and the half came to an end.
    With more than a dozen turnovers in the first half, our girls 
still just trailed by 3, showing that without turnovers, they can 
beat Clarkrange.
    Clarkrange hit a three early in quarter 3 and it was 31-25. The 
Lady Bobcats then missed two free throws.
    Abbi was then fouled and PC got the ball out of bounds but their 
next shot was off. Both teams missed shots before Aaliyah scored to 
cut it to 31-27. PC got the ball back, Gracie passed to Abbi who 
scored... 31-29. Clarkrange then missed a shot and with a chance to 
tie the game, a Lady Bobcat walked with the ball and Clarkrange 
scored to go up by 4. But our girls came right back with Abbi 
scoring...33-31. Clarkrange's Garrett was called for an offensive 
foul but the Lady Bobcats missed a shot and Clarkrange scored. Our 
girls turned the ball over and Clarkrange went up by 7 on a three. 
Again the Lady Bobcats turned it over, Clarkrange gave it right back 
but it was the Lady Bobcats turning the ball over again. This time 
Clarkrange dropped in a three pointer and extended their lead to 43-31.
    Then, Abbi was fouled and sank both. Clarkrange also hit two free 
throws to go back up by a dozen. The score at the end of three was 
    But, these Lady Bobcats were not about give up. Savannah stole 
the ball and scored. Clarkrange's Charity Crabtree then fouled out. 
Savannah was absolutely clobbered without a foul being called. 
Clarkrange missed a three and a foul on Aaliyah was called. Her free 
throws cut it to 45-37. Clarkrange scored. Savannah then scored 
making it 47-39. Gracie was fouled and her two free throws made it 
    The Lady Buffaloes appeared to walk but it wasn't called and they 
scored. Courtney scored...49-43. At this point the game was getting 
rough. Elly was knocked down on what appeared to be a charge, but 
nothing was called. Clarkrange was then fouled but missed the front 
end of a 1 and 1. They then stole the ball but this time the charge 
was called. Then the Lady Buffaloes fouled again but both PC shots 
were off.  Clarkrange then went to the line and went back up by 8 
with 4:32 remaining.
    The Lady Bobcats then hit one of two free throws, but Clarkrange 
then made both of theirs. Gracie was then knocked to the court and 
appeared hurt but Clarkrange was given the ball. Gracie was able to 
finish the game.
    Clarkrange again went to the free throw line but could not 
connect. The Lady Bobcats turned the ball over, but Abbi stole it 
back with Aaliyah being fouled. She cut it to 55-49. Chloe Burton 
then stole the ball and scored and the Pickett Co. crowd responded 
with a roar. But PC was then called for a foul and Clarkrange went 
back up by 6. Courtney was fouled and sank both for a 57-53 score. PC 
got the ball back after the ball was tied up. Courtney was fouled and 
it was now 57-55.
    Clarkrange again went to the line and made one of two...58-55 
with a minute to go. Abbi scored making it a one point game at 58-57. 
As Clarkrange drove in for a shot, they clearly pushed off, but the 
foul was called on the Lady Bobcats. The free throws made it 60-57. A 
Lady Bobcat three was off, and Clarkrange scored. A charge was called 
on the Lady Bobcats. Clarkrange on their next play was fouled and 
went to the foul line and made one of two...63-57. The Lady Bobcats 
threw the ball out of bounds on the inbounds and fouled Clarkrange. 
They made both...65-57. Then, Courtney was fouled, sank both and the 
game ended 65-59.
    While the loss was disappointing, and the turnovers cost the team 
dearly, for most of the game the Lady Bobcats outplayed Clarkrange. 
If the Lady Bobcats take better care of the ball and play up to their 
exceptional abilities, they will have a very good shot at winning 
both the district and region tournaments.
    Savannah led in scoring with 16 points with 1 three. Courtney 12, 
1 three; Gracie 4; Aaliyah 15; Abbi 10; Chloe 2.

Bobcats beat Clarkrange 58-53
The Bobcats lost at home to Clarkrange  earlier in the year when they 
were in a 3 game skid, but this time had big leads before hanging on 
to win at Clarkrange. The game started with Brian Gibson sinking a 
three but Clarkrange matched it. Dawson Abbott then put the Bobcats 
up by 3 with his three pointer. Again Clarkrange scored on a three. 
Dawson then hit another three for a 9-6 Bobcat lead. A Buffalo three 
was off and Dawson scored...11-6.
    Clarkrange was next to score, twice, to cut it to 11-10 but 
threes by John Parker Reagan and Trent Young gave the Bobcats a 17-10 
lead and Clarkrange called a time out. They scored but with 1:30 to 
go Parker Gore scored. The Buffaloes would score and as time ran out, 
Dawson's very very long three hit the bottom of the rim and the 
quarter ended 19-14.
    The 2nd quarter began with Brian scoring twice and the Bobcats 
were ahead 23-14. But the Buffaloes came right back and a three cut 
the deficit to 3 at 28-25. A score by Parker and a three by Dawson 
made it 33-25, which was the score at the half.
    Parker scored first in the 3rd quarter followed by a Buffalo 3. 
They got as close as 37-31 before Brian scored both a 2 and a 3 for a 
42-31 lead. At the end of the quarter, Pickett County appeared to be 
safely ahead 46-37.
    Both teams scored with a Buffalo 3 cutting it to 48-42 but soon 
the Bobcats pulled ahead again when Trent hit a three making it 
53-44. With 4:17 to go, Clarkrange hit a three, stole the ball with 
Brian then blocking a Clarkrange shot. A Bobcat turnover gave the 
ball back to Clarkrange but Brian again blocked a shot. The Bobcats 
were fouled but missed both free throws and Clarkrange hit another 
    The Bobcats were then called for an over and back and Clarkrange 
had a glaring walk which was overlooked and they tied the game on a 
three...53-53. There was now 1:43 to go and Dawson saved the day with 
a three. Clarkrange had a great chance to tie the game but a wide 
open three was off  and the Bobcats began running down the clock. 
Dawson was fouled with 36.5 to go and he sank both shots. Clarkrange 
missed a three and fouled the Bobcats, but both shots were off. 
Another Buffalo three missed and again the 'Cats went to the baskets. But time ran out and the Bobcats won their 5th 
straight district game and 9th game in 10 games 58-53.
    Dawson Abbott led the team in scoring with 21 and 4 threes. Also: 
Brian 20, 1 three; Trent 6, 2 threes; Parker 6; John Parker 5, 1 three.
    Dawson is also the 4th leading scorer in all classifications in 
Middle Tennessee.

Lady Bobcats win
70-52 over Clay Co.

At Clay County earlier in the year, the Lady Bobcats did not play 
well but still came away with a 2 point win at the buzzer. This time, 
it was no contest. Clay scored the first 4 points but the Lady 
Bobcats saw Savannah Hammock steal the ball and she scored. Aaliyah 
then tied the ball up with Courtney then scored. After a Clay Co. 
miss, a long pass to Gracie and a score put the Lady Bobcats up. Clay 
Co. tied the game but an Aaliyah three put PC up for good. Abbi made 
a layup, Savannah had another steal but the Lady Bobcats missed a 
layup. Clay hit a three...11-9. A Savannah 3 made it 14-10 and by the 
end of the quarter it was 17-12. The Lady Bobcats continued to have 
trouble with turnovers, but still outplayed Clay Co. and were ahead 
33-18 at the half. Aaliyah also had another three in the quarter.
    The 2nd half started with Gracie stealing the ball. Sometimes 
scoring gets most of the attention in games, but Gracie's outstanding 
defense is one of the keys to the Lady Bobcats success. In the 
quarter Gracie also had a three, as did Courtney as they pulled ahead 
by 22 at the end of three...55-33 and had no turnovers in the quarter.
    Pickett Co. didn't score in the 4th quarter until there was 4:38 
to go with Clay scoring 6. Courtney had another three to make it 
62-44 and as time ran down, Savannah had a blocked shot and added 2 
free throws. The final score was 70-52.
    Courtney was the top scorer with 17 and 2 threes; Gracie had 15 
and a three; Savannah added 12 and a three; Aaliyah also scored 12 
with 2 threes; Abbi scored 11.

Bobcats beat Clay Co. 69-65
It was Homecoming on Friday and the Bobcats made the most of the 
special night. The Bobcats last beat Clay County in the 2013-2014 
season, and had lost 12 in a row to them  before their big win at 
home Friday night which put them alone in 2nd place in the district. 
Clay County never led in the game with Dawson scoring on a three 
pointer 4 seconds into the game. Clay Co. hit 2 free throws and then 
Brian Gibson scored. Clay scored with Trent making it 7-4. When Trent 
hit a three, it made the score 12-4 Bobcats! Clay cut it to 12-8 
before Parker scored. A Bulldog three made it 14-11, but Parker 
scored again, Clay was called for a charge and Dawson's score made it 
18-11. Pickett Co. was again to score by Parker and it was now a 9 
point lead. Brian blocked Clay's last shot of the quarter and the 
Bobcats were ahead 24-15.
    The 2nd quarter started with a Bulldog score, followed by another 
Dawson three. After Clay missed a shot, a Bobcats shot was off, but 
Bryson grabbed the rebound and went up with authority to score. The 
Bobcats maintained their lead throughout the quarter with their  
biggest lead at 15. Dawson ended the Bobcat scoring of the half with 
a three and the half ended 40-27.
    After the Homecoming activities, the Bobcats went up by 18 when 
Brian's two free throws made the score 49-31. But suddenly Clay's 
Landen Woodcock got hot and started hitting threes...three in a row 
and cut the score to 53-44 Bobcats at the end of 3 quarters. Dawson 
made it 55-44 but with 6:23 to go, Landen dropped in another 3 making 
it 55-49. Brian made 2 free throws, but Clay hit yet another 
3...57-52.  After the Bobcats missed the front end of a one and one, 
Clay Co. went in for a layup and were down by just 3. Clay Smith was 
then fouled and with pressure on, he coolly sank both for a 59-54 
Bobcat lead. Clay Co turned the ball over and fouled Dawson...61-54.
    Landen then raced down the court and hit a long 3 pointer...
61-57. Dawson scored and Clay Co. turned the ball over again. Parker 
was fouled and his free throw made it 64-57. With 58.9 to go Clay 
added a free throw...65-57. Clay Co. sank 2 free throws...65-59. 
Brian then went to the line and made both for a 67-59 lead. But a 
Bulldog was fouled while shooting a three and he made all three shots 
for a 67-62 score. Dawson was fouled and made it 68-62. Clay cut it 
to 68-65 with another 3 pointer. With 18.6 seconds to go Trent was 
fouled and gave the Bobcats their final point of the night at 69 to 
65. Time ran out and the Bobcats held on to win 69-65, knocking the 
Bulldogs out of a tie with the Bobcats for 2nd place.
    Monterey is now 10-1 with tough games left against Clay at Clay, 
Jackson Co. at Jackson, and with the Bobcats last night. A Bobcat win 
last night would be vital for the Bobcats' chances of catching 
Monterey for the regular season championship. The Bobcats are now 
7-3, Clay 6-4, Jackson Co. 5-5, Clarkrange 5-6, RBS & Trousdale Co. 
3-7 and Gordonsville, 2-8.
    Dawson was the lead scorer with 25 and 3 threes. Parker Gore had 
an outstanding game scoring 16 points shooting 7 for 9. Trent had 12 
and 1 three; Brian 8; Clay 6 and Bryson 2.

Pickett County Basketball 1/25/2018

Special Sports

Lady Bobcats beat AAA #7 Stone
Memorial 79-69

The Lady Bobcats met powerful AAA Stone Memorial on Saturday in 
Crossville, a team ranked #7 in the AP AAA state rankings and a team 
that beat Cumberland County (17-1) 72-35...the same team that gave 
Clarkrange its only loss.
    In the first quarter the Lady Bobcats were all over the Lady 
Panthers, stealing the ball and racing to a 10-2 lead. Former Bobcat 
Coach Mike Buck called 2 time outs in a matter of seconds but nothing 
slowed down the Lady Bobcats. Abbi Bilbrey scored the first 2 baskets 
with Savannah scoring the 3rd. With that Gracie Martin stole the 
ball. Aaliyah made it 8-2 with Gracie scoring to make it 10-2. It has 
to be mentioned at least once that the officiating left a lot to be 
desired in both games, but especially in this one. Without 
exaggeration, Stone got away with at least a dozen walks, 2 double 
dribbles, and a dozen fouls. Yet the Lady Bobcats overcame this, 
along with the Lady Panthers for the big win.
    With threes by Savannah and Gracie the Lady Bobcats gained a 16-6 
lead. By the end of one quarter it was 24-10 and Coach Buck was more 
than frustrated with how the Lady Bobcats were manhandling the Lady 
Panthers. But the Lady Bobcats fans, with a crowd as large as the 
Stone Memorial turnout, were loudly cheering on the Pickett County 
    The second quarter belonged to the Lady Panthers as they showed 
why they were state ranked. They began hitting their threes and cut 
it to 34-31 at the half. Aaliyah and Gracie both had a three in the 
    It didn't take long for the Lady Bobcats to pull away again. 
After Stone scored to cut it to 34-33, Courtney hit a three. Stone 
missed a shot and Gracie drove in to score. She then stole the ball 
and scored to make it 41-33. Stone scored, but then Aaliyah shot 
another 3 making it 44-35. Her next three made it 47-37. But the Lady 
Panthers charged back and made it a one point game at 49-48 having 
made a couple of threes and the Lady Bobcats having trouble scoring.
    Savannah scored...51-48. The Lady Bobcats maintained the lead of 
3 to 6 points with the quarter ending 56-50.  Aaliyah scored first, 
Stone missed their next shot and Gracie sank another 3...61-50. The 
Lady Bobcats stretched their lead to 68-53 with the game ending 
79-69, giving the Lady Bobcats their most impressive win of the year. 
Coach Brent Smith is to be congratulated on the continued high 
performance he has been getting out of our girls for many years! 
And...the big turn out of Bobcat fans at both home and away is an 
important factor in keeping the Pickett County tradition going strong.
    Gracie Martin had 20 points and 3 threes. Courtney had 20 points 
and a three, Aaliyah 20 and 3 threes, Savannah 11, 1 three, Abbi 8. 
Coach Smith noted that this is first time in his career that he has 
had three players scoring 20 points in the same game.

Bobcat comeback falls short

    It may have been the hard fought ballgame the night before 
against Jackson County, or maybe it was just one of those nights, but 
the Bobcats just couldn't play up to their usual great basketball 
Saturday night at Stone Memorial for the first half.
    Nothing went well for the Bobcats in the first quarter as the 
Panthers took a 13-2 lead. After a time out Trent Young hit a three 
to make it 13-5. He scored again at the buzzer to make it 15-7 at the 
end of one quarter and while they were down 8 points, that was not 
too much of a lead to make up.
    Dawson sank a three to start the 2nd quarter and now down 15-10, 
it began to look a lot better for the Bobcats. But Stone stole the 
ball and scored. They then stole the ball again. From there things 
just got worse in the 2nd quarter. By the half the Bobcats were down 
37-14 and they just didn't look like the team we know.
    Down at one point 44-16, the Bobcats began to chip away at the 
Panther lead. A score by Trent and 2 threes by Dawson made it a 20 
point game at 46-26. With Dawson's threes, a Cole Sells steal, and 
better play the Bobcats cut the lead to 55-37 at the end of three 
    In the 4th quarter a Dawson three cut it to 58-47. Parker scored 
and it was now just a 9 point lead for the Panthers. But the Panthers 
hit a three and at that point time was slipping away. The Bobcats 
would get no closer and with having to foul Stone to try to get the 
ball and score, the Panthers pulled away again on free throws and won 
    After scoring just one three in the first half, Dawson had a 
remarkable 2nd half scoring 27 points for a total on the night of 30 
points. A key factor in the Bobcats' impressive 8 game winning streak 
was the scoring of other Bobcats, especially by Brian Gibson. When 
more Bobcats can score, it takes the pressure off Dawson and the 
Bobcats win. This non-district loss does not change their 3rd place 
standing in the district.
    Scoring: Dawson 30, 7 threes, Trent 11, 1 three, Brian 2, Parker 
4, Cole 4, Bryson 6

Lady Bobcats crush Jackson Co. 82-44

The Lady Bobcats crushed Jackson County Friday night by a score of 
82-44. In their earlier match up, the Lady Bobcats raced to a 38-10 
lead, but due to foul trouble only won by 11. Friday night was a 
different story as the Lady Bobcats had about two dozen steals and 10 
threes with the starting "All Stars" only getting to play a little 
more than half the game due to the rout.
    The game started with Aaliyah Brown hitting a three pointer 
followed by Jackson Co. scoring. Jackson wouldn't score again until 
the Lady Bobcats had scored 16 points. After going ahead 5-2, the 
Lady Bobcats had 4 steals in a row...Savannah, Savannah, Aaliyah, and 
then Courtney which put them up 12-2 with Courtney's three pointer. 
Soon after Courtney blocked a shot and went coast to coast to score, 
Elly Smith stole the ball with Aaliyah then hitting 2 threes in a 
row. Abbi Bilbrey also had a steal and Gracie Martin ended the 
quarter by also sinking a three pointer.
    The Lady Blue Devils had the ball to start the 2nd quarter...for 
about 7 seconds before Abbi blocked a shot and stole the ball. On 
Jackson County's next possession she blocked their next shot as well. 
The Lady Bobcats continued to pour it on with Savannah's three making 
it 38-14, and she soon stole the ball again. By the half it was 41-21.
    Early in the third quarter the Lady Bobcats had consecutive 
threes by Gracie and Aaliyah followed soon after by steals by Abbi 
and Aaliyah who also raced to the other end of the court to score. 
Courtney scored, hooking the ball over her shoulder from behind, to 
score at the buzzer in an amazing shot! The quarter ended 69-37.
    The younger players came in during the 4th quarter, with some 
having played also earlier in the game. Elly shot a three, Chloe 
Burton had a steal as did Kyndal Ludick, with Savannah coming in 
shortly adding another 3 pointer.
    The game ended 82-44 with the Lady Bobcats winning their 10th 
straight over the Lady Blue Devils.
  Aaliyah Brown led the scoring with 23 points and 4 threes. Courtney 
13, 1 three. Gracie 7, 2 threes. Savannah 12, 2 threes. Abbi 12. 
Chloe 2, Elly 5, 1 three. Team: 10 threes

Bobcats avenge
earlier Jackson Co. loss 59-57

In the early going against Jackson County Friday night, it was a 
tight game with Jackson going ahead on a pair of threes, 6-2. The 
Bobcat basket came on a Trent Young drive to the basket to score. 
Then Dawson made a move to the basket which brought a big response 
from the crowd and cut it to 6-4.
    Clay Smith started for John Parker Reagan who was out with the 
flu, and stole the ball and scored. After a missed JC shot, Trent 
scored again. With the Bobcats ahead 12-11, Clay drove in to score, 
the Blue Devils missed a three, and Clay grabbed the rebound. Dawson 
brought the ball down court and his NBA three was all net. The 
quarter 17-11 Bobcats.
    Brian Gibson scored at the start the 2nd quarter, followed by 
Jackson sinking one of 2 free throws.  Trent made it 21-12, Dawson 
made it 23-14 and a pass from Trent to Parker Gore and a score gave 
the Bobcats an 11 point lead at 25-14. Just when it looked like the 
Bobcats were going to put this one away early, Jackson Co. called a 
time out and their Troy Mineer (#1) came into the game. He hurt the 
Bobcats in their first game and did it again. He started getting free 
and sinking threes and suddenly it was 25-25.
    A Clay Smith basket put the Bobcats back on top but Jackson Co. 
retook the lead at 28-27. Then Dawson drove in to score with Parker 
then stealing the ball but he was called for a foul. Mineer hit 
another three to make it 31-29. Jackson County had the ball running 
down the clock to take the last shot of the half when at about 6 
seconds to go, Dawson stole the ball and raced to just short the arch 
and swished another 3 pointer to give the Cats a 32-31 lead at the half.
    Jackson County cooled off to start the 2nd half and the Bobcats 
edged ahead 37-33. But the Blue Devils cut it to 1 with another 3. 
Dawson then drove in to score and by the end of the quarter the 
Bobcats were ahead 43-38
     Dawson sank 2 free throws to extend the lead to 7 to start the 
4th quarter and the Bobcats maintained the lead from 3 to 5 points 
until the 4:08 mark when Jackson Co. cut it to 52-50. The Bobcats 
were called for a foul but on a one and one, Jackson Co. missed the 
first shot. The Bobcats got the ball but didn't score. Jackson Co. 
then missed a three and then fouled Clay. He continued his 
outstanding play by making both free throws giving the Bobcats a 4 
point edge. Next it was Jackson Co. going to the line cutting it to 
    Then on a controversial call, it appeared that Jackson County 
tipped the ball across the half court line. Dawson recovered the ball 
but was called for an over and back. The crowd clearly didn't see it 
that way. Now with the possession gift, Jackson County regained the 
lead with a three pointer with just over 2 minutes to go. A free 
throw by the Bobcats tied the game at 55 all. The Blue Devils then 
missed their shot and Brian scored to put the Bobcats up 57-55. 
Jackson missed again and Dawson grabbed the rebound and the Bobcats 
began running the clock down. But with 42 seconds to go, Jackson 
stole the ball and scored to tie the game again.
    Now the Bobcats had the ball with just under 40 seconds to go. 
Dawson began dribbling away from Blue Devil players who were trying 
to steal it but with time about to run out, he shot the ball to Trent 
Young who was about 10' out. His shot was all net and the Bobcat fans 
exploded in celebration of the big win. But the officials, who had a 
lot of missed calls and had plenty of questionable calls in both 
games, huddled. They then put one second back on the clock.
    With all the Bobcats in the back court, Jackson County threw a 
pass 3/4ths of the length of the court. The ball sailed over the head 
of a Blue Devil. Trent was guarding the basket behind him and grabbed 
the ball as the clock hit zero. The Bobcats won 59-57 and moved into 
sole possession of 3rd place. Congratulations to Clay Smith for an 
outstanding game, scoring 14 points and playing great defense. Also: 
Dawson: 21, Brian 5, Trent 11, Parker 4, Bryson 2. Threes: Dawson 2, 
Clay 1

Pickett County Basketball 1/18/18

Special Sports

Upcoming schedule
 A big turnout is hoped for on Friday when the Lady Bobcats host a 
tough Jackson County team, while the Bobcats hope to avenge their 
earlier loss at Jackson County. This will be Homecoming 2018.
Then on Saturday the teams travel to Stone Memorial in Crossville 
where they will meet one of the best AAA teams in the state. Last 
year the girls won at Stone Memorial 80-76 in overtime. The boys' 
game will also be a challenging game, so come out and support your 
Pickett County teams!
The girls remain in second place with just one district and overall 
loss, while the boys have moved up into third place at 4-3.

Lady Bobcats 85, Monterey 20
 When one team comes into a game at 13-1 and the other is 1-14, you 
know the game will most likely be decided early...and it was. It was 
12-0 Lady Bobcats before Monterey scored, but to their credit, it was 
a three pointer. Savannah Hammock won the tip off for the Lady 
Bobcats but there was a turnover giving the ball to the Lady 
Wildcats. Their possession didn't last long as Abbi Bilbrey stole the 
ball but a Lady Bobcat three was off. Monterey didn't get far down 
the court before Abbi tied the ball up but possession went to 
Monterey. They threw it away and Abbi scored. After a missed  
Monterey shot, Abbi scored again. She then stole the ball and scored 
again...6-0. While it may appear this was all Abbi so far, the other 
starters were putting pressure on Monterey and helping to set up 
scoring opportunities as well. But, Abbi did have an outstanding game.
    Savannah was next to steal the ball and soon Courtney Pritchett 
sank a three pointer for a 9-0 lead. Abbi caused another tied up with 
the ball going to the Lady Bobcats this time with Courtney hitting 
another three...12-0. By the time that Aaliyah Brown sank a three 
pointer, the score was 17-3. Courtney and Aaliyah each had one more 
three in the quarter and the team had 6 steals...Savannah 2, Abbi 2, 
Courtney 1 and Gracie Martin 1. The score at the end of 1 was 23-7.
    Aaliyah scored to start the 2nd quarter with a spin around layup 
and was fouled. She made the free throw. After Monterey walked with 
the ball Savannah scored. Courtney stole the ball with Savannah also 
scoring on a twisting layup. She was fouled and her free throw made 
it 31-7.
    Soon after Kyndal Ludick came into the game, she stole the ball 
with Aaliyah scoring. It was 38-9 when Elly Smith showed her 
defensive skills stealing the ball and then scoring. Monterey was 
called for a charge and Chloe Burton coolly hit an all-net three. 
With the score 44-9, Elly stole the ball again and scored. Monterey 
then scored on a three pointer but Chloe matched that with her second 
three of the night. The half ended with yet another steal by Elly and 
a score to make it 51-14. The Lady Bobcats had 16 steals in the half 
and 7 threes.
    Gracie started the 3rd quarter hitting a three, with she, Abbi, 
Aaliyah all having steals followed by another steal by Gracie. At 
this point it was 65-15. Bailey Evans wasn't in the game long before 
she added a three pointer and it was 75-16 at the end of three 
quarters. The 4th quarter was yet another one with the clock running 
to shorten the game with the mercy rule enforced. Bailey had her 2nd 
three of the night in that quarter. Abbi, Elly, Chloe, Kyndal and 
Bailey all played very good ball during that final quarter. The final 
score was 85-20.
    Aaliyah Brown led the team in scoring with 19. Abbi had 12, 
Courtney 11, Gracie 7, Savannah 8, Elly 4, Chloe 8, Bailey 8, Elly 4

Lady Bobcats crush Trousdale Co. 88-32
 The first district match up with Trousdale County was another one-
sided affair for the Lady Bobcats as they rolled to another 
impressive win. The Lady Bobcats scored first with Trousdale County 
coming right back with a score but the Lady Bobcats scored 10 points 
in a row before the Lady Yellowjackets would score again. They hit a 
three pointer but wouldn't score again in the quarter which ended 
29-5, Lady Bobcats. Savannah Hammock scored 11 points in the quarter 
and had 3 steals. Aaliyah had 9 points with 3 steals as well.
    Gracie started the 2nd quarter at the free throw line making both 
her shots. Courtney's three pointer made it 34-7 and soon the younger 
talent came off the bench and also played well. Bailey, Elly and Abbi 
all had steals in the quarter which ended 49-20.
    The starters came back in to start the 3rd quarter with Gracie 
stealing the ball and scoring. Aaliyah's 3 pointer made it 62-20 and 
soon it was time for the starters to come out as not to run the score 
up anymore than possible. But, it is only fair for them to get some 
playing time even if it is just about half the game.
    The younger players have shown excellent three point shooting 
with Elly, Chloe and Bailey all hitting one each in the quarter which 
ended 75-28.
    In the final quarter Kyndal had 2 freethrows and a steal, while 
Elly and Bailey each had a three pointer. Chloe had what appeared to 
be a clean blocked shot, but the official saw it differently and 
called a foul. They outscored Trousdale Co. 13-4 for a final score of 
    Scoring was very balanced with Courtney scoring 9, Gracie 11, 
Aaliyah leading the scoring with 14, Savannah right behind her with 
13, Abbi 12, Elly 8, Chloe 5, Bailey 9 and Kyndal 5. Threes: Bailey 
2, Elly 2, Courtney 1, Aaliyah 1, Chloe 1

Bobcats beat Monterey 71-63
 Monterey came into the Bobcat Den unbeaten in the district but it 
was the Bobcats who now are the team to beat in the district winning 
their 6th in a row and moving up in the standings.
    While Monterey may have a deeper bench and plenty of talent, it 
was the Bobcats whose talent, along with the top notch coaching of 
Coach Amonett, which won the game.
    Monterey started the game strong scoring the first 2 baskets, but 
Brian Gibson blocked a Wildcat shot, they then missed a three, with 
Trent Young scoring for the Bobcats. He was fouled and sank his free 
throw. Monterey then hit two free throws to go up 6-3. Brian drove to 
the basket to score to cut it to a 1 point game. The teams exchanged 
possessions before Brian's 3 pointer put the Bobcats on top 8-6. 
Monterey committed a foul and next it was Parker Gore giving the Cats 
a 10-6 lead. Monterey made one of 2 free throws, a Bobcat shot was 
off and Monterey cut it to 10-9. Brian scored again, followed by a 
Wildcat score. The Bobcats missed two shots but Parker stole the ball 
with John Parker Reagan driving in to score...14-11. Monterey's last 
score of the quarter was making one of two free throws while Dawson 
scored as time ran out for a 16-12 Bobcat lead at the end of one.
    The Bobcats had the ball to start the 2nd quarter but their first 
shot was off and Monterey scored. Bryson came into the game and was 
fouled. He made it 18-14. Monterey scored and got the ball back after 
a Bobcat foul. They hit a three for a 19-18 lead, which would be 
their last of the game.
    Dawson scored, Monterey missed a three but Dawson didn't miss his 
three and it was 23-19. But Monterey came right bank landing a three 
pointer. Brian scored, Monterey scored, and then John Parker made a 
very impressive drive into score for a 27-24 Bobcat lead. John Parker 
has got to be one of the favorites for Freshman of the Year!
    With the score 29-27, Trent made a huge steal and scored for a 4 
point lead. Another Bobcat steal with Dawson scoring made it 33-27. 
Monterey's big man scored but Dawson hit a three for a 36-29 Bobcat 
lead. Monterey fought back though and made it a 2 point game at the 
half, 36-34.
    Monterey tied the game to start the 3rd quarter. Brian Gibson 
then scored on a three pointer. Monterey then tied it on an old 
fashioned three point play. Parker Gore then scored, Monterey missed 
under the basket with Brian driving in for another score and a free 
throw for a 5 point lead.  The Wildcats could get no closer than 4 
points and the 3rd quarter ended 54-50.
    John Parker drove in to score to start the final quarter. Trent 
gave the Bobcats a 6 point lead with Dawson going to the free throw 
line to make it an 8 point game. The Bobcats biggest lead was at 
65-56 with excellent free throw shooting down the stretch to preserve 
the big win. With the win the Bobcats went to 11-4 on the season.
    Brian Gibson led the Bobcats with 24 points, Dawson added 20, 
Trent 9, Bryson 5, Parker 5 and John Parker 8. Threes: Brian 2, Dawson 2

Bobcats win again
 The Bobcats also won big against Trousdale County as they took the 
game by a score of 68-35. Brian won the tip off and then hit a three 
pointer to start the game. Trousdale came in with a big and athletic 
team, but proved to be poor shooters and fell behind quickly. The 
teams traded possessions before Dawson Abbott's three made it 6-0. 
The Yellowjackets then missed a three with Dawson sinking another 
three. Trousdale then missed two shots and then Trent was fouled. He 
made both for an 11-0 lead. The Jackets then scored with Dawson 
sinking another 3 for a 14-2 lead.
    With Dawson's third three pointer, a fan was overheard saying, 
"Their coach just said..."Who is that guy?" Well he is one of the 
leading scorers in the state averaging nearly 27 points per game and 
a leading candidate for district MVP.
    The Yellowjackets cut the lead to 14-6 and Pickett County took a 
time out. After clamping down on defense, the Bobcats were ahead 21-7 
at the end of the first quarter. The 2nd quarter followed the same 
pattern as the first quarter with the Bobcats dominating play. 
Dawson's second three of the quarter was a very long NBA three making 
it 31-10, but it was a team effort that made the team so dominate. 
Luke Smith came into the game in this quarter and played well. One of 
the biggest cheers of the night came after a great pass from Trent 
Young to Bryson Yorke ended in Bryson scoring on a strong drive to 
the basket. The half ended 39-21.
    The 3rd quarter began with John Parker driving in to score. 
Brian  had three in the quarter with Dawson adding two more. All the 
Bobcats got to play in the second half as the Bobcats pulled away to 
win 68-35.
    Dawson led the team in scoring with 32 points including 8 threes. 
Brian scored 10, Trent 8, Parker 2, John Parker 4, Bryson 9, Spencer 
Moody 1 and Cole Sells 2. Threes: Dawson 8, Brian 2

Pickett County Basketball 1/11/18

Special Sports

Lady Bobcats roll over opponents
 The Lady Bobcats continued to roll over their opponents last week  crushing Clinton County 95-12 and Gordonsville 90-22. It was the
third straight game that the Lady Bobcats scored in the 90’s, with
their previous game being a 90-17 win over Cascade in the girls'
Christmas tournament. With games against Monterey (last night),
Trousdale County on Friday night and Red Boiling Springs the
following Tuesday, the Lady Bobcats will not be facing much
competition, although RBS will be no pushover.
    These teams will give our younger talent the chance for more time
on the court to sharpen their skills, with big games coming up after
these, with Jackson County, Stone Memorial, Clarkrange and Clay County.

Pickett Co. 95, Clinton County 12
 In the Clinton County game by the end of the first quarter the score
was 24-2, and by the half it was 45 to 9. With the Lady Bulldogs, who
not that many years ago was a powerhouse in Kentucky, rebuilding
their program, it was a chance for the younger Lady Bobcats to shine.
Kyndal Ludick was high scorer for the Lady Bobcats with 16 points
including 2 threes. Bailey Evans hit 3 threes while scoring 11
points. Also scoring 11 points was Chloe Burton, one three, and who
has been a standout this year coming off the bench. Elly Smith
contributed 9 points, one three, and as usual put a lot of defensive
pressure on the Lady Bulldogs. Scoring totals for the starters were:
Courtney Pritchett 7, Gracie Marin 12, Savannah Hammock 6, Aaliyah
Brown 12 and Abbi Bilbrey 12
    With the younger players playing most of the 2nd half, the score
was 82-12 after 3 quarters and they completely shut down Clinton
County in the final quarter keeping them scoreless for a final of 95-12.

Lady Bobcats 90, Gordonsville 22

Gordonsville is another team down on their luck after being a
powerhouse years ago. They came into the Bobcat Den with their first
win in over two seasons ending a 43 game losing streak when they beat
LEAD Academy. But they were no match for the Lady Bobcats, who remain
for the 4th straight year one of the best single A teams in the state.
    Aaliyah Brown scored the first 6 points of the game with the Lady
Bobcats stealing the ball over and over, scoring and blocking shots.
Savannah had the first steal of the night after the first Pickett
County score, passing to Aaliyah for a layup. Then it was Courtney
stealing the ball with Aaliyah again scoring. Next Gracie scored,
then Savannah with Courtney stealing the ball again and then hitting
a three pointer for a 13-2 lead. It may be hard to believe but by the
end of the 1st quarter the score was 37-2 and the younger players
were already in the game. Before the end of the quarter Aaliyah had a
steal, Kyndal had one, Bailey had another as did Elly! There were 7
steals in that first quarter, including one by Gracie before she left
the game.
    By the half the score was 47-12 with the younger talent playing
most of the quarter. The starters came back to start the 2nd half
with both Aaliyah and Gracie hitting threes, before Chloe came off
the bench to sink two threes. The 3rd quarter ended 77-18. Chloe got
the final quarter off to a good start hitting yet another three
pointer, plus a steal, while Elly had three more steals. The game
ended with the Lady Bobcats on top, 90-22. Gracie Martin had 22
points to lead the Lady Bobcats while playing only about half the game.
Scoring: Courtney Pritchett 15, 2 threes; Savannah Hammock 7, Gracie
Martin 22, 2 threes; Aaliyah Brown 13, 1 three; Abbi Bilbrey 10; Elly
Smith 4, 1 three; Kyndal Ludick 4; Chloe Burton 13, 3 threes; Bailey
Evans 2. Total Threes: 9

Bobcats win fourth and fifth in a row
The Bobcats also had a great week and have now won 5 straight game
and have risen in the district from 6th place to a 4th place tie,
before last night's game with district #1 Monterey.

Bobcats 60, Clinton County 45
 In the first game on Thursday night against Clinton County, the
Bobcats had a much tougher opponent than the girls against a very
good Bulldog team. The pattern over the last few years has been the
home team winning, as was the case again this year. The first quarter
was close with the Bobcats taking a 13-10 lead. The Bobcats stretched
the lead to 30-20 by the half. While the Bobcats maintained the lead,
the Bulldogs challenged them several time and by the end of the 3rd
quarter they had cut the Bobcat lead a little for a 38-32 Bobcat
But Clinton County could never close the gap with the Bobcats coming
away with an impressive 15 point win at 60-45. They gained their
biggest advantage at 17 points when the score was 55-38.
Dawson Abbott lead the Bobcats with 28 points with Brian Gibson
scoring 8, Trent Young 4, Bryson Yorke  7, Parker Gore 2, John Parker
Reagan 9 and Luke Smith 2.

Bobcats 83, Gordonsville 46
 Friday night it was the Bobcats running all over the Gordonsville
Tigers, a team which had lost to Monterey by just 2 points earlier in
the season. The Bobcats dominated the Tigers by a score of 83 to 46.
The Bobcats raced to an 11-0 lead before Gordonsville scored their
first basket. The Tigers have a tall team with a 6'8" player and
another 6'6"or 6'7", but they were no match for the Bobcats. Those
first 11 points include 2 threes by Dawson and another by Brian, with
Brian also scoring a two point basket. The next score came after
Trent Young stole the ball and was fouled while shooting. He sank
both for a 13-2 lead. It was then Parker Gore stealing the ball and
racing down court to score. John Parker Reagan was the next to steal
the ball but the Bobcats weren't able to score with both teams
trading possessions several times before the Tigers scored followed
by Brian scoring to make it 17-4. Brian had another three before the
quarter ended with the Bobcats on top 22-10.
Gordonsville had possession to start the 2nd quarter but Bryson Yorke
stole the ball for the Bobcats with Brian going in for the layup. The
Tigers countered with a three pointer but the Bobcats continued to
pull away. Dawson's next three made it 31-16. Luke Smith came into
the game and played well as a pass from him to Bryson resulted in
Bryson going to the free throw line. With the score 40-19 Trent Young
swished a three pointer and at the horn to end the half, Dawson hit a
l-o-o-o-n-g three pointer for a 51-23 lead.
In the 3rd quarter threes were made by Dawson, John Parker, Luke and
Trent and with the score 74-32 the rest of the younger talent came
into the game to finish the quarter and to play the final quarter.
Cole Sells started the 4th quarter with a steal, and the upcoming
talent played well helping the Bobcats to win 83-46.
Scoring: Dawson Abbott 27, 5 threes; Brian Gibson 20, 2 threes; Trent
Young 10, 2 threes; Bryson Yorke 3;  Parker Gore 7; John Parker
Reagan 5, 1 three; Clay Smith 3, Luke Smith 3, 1 three; Cole Sells 3,
Slayde Copeland 2

Pickett County Basketball 1/4/2018

Special Sports

Bobcats, Lady Bobcats play in Richland Christmas Classic
The Lady Bobcats and Bobcats travelled to Richland High School for 
the Richland Christmas Classic December 28th and 29th.

On Thursday, the Lady Bobcats beat Murfreesboro Central Magnet with a 
score of 79-33, while the Bobcats took a win over Lawrence County 
with a close score of 72-70.

In Friday's games the Lady Bobcats final score against Cascade was 
90-17 with Lady Bobcats bringing home another win.

Abbi Bilbrey led with 18 points, Savannah Hammock 17, Courtney 
Pritchard 14, Aaliyah Brown 12, Gracie Martin 9, Elly Smith 11, 
Kyndal Ludick 9.

The Bobcats also won in Friday’s game over Giles Co. with a final 
score of 65-61 with Dawson Abbott scoring 32 points.

Bryson Yorke had 13, Brian Gibson 11, Trent Young 4, Parker Gore 4, 
John Parker Reagan 1.

Pickett County Basketball 12-28-17

Special Sports

Lady Bobcats 64-37 over LA
The Lady Bobcats continued their domination over Livingston Academy 
with a 64-37 win last week. Courtney Pritchett led Pickett County 
with 21 points which were all scored in the first half.

    The Lady Bobcats raced to a 12-2 lead with Aaliyah Brown getting 
3 steals to help the team pull away early. With the score 12-4 
Courtney stole the ball with Abbi Bilbrey then scoring. The Lady 
Wildcats were then able to score twice to cut the lead to 16-8 with 
the first quarter ending 20-10. Courtney had 14 points in the 1st 

    As play got underway in the 2nd quarter, Courtney drove to the 
basket to score. Ahead 27-12, she stole the ball and scored. Then it 
was Gracie Martin's turn to score...29-12. While the Lady Bobcats 
were dominating play, they did miss some layups, but a blocked shot 
by Abbi, and good free throw shooting by Aaliyah and Abbi, down the 
stretch helped them to a 35-17 lead at the half.

    At the half, Coach Brent Smith was honored for winning his 300th 

    The Lady Bobcats turned the ball over to start the 3rd quarter 
but Aaliyah stole the ball right back and scored. The Lady Wildcats' 
3 pointer made it 37-20 but Elly Smith responded with a three making 
it a 20 point lead. Courtney then stole the ball with Aaliyah being 
fouled while shooting. She sank both free throws. Courtney stole the 
ball again with Elly making another three...45-20. Elly stole the 
ball but LA stole it right back and eventually scored. After the Lady 
Bobcats gave the ball back to Livingston on a foul, Aaliyah stole the 
ball and scored. She and Courtney both had another steal each on the 
way to a 52-22 lad after 3 quarters.

    The younger players came in and played pretty evenly with the LA 
starters throughout the 4th quarter in route to the 64-37 win.

    Scoring: Courtney Pritchett 21, Aaliyah Brown 15, Gracie Martin 
6, Savannah Hammock 3, Abbi Bilbrey 5, Elly Smith 9, Chloe Burton 4, 
Kendall Ludick 1 Threes: Elly Smith 2

Bobcats win 76-70 over Wildcats

The Bobcats got back on track last week hitting 10 threes on their 
way to a 76-70 win over Livingston Academy.

    Brian Gibson scored first for the Bobcats but LA came right back 
hitting a three. After a missed Bobcat three, LA scored to go ahead 
5-2. But Brian's three pointer tied the game. Livingston then took a 
5 point lead before Brian's all net three cut it to 10-8. LA scored 
again but the Bobcats coming right back with a strong drive to the 
basket and score by Parker Gore. LA then went ahead 14-10. After a 
timeout, it was Trent Young driving in to score. LA then turned the 
ball back to the Bobcats on a foul with Dawson Abbott scoring on a 
layup to tie the game. Each time the Wildcats would score, the 
Bobcats would come right back to tie the game. Tied at 20 all, Dawson 
stole the ball, but the quarter ended all knotted up.

    LA went ahead on 2 free throws before Dawson's three pointer gave 
the Bobcats their first lead since the first score of the game at 
23-22. The Wildcats were then called for a charge and Dawson hit 
another 3 pointer for a 4 point lead. But Livingston came right back 
to regain the lead at 31-30. Another Abbott three made it 33-31, LA 
missed a shot with Trent Young hitting a three for a 36-31 Bobcat 
lead. After a Livingston timeout, they scored on a three pointer to 
make it a 2 point game.

When they next hit a three, they had regained the lead at 39-38. 
Dawson hit his 4th three pointer of the night making it 41-39. After 
a missed Wildcat basket, Brian was fouled  and he made it 42-39. A LA 
three point attempt was way off, Brian grabbed the rebound and his 
score gave the Cats a 44-39 lead. The Wildcats came right back to cut 
it to 44-43 with the half ending 45-43.

    Neither team could score for the first minute or so of the 3rd 
quarter before Trent drove in to make it 47-43. LA cut it to 2, but 
Dawson's three made it a 5 point Bobcat lead. The Wildcats came back 
to make it a 1 point Bobcat lead. It was then Brian feeding the ball 
to Bryson Yorke who laid it up and in making it 52-49. LA scored 
followed by yet another Abbott 3. With the score 57-53, Bryson 
blocked a Wildcat shot. Soon after, Brian hit a three but a foul had 
been called on LA before the shot, taking the basket away. The score 
remained close with the 3rd quarter ending with the Bobcats on top 

Brian was the first to score in the final quarter, dropping in a 
three pointer. A Wildcat three was off, Trent grabbed the rebound and 
scored making it 66-59. The Bobcats continued to pull away with 
Trent's reverse layup giving the Bobcats a 71-62 lead. But LA then 
hit 2 three to cut it to a 5 point Bobcat lead. They would get one 
more three pointer, but Bobcats' free throws helped to maintain their 
lead with the final score being 76-70.

    Dawson had a great game scoring 33 points, with Trent having a 
big scoring night as well, adding 21 points. Brian also scored in 
double figures, scoring 18. Also: Parker Gore 2, Bryson Yorke 2. 
Threes: Dawson 6, Brian 3, Trent 1.

Christmas tournament at Richland

The Lady Bobcats and Bobcats play Thursday and Friday at Richland 
High School in Lynnville, TN. They play at 1 p.m. and 3:30 both days.

    They then host Clinton County at home on Thursday, January 4 and 
Gordonsvile on Friday, January 5th. Come out and support your Lady 
Bobcats and the Bobcats!

District Standings

Girls: Clarkrange leads the district at 13-1 and 4-0. The Lady 
Bobcats are next at 9-1 and 3-1. Jackson County is tied for 2nd at 
8-4 and 3-1. It is then, Clay Co. 5-4, 2-2, Trousdale Co. 3-8, 2-2, 
Red Boiling Springs 10-6, 1-3, Monterey 1-12, 1-3, with Gordonsville 
last at 0-13 and 0-4.

The Lady Bobcats have their chance to move into a 1st place tied with 
their January 23 game at Clarkrange.

Boys: Monterey leads at 11-3 and 4-0 but has had a 1 point win over 
Trousdale Co. and a 2 point win over Gordonsville. Clay County is 
tied for 1st at 8-3, 4-0.

Clarkrange, Gordonsville and Jackson County are all tied at 2-2 with 
Clarkrange at 11-6 overall, Gordonsville at 6-9 and Jackson County at 
8-4. Our Bobcats are 6th at 6-4 and 1-3. Red Boiling Springs is tied 
with the Bobcats at 11-4 and 1-3. Trousdale County is last at 3-8 and 

The Bobcats have plenty of time to move up in the standing with two 
games yet to be played with Monterey. 2 games with both Gordonsville 
and Trousdale County, and rematches at home with Clay Co., Jackson 
Co. and Red Boiling Springs at home, and away vs. Clarkrange. 

Pickett County Basketball 12/7/17

Special Sports

Lady Bobcats crush Wayne County 74-30
The Lady Bobcats hosted the Lady Cardinals of Wayne County last 
Tuesday night and came away with a 74-30 win with all the Lady 
Bobcats getting plenty of playing time. The Lady Bobcat fans and 
cheerleaders are extra loud this year cheering the players as they 
are introduced, which has to be unnerving for the visiting team.
    Abbi Bilbrey started the Pickett County scoring after winning the 
tipoff, but that was after the Lady Bobcat's first shot was off with 
Abbi stealing the ball to set up her score. The teams  then traded 
possessions. Abbi blocked a Wayne Co. shot with Aaliyah Brown 
scoring. Wayne Co scored and then Courtney Pritchett was fouled. She 
made both shots and the Lady Bobcats were on their way to another big 
win. An Aaliyah Brown steal and score made it 9-2, followed by a 
Courtney Pritchett steal and score ...with a Savannah Hammock free 
throw coming in-between. By the end of the quarter the Lady Bobcats 
led 18-6.
    The first scores of the 2nd quarter were two free throws by Abbi. 
Wayne County then turned the ball over and Savannah made them pay by 
hitting a three pointer. She also scored the next 2 points, stole the 
ball with Courtney scoring on free throws to make it 27-6. The 
onslaught didn't stop there. Gracie Martin stole the ball with 
Savannah scoring. After a missed Lady Cardinal shot, Aaliyah hit 
another three for a 33-6 score.
    Add another score by Abbi and a big three by Kendall Ludick and 
it was now 38-6. That was a 22-0 run by the Lady Bobcats! It was now 
time for Coach Smith to send in some of the other talent off the 
bench. A three pointer and some free throws helped Wayne County end 
up with 13 points at the half with the Lady Bobcats having 40.
    At the half several fans shot threes to try to win cash with the 
sponsors being Keisling Insurance, Larry Brown, Subway and People's 
Bank. It was announced that at the half of the Clarkrange game, on 
December 12, one fan will have the chance to win $20,000! It would 
take a free throw, three pointer and half court shot within a time 
period of 25 seconds. Keisling Insurance is sponsoring this event.
    The starters, Courtney Pritchett, Gracie Martin, Savannah 
Hammock, Aaliyah Brown and Abbi Bilbrey were back to begin the 3rd 
quarter. It had to be disheartening for Wayne County to see the 2nd 
half start with another Aaliyah Brown three pointer. Then after 
Courtney stole the ball, Savannah scored followed by a Lady 
Cardinals' basket. After Gracie dropped in a free throw, she stole 
the ball and after a couple Lady Bobcat missed shots, drove to the 
basket to score. Courtney stole the ball with Aaliyah the next to 
score...50-19. When Elly Smith came into the game, besides her 
outstanding defensive play, she swished a three pointer making it 
56-22. Both she and Gracie had steals before the quarter ended 56-26.
    The 4th quarter saw most of the starters come out with Kendall 
Ludick, Elly Smith, Chloe Burton and Bailey Evans coming in to 
sharpen their skills which already are impressive. Chloe had a steal, 
Kendall also had a steal plus scored 13 points in the quarter 
including her 2nd 3 pointer of the night, and the game ended with the 
Lady Bobcats 5th straight blowout win 74-30.
    Scoring: Courtney 11, Abbi 6, Savannah 13, Aaliyah 17, Gracie 4, 
Chloe 4, Elly 3, Kendall 16
    Threes: Kendall 2, Savannah 2, Aaliyah 2, Elly 1

Amazing Bobcats win over Wayne County 73-71
  Wayne County visited the Bobcat Den last Tuesday night with a quick 
and talented team and for the first half it appeared as though the 
hot shooting Cardinals would come away with a big win as they took a 
44-31 lead at the half.
    The Cardinals won the tip off but missed a three and fouled Trent 
Young. It was then Dawson Abbott scoring a three to put the 'Cats on 
top. The Cards  scored  but Dawson hit another three. But Wayne 
County answered with a three to make it a one point game. When Dawson 
was fouled he went to the free throw line and sank both for an 8-5 
lead. It was then the lightning quick Cards sinking a three to tie 
the game.
    Trent then scored to put the Bobcats back on top and it appeared 
it could be a close game. After a missed Wayne Co shot, the Bobcats' 
three was off and the Cards tied the game. Another Bobcat shot was 
off and Wayne Co. responded with a three to take their first lead of 
the game. Again the Bobcats couldn't hit, missing two shots and it 
was then another three pointer for Wayne County.
    Brian Gibson  scored making it a 4 point game. He then blocked a 
Cardinal shot but the ball just wouldn't drop for the Bobcats. With 
the score 19-12, Brian's three was all net...19-15. But the Cards 
came right back with a three of their own. On the Bobcats next 
possession Brian was driving in for the basket when he was 
fouled...hard. He made one of two and the quarter ended 22-16.
    To start the 2nd quarter Dawson scored and was fouled and made 
the extra point to make it a 22-19 game. But again Wayne Co. pulled 
away with yet another 3. A Bobcat three was off and the visitors 
responded with another three pointer. After Coach Amonett called a 
timeout, Brian Gibson took the ball coast to coast to score. But the 
Cards scored 5 straight to go up 33-22.
    A Clay Smith 3 helped narrow their lead but the Cards scored the 
next 4 points. Down by 11, Dawson hit a three pointer to make it 
37-29. But the half ended with Wayne County scoring their 8th three 
of the game for that 44-31 halftime lead.
    The second half was one no Bobcat fan should have missed and one 
a lot of Wayne County fans did miss. The Lady Cardinals along with a 
large number of Wayne County fans left at the half.
    It didn't start out well for the 'Cats as the Cardinals went to 
the free throw line to start the quarter and stretched their lead to 
15 points. The Bobcats then missed their next shot but the Cards also 
a missed a wide open three. John Parker Reagan, who continues to 
impress, then drove to the basket to score. It was now Wayne County 
that was having a hard time scoring at that end of the court. After 
they missed a shot, Brian scored on a three pointer. That made it a 
10 point game. After the Cards missed again, they stole the ball and 
hit a three. Again John  Parker scored. The Cards turned the ball 
over with Brian scoring again...another 3. The Cards couldn't score 
and Brian made it a 6 point game and by now the crowd was very loud. 
But the Cards went back up by 10. Another Dawson three made it 55-48. 
A Cardinal charge gave the Bobcats the ball with Dawson scoring...
55-50. They charged again! Dawson for three! 55-53. Wayne County then 
missed two free throws and a Bobcat shot at the buzzer was off and 
the quarter ended 55-53!
    Wayne Co. had the ball to start the final quarter and scored. 
Soon Dawson was fouled shooting. He made it 57-56. A Cardinal three 
was off and Dawson then put the Bobcats back on top 58-57...coming 
all the way from 15 down! The Cards scored but Brian's 3 made it 
61-59 'Cats. A Cardinal three..62-61. John Parker put the Bobcats 
ahead by 1. We missed a shot and the Cards responded with a three...
65-63. Then there was a turnover, a Wayne Co. charge with Dawson 
scoring...65 all.
    With 3:26 to go the Cards went up by 3. The Bobcats had a 
turnover and the Cards had their 12th three of the night and a 6 
point lead at 71-65. It appeared that the game was getting away from 
the Bobcats. We then missed a shot, Dawson stole the ball but the 
'Cats missed again. Then Parker Gore stole the ball, but the Bobcat 
had a turnover. With 1:32 to go Coach Amonett had Dawson foul, twice. 
On the 2nd one a Wayne Co. guard went to the line and his hard shot 
bounce off the backboard to a Brain Gibson rebound. A Bobcat basket 
was off but Trent Young had a huge steal and was fouled. Under 
pressure he made both, 71-67. Coach Amonett called a time out. Again 
Dawson fouled and again Wayne Co. missed the front end of a one and 
one. Brian rebounded and Dawson came down and scored 71-69. With 41.8 
seconds to go Trent nearly stole the ball and was called for a foul. 
Again the Cards missed the front end of a one and one.
    Of course the crowd was on their feet and very loud! Parker 
grabbed the rebound and with time running out Brian scored to tie the 
game. It looked like overtime. With seconds to go, the Cardinal 
inbound pass was tipped...apparently by Parker with Dawson racing in 
for a go ahead score with just over 4 seconds to go! It all happened 
so quickly, it was hard to see! The roar of the crowd must have been 
heard all the way to Monticello! Wayne Co. made a desperate very long 
shot which was way off and the Bobcats celebrated a remarkable 
comeback against a very good team! This may have been the toughest 
game for the rest of the regular season schedule and will be one long 
remembered by Bobcat fans. And, Coach Amonett called a very smart 
game, especially down the stretch!
    While the Cardinals had 12 threes, the Bobcats had 10 of their 
own. Dawson led with 34 points with Brian adding 22. Scoring: Trent 
4, Bryson 2, Brian 22, Dawson 34, John Parker 8, Clay 3 Threes: 
Dawson 5, Brian 4, Clay 1

Pickett County Basketball 11/30/17


Bobcats whip Hogeye 83-66

The Bobcats won their second game of the season at Livingston last
week, beating the Wildcats 83-66 with Dawson Abbott leading the
Bobcats with 25 points. Brian Gibson also had an outstanding game
scoring 22.
The early minutes didn't go well for the Bobcats as LA took a 10-4
lead but baskets by Brian Gibson and Trent Young plus his two free
throws tied the game. Dawson was fouled and his 2 free throws put the
Bobcats on top 12-10 and they would be ahead 15-14 after one quarter.
LA had one last lead at 20-19 until Dawson drilled a long 3 pointer
to put Pickett County up 22-20. His next basket made it a 4 point
lead, with John Parker Reagan going to the line where he made both
free throws for a 26-20 lead.
The Wildcats fell behind by 8 before a three pointer cut it to 32-27.
But Brian Gibson scored, LA was called for a charge and Dawson hit
another three to put the Bobcats ahead 37-26. At the half it was
Pickett County 42 LA 34.
The 2nd half started with another Abbott 3, followed by two Brian
Gibson threes in a row and it was now a 17 point Bobcat lead. Brian
had another three in the quarter as did Trent Young. The 3rd quarter
ended 66-49 Bobcats.
In the 4th quarter a couple of Wildcat threes cut it to a 13 point
Bobcat lead and the Bobcats began to have trouble advancing the ball.
With the Wildcats back to within 9 at 70-61, Clay Smith hit a three
pointer and the Bobcats pulled away again for the 83-66 win.
Scoring: Dawson Abbott 25, Trent Young 13, Parker Gore 6, Brian
Gibson 22, Bryson Yorke 6, John Parker Reagan 4, Luke Smith 2

Lady Bobcats 72, LA 49

At Livingston, the Lady Bobcats took a quick 7-1 lead over the Lady
Wildcats with a three pointer by Aaliyah Brown and by the end of the
1st quarter the Lady Bobcats had a commanding 21-10 lead.
In the 2nd quarter 3’s by Savannah Hammock and Abbi Bilbrey, along
with 3 steals by Aaliyah and great D by Gracie Martin, plus
rebounding and defense by Courtney Pritchett, all contributed to them
stretching the lead to 39-19 at the half.
Highlighting the 3rd quarter was another 3 by Aaliyah, excellent play
by Elly Smith and Chloe Burton, a blocked shot by Abbi and continued
outstanding play by Courtney, Savannah, and Gracie, who also had a
steal. The score was 61-32 after 3 quarters. The Lady Bobcats largest
lead was in the 4th quarter by 32 points with the final score being
Scoring: Abbi Bilbrey 7, Courtney Pritchett 9, Gracie Martin 5,
Aaliyah Brown 16, Elly Smith 4, Chloe Burton 9, Savannah Hammock 13,
Kendall Ludick 5, Bailey Evans 4. Threes: Aaliyah 2, Savannah 1,
Chloe 1, Abbi 1.

Stone Memorial Thanksgiving Showcase

The Lady Bobcats traveled to Crossville for the Stone Memorial
Showcase on Friday and Saturday and came away with two impressive
wins. Playing were Stone Memorial, a talented team that the Lady
Bobcats will play later in the season, (1-2) private school Webb of
Knoxville and (3-2) AAA Dobyns-Bennett of Kingsport and the Lady

Lady Bobcats 74, Webb 50

The Lady Bobcats played Webb on Friday, a team with two tall players
and some talent, but they were no match for Pickett County. Webb
scored first on a three, but the Lady Bobcats took the lead after
Aaliyah scored, Abbi Bilbrey stole the ball with Aaliyah scoring
again. Abbi then blocked a shot with Aaliyah scoring again. By the
end of the 1st quarter it was a 19-9 Lady Bobcat lead.
    Webb was well aware of Courtney Pritchett's potential as they
double teamed her in an effort to slow her down. They didn't though
as Courtney had 7 points in the quarter. Chloe Burton also had a
great quarter hitting a three and stealing the ball. Aaliyah also had
a three, plus excellent play by Gracie, Savannah, Abbi and Elly all
contributed to their 41-23 lead at the half.
A highlight of the 3rd quarter was a three by Gracie and Courtney
dropped one in the 4th quarter with the Lady Bobcats winning 74-50.
Courtney led in scoring with 19 points.
    Scoring: Courtney 19, Aaliyah 15, Abbi 11, Gracie 9, Savannah 14,
Chloe 4, Kendall 2 Threes: Courtney, Gracie, Chloe and Aaliyah all
had 1 each.

Lady Bobcats 73 Dobyns-Bennett 56, Brown scores 35

  The Lady Bobcats played Dobyns-Bennett on Saturday, a school with
over 2,200 students and while they had a very good team, they
couldn't match the talent of our Lady Bobcats. The first quarter was
tight but the Lady Bobcats either led or were tied throughout the
quarter which ended 15-13 in our favor. Aaliyah had 8 points in the
quarter to lead scoring and ended the game with an outstanding 35
    A breakaway score by Savannah Hammock gave the Lady Bobcats a 6
point lead early in the 2nd quarter, with a steal by Courtney and a
three by Elly Smith keeping the Lady Bobcats ahead. A three by
Courtney extended the lead to 31-24 with the half ending 32-26
Pickett County.
    A three by Aaliyah made it 38-30, and a couple of steals by
Gracie helped Pickett County to extend the lead. By the end of the
3rd quarter they were ahead 54-43. The Lady Bobcats outscored Dobyns-
Bennett 19-13 in the 4th quarter with Aaliyah scoring 9 of her 35
points in the quarter.
Scoring: Courtney 8, Aaliyah 35, Abbi 9, Gracie 10, Elly 3, Savannah
6 and Chloe 2 Threes: Aaliyah 5, Elly 1, Courtney 1

Lady Bobcats roll

The Lady Bobcats easily won three games before last night's home game
against Wayne County (played after newspaper's deadline) beating
Livingston for the 6th straight time, and beating Webb and Dobyns-
Bennett in the Stone Memorial Thanksgiving Classic.

Bobcats lose to unbeaten Marshall County, beat Stewarts Creek

The Bobcats traveled to Woodbury Friday and Saturday to play in the
Mitch Wilson State Farm Classic at Cannon County, and came away with
a split. They dropped their first game to unbeaten AA Marshal County,
but came back to beat AAA Stewarts Creek on Saturday. Details of both
games will be in next week's paper. They are 3-1 on the season before
last night's game with Wayne County, Kentucky.
Dawson Abbott was mentioned in The Tennessean's Top Basketball
Performances this past week.

Lady Bobcats beat DeKalb 77-32

A large and enthusiastic crowd of Lady Bobcat and Bobcat fans turned
out Nov. 17 and were treated to a 77-32 rout of AA DeKalb County, a
team that won their first game by a score of 61-15 over Boyd
Buchanan...the team Pickett County beat in the Sub-State a few years
    As the Lady Bobcats were being introduced after the National
Anthem, the Pickett County fans greeted them with the loudest
cheering heard in intros in a long time...our fans know that this is
going to be one very special year...maybe even better than the
amazing last three!
Scoring: Aaliyah Brown 16, Abbi Bilbrey 16, Courtney Pritchett 9,
Savannah Hammock 11, Gracie Martin 6, Elly Smith 3, Kendall Ludick 2,
Bailey Evans 6, Chloe Burton 8 Threes: Evans 2, Bilbrey 1, Burton 1,
Brown 1

Bobcats defeat DeKalb County 63-44

The Bobcats also started the season with a win over the Tigers who
came into the game fresh off a 79-25 win over Boyd Buchanan. They put
up a much tougher fight against the Bobcats than their counterparts
did, but in the end it was the Bobcats pulling away for the 63-44 win.
    Scoring: Dawson Abbott 16, Trent Young 13, Parker Gore 11, Brian
Gibson 9, Bryson Yorke 2, Clay Smith 6 Threes: Dawson 1, Brian 1

PCHS football team Meet and Greet--huge success

The meet and greet for the PCHS Football Team held last Saturday was
a huge success. There were games, food, a dunking booth, football
throw, and live music from the Cross Brothers Band with Jimmy Rigney.
We would like to thank the Town of Byrdstown and Mayor Gibson for
letting us use the tables, chairs and tent and also for use of the
location. We also want to thank Water Rentals from Cookeville for the
dunking booth, b&k and Jerry's IGA for the boston butts, Carolyn
Painter for her donation of desserts, People’s Bank, Tim Ford and
Homer Reagan for the use of their smokers, our pchs cheerleaders, and
for all the support from the parents, coaches, cheerleaders, and
football players for making the night memorable. We also want to
thank all the businesses who donated items for the silent auction or
who donated a monetary donation.
We hope this is a beginning of making money to someday have a stadium
for the PCHS Football Team. Again thanks so much for all the help and
support for our players and coaches.
PHOTOS: Brandie Storie

 PCHS Bobcats defeat Zion Christian 18-15

 The Pickett County Bobcats won 18-15 against Zion Christian last
Friday, August 25th.

Stats for Pickett County

Evan Caudle with 17 for 33, 196 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Bryson Yorke with 1 for 11 yards
Cody Dye with 2 for 15 yards
Levi Thoman with 4 for 52 yards
Parker Gore with 7 for 72 yards
Luke Smith with 1 for 28 yards and 1 touchdown

Parker Gore with 14 for 38 yards with 2 touchdowns
Levi Thoman with 2 for 6 yards
Austin Conner with 3 for 9 yards
Evan Caudle with 5 for 14 yards

Evan Caudle with 1
Levi Thoman with 6
Parker Gore with 3
Austin Reagan with 7
Joe Cross with 8
Ricky Clark with 2
Austin Conner with 4
Dodge McClellan with 3
Luke Smith with 1
Brandon Smith with 2

Cody Dye 1 INT
Levi Thoman 1 INT

Photos: Kristy Caudle

Another great Lady Bobcat/
Bobcat season comes to an end


Sports Writer

 One of the best basketball seasons ever for Pickett County is now  over but next season looks to be just as promising.

  The Lady Bobcats of course with their 30-3 record, third straight
trip to the state tournament and super individual performances by each Lady Bobcat, gave the loyal Lady Bobcat fans another season to remember.
 Losing senior Abbi Buck, who set the school 3-point record this
season, will be tough. Kassidy Geesling, her steals, blocked shots,
rebounds and many key baskets will be equally missed. But, this is always a part of high school basketball and their contributions will long be remembered! Thank you Abbi and Kassidy!

    But next year the Lady Bobcats may just be the favorites to win
it all. Many fans, and most Lady Bobcat fans, believe that they may have been the best team this year, and if not for a slow first half against the eventual champion South Greene at the state tournament, would have been state champions this year. They certainly outplayed the Lady Rebels in the 2nd half and outscored them 38-31.

 Returning will be starter Courtney Pritchett, District
Tournament  MVP and region Tournament MVP, and could be a Miss Basketball candidate next year. Gracie Martin, district defensive player of the year, who could be counted on to score 3’s and key baskets as well, will also be a top player again. Savannah Hammock, who also was on all tournament teams, was a key rebounder, often was high scorer and was also a great defensive player. Sophomore Aaliyah Brown returns and while she wasn’t a starter, played extensive time in each game and often was top scorer including her impressive 23 points at the state tournament. She will also be one of the best in the district next year.
    Talented underclass members Elly Smith, Haley Burton, Emma
Zachary and Tyra Johnson saw plenty of action, coming in to rest
starters and to protect Lady Bobcat leads. They usually saw playing time against opponents starters and played evenly with them if not better!

    Add to this talent pool will be an outstanding  group of
freshmen, who were 2-time state champions as 7/8 team members. Also,
some of these freshmen were on the National Championship 7th Grade  AAU team.

    Gone will be South Greene to AA, along with many private schools who will move to Division II, Watertown to AA, Marion County to AA.
Next year will see an easier region group. But, the Sub-State will no longer be easy as it has been vs. Chattanooga’s weak team.

The teams who may be in the region from the other district: District 5: Ivy Academy (Soddy-Daisy, TN), Richard Hardy Memorial School (South Pittsburg, TN), South Pittsburg High School (South Pittsburg, TN), Van Buren Co. High School (Spencer, TN) and Whitwell High School (Whitwell, TN). None are expected to be up to 7A strength next year.

The teams who may be in the Sub-State include: District 7: Dayspring Academy (White House, TN), Grace Christian Academy - Franklin (Franklin, TN), KIPP Nashville Collegiate School (Nashville, TN), LEAD Academy (Nashville, TN), Merrol Hyde Magnet School
(Hendersonville, TN), Republic High School (Nashville, TN), STEM Prep Academy (Nashville, TN) District 8: Cascade High School (Wartrace, TN), Cornersville High School (Cornersville, TN), Eagleville High School (Eagleville, TN), Fayetteville High School (Fayetteville, TN), Huntland High School (Huntland, TN), Moore Co. High School (Lynchburg, TN). Only Huntland and Morre County are expected to be strong, but both were top 10 teams this year.

    The Lady Bobcats should be the pick to win the district, the tournaments and head back to the state for the 4th straight year!

And of course our Coach Brent Smith is a key to our girls’ success. He was Coach of the Year for the 4th straight time and led the Lady Bobcats to their third straight state tournament!

   The Bobcats also had a great season unexpectedly going to the Sub-State, coming in 2nd in the district regular season, and 2nd in the district and region tournaments.

    The Bobcats lose Jake Smith to graduation. Jake came off the
bench often to grab key rebounds, made important steals and key baskets and will be missed. Thank you Jake for your contributions.

 Back are all the starters including top scorer Dawson Abbott who
will be one of the top players in the district once again. His three
pointers always bring a roar from the Bobcat fans, but he also has many rebounds a game plus steals. Brian Gibson will again be a key with his rebounding, blocked shots and his scoring will be a key next season. Very impressive was Bryson Yorke who saw little playing time a year ago but started this year and was an all tournament pick in the playoffs. With a year’s experience under his belt, there is no telling how great his season will be next year. Clay Smith saw many starts and his 3-point shooting and steals were an important part of Bobcat play. Another outstanding season was Trent Young’s, now a starter, with his ball handling, 3 pointers and defensive play helping the Bobcats to their big season. Talented freshman Parker Gore showed a great deal of potential and will only be an even stronger player next year.

    The talented bench included Will Garrett, Evan Caudle, Luke Smith and Cole Sells, all played an important role in this year’s success and can look forward to increased playing time next year.

  Impressive was Coach Amonett’s season leading  the Bobcats to a second place finish in the district, district and region tournaments and to the first Pickett County boys’ Sub-State since 2007 against CSAS.

    The Bobcats should be the pick to win the district next year and battle it out with Monterey and Van Buren County for the region title. Another Sub-State game  and possible state tournament ticket are very good possibilities as well!

    Have a great spring, summer and fall…tip-off is less than 8
months away!

So close! 67-62 Lady Bobcats second best in tournament

Sports Writer

    For the third straight year the Lady Bobcats drew the team in the first round that would go on to win the state championship. The year before last they led Middleton almost to the last minute before Middleton pulled away and two games later were state champs. Last year it was South Greene which the Lady Bobcats drew first, PC fell behind, made a run but fell short  and S. Greene won it all. This year it was South Greene up first and they had to fight off the Lady Bobcats in the second half to hold on for the win, 67-62. They beat Clarkrange, who only had to beat a 18-15 Perry County, a 22-13 Hampton team which only scored 27 points against Clarkrange, for the championship by the score of 66-57 against the Lady Buffaloes.

 While the Lady Buffaloes fell behind in the 2nd half, the Lady 
Bobcats did the opposite, falling behind in the 1st half, and coming back to within 2 late in the game.
 The Glass House had a huge turnout of loud Lady Bobcats fans with South Greene also having a great turnout.
 The Lady Bobcats had first possession with Courtney Pritchett 
scoring first. The Lady Rebels then scored, with PC giving the ball 
back on a foul. S. Greene scored but Pickett Co. came right back with Abbi Buck scoring. S. Greene then hit a 3…7-4. Again Courtney scored and S. Greene turned the ball over. Another PC foul gave the ball back to the Lady Rebels and they scored to go ahead 9-6. A Lady Bobcat three was off with S. Greene then scoring to go up 11-6.

 At that point Aaliyah Brown came into the game and immediately drove to the basket to score, bringing loud cheers from the huge Lady Bobcat crowd.  Both teams turned the ball over before Aaliyah again drove in and cut the score to 11-10. After a missed S. Greene shot, the Lady Bobcats were called for a walk and S. Greene scored. A Lady Bobcat shot was off, then a Lady Rebel walk wasn’t called and they scored and hit a free throw to go up 16-10. Aaliyah was then fouled in the act of shooting and her shots cut it to 16-13 after one quarter. S. Greene then went ahead 18-13, Pickett Co. walked and S. Greene scored. Coach Smith called a time out and the girls responded. Aaliyah scored, S. Greene missed with Aaliyah going to the free throw line and sank both…20-17. She then stole the ball and scored, 20-19 and the Lady Bobcat fans were roaring!
 S. Greene went up 23-20. It then appeared that Gracie Martin was fouled but they called it on our girls and S. Greene took advantage of that call and hit a three…26-19. Gracie was fouled a minute later and cut it to 26-20 but S. Greene then scored…28-20. A bad pass gave the ball back to the Lady Rebels and they went ahead 30-20. Then another turnover gave the Lady Rebels another score and it was 32-20 and things looked bleak. But our Lady Bobcats fought back. Aaliyah drove to the basket and scored. S. Greene hit two free throws and then Gracie sank two for the Lady Bobcats. The half ended with S. Greene going back to the line for 2 more points and at halftime it was 36-24.

  The 3rd quarter began with Gracie driving to the basket to score 
but S. Greene responded with a 3 for their biggest lead at 39-26. 
Aaliyah then scored. After S. Greene fouled, Kassidy scored…39-30. S. Greene missed a shot and it was Courtney scoring. When the Lady Rebels missed a shot, it looked alike the comeback would continue as the Lady Bobcats raced down the court but a layup was off and our girls were called for a foul. But, S. Greene didn’t score and Abbi was fouled…2 free throws made it 39-34.

    The Lady Rebels scored an old fashioned 3, then got the ball back and scored to go up 46-34. Gracie then scored and added a free throw. S. Greene scored then soon after were fouled and hit one of two free throws…49-37. Down by 12, Gracie hit a three…49-40. The Lady Rebels hit one of two free throws…50-40. Gracie then dropped in another three pointer…50-43. Then a terrible call on Savannah Hammock gave S. Greene two free throws…52-43. Courtney drove in to score…52-45. Savannah then had a huge steal with Gracie scoring…52-47 and with seconds to go a Lady Bobcat three was off at the buzzer. They had outscored the Lady Rebels 23-16 in the quarter.

    The final quarter began with Abbi hitting a three and the lead 
was now just 52-50! The Pickett County fans were on fire! S. Greene scored and then the worst call of the night gave S. Greene the ball back on a Lady Bobcat charge. Abbi was then called for her 5th foul with S. Greene making one of two…55-50. Aaliyah scored…55-52. Then S. Greene appeared to charge but it wasn’t called on them and they went up 57-52. Aaliyah then scored again…57-54.  No three second call was called on the Lady Rebels and they scored. Courtney then drove in to score and it was 61-56. The Lady Bobcats were called for a foul…63-56. Gracie then drove in to score…63-56. Gracie Martin then scored…
63-58. It was then Savannah leaving the game on her 5th foul and the score was then 64-56.

    Courtney was fouled and sank both shots making it 64-60 with 25.9 seconds to go. The Lady Rebels went to the free throw line…65-60. Aaliyah then drove in to score 67-62 but South Greene scored as time ran out escaping with a 67-62 win. Had there been a few more minutes in the comeback, the Lady Bobcats may have advanced.

    Aaliyah led the Lady Bobcats in scoring with 23 points, 2 
rebounds and 3 steals. Kassidy Geesling 3 rebounds, Courtney 
Pritchett 8 rebounds and 12 points, Abbi Buck 2 rebounds, 1 three and 7 points,  Gracie Martin 5 rebounds, 2 threes, 1 steal and 18 points, Savannah Hammock 5 rebounds, 1 steal and 2 points, Elly Smith 1 rebound.

    The Lady Bobcats shot 53.3% to South Greene’s 50%. The Lady 
Bobcats had 3 threes to the Lady Rebels’ 4. The Lady Bobcats were 11 for 14 from the free throw line while S. Greene was  19 for 25 
getting 11 more free throws than the Lady Bobcats. But the big 
difference in the game was turnovers in the first half by the Lady 
Bobcats, who then came back to outplay the Lady Rebels in the 2nd half.

    Despite the Lady Bobcats giving the Lady Rebels their toughest 
game of the tournament, none of the deserving very Lady Bobcats made the All Tournament team. South Greene’s  talented Taylor Lamb was named Tournament MVP. South Greene moves up to AA next year with the Lady Bobcats the pick to win it all next year.

    Congratulations to the Lady Bobcats on a fantastic year! Boys 
tournament results next week and Lady Bobcat/ Bobcat season wrap up next week.

    7A again showed that this is the toughest district in the state. 
The Lady Bobcats can be proud of being the 2nd best team in the 
tournament and state with an outstanding 30-3 record. And Courtney was District MVP and Region MVP up against the eventual Miss Basketball. Both she and Aaliyah established themselves as potential Miss Basketball nominees next year, if not next year for Aaliyah, the year after!

Pickett County Lady Bobcats Regional Champs

Girls region 1720170309 1986 oe182j

Back to the ‘Boro!!! We can beat South Greene!

Sports Writer

The Lady Bobcats will make their THIRD straight trip to Murfreesboro to the State Tournament Championships on Thursday at 6 p.m. vs. defending state champion South Greene. While this will most likely be the “championship game” with the two top teams in the tournament, and
is against the defending state champions, the Lady Bobcats can win this game.
How we can win:The Lady Bobcats didn’t play their best game last year in their matchup, got down by 12 but when they got back to playing Lady Bobcats basketball cut it to 3 points and nearly cut it to 1. If they play great basketball from the start, they can win.
Our Lady Bobcats have only lost to 1 team this year while South
Greene has lost to 3 different teams and had close games against
Cloudland, Hampton and Granger  so they can and have been beaten.South Greene may come in overlooking the Lady Bobcats after their win last year.
Our Lady Bobcats are faster than last year and have added more
scoring power with the emergence of Aaliyah Brown and Savannah Hammock, added to last year’s top scorer Courtney Pritchett and school record three point shooter Abbi Buck. Gracie Martin was the defensive player of the year and Kassidy can score and gets plenty of rebounds. The Lady Bobcats were great last year and are great again this year!
If our girls go in with a positive attitude, backed by our positive
and enthusiastic fans, they can work their magic against South
Greene! Going in knowing they can win, focusing on what they do best, playing their great defense all can add up to a win!
Go Lady Bobcats!

Sub-State: Lady Bobcats crush Van Buren Co. 77-40

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The loyal Lady Bobcat fans packed the gym early Saturday night for the Lady Bobcats’ Sub-State game against the Lady Eagles of Van Buren County, the team they beat two years ago in the Sub-State away, 95-65.
It was no contest again as the Lady Bobcats crushed the 15-17 Lady Eagles. It was 7-0 Lady Bobcats with Abbi scoring 5, one score was a three. Kassidy scored the first basket. VB scored. Abbi stole the ball with Courtney scoring…11-2. Aaliyah had a steal, Courtney too and it was 18-7 after one quarter. As the Lady Bobcats pulled away, Savannah had 2 threes, Aaliyah another and it was 31-14. Abbi had a steal with Aaliyah scoring…36-14. With the score 38-14 Savannah blocked a shot and the half ended 38-15.
    Van Buren brought a good sized crowd and they were enthusiastic in support of their team, but 80% of the gym was Lady Bobcat fans, and they were loud!
    Abbi started the 3rd quarter with a three, Savannah had another blocked shot, Aaliyah scored quite a few as the Lady Bobcats took a commanding lead of 65-26 after three quarters.
    The talented younger players wrapped up the game with Haley
Burton and Elly Smith scoring on free throws for a 77-40 final.
    Aaliyah led in scoring with 23, 1 three, Kassidy 10, Courtney 11,
Abbi 10, 2 threes, Gracie 5, Savannah 14, 2 threes, Haley 1, Elly 3.
The win sends the Lady Bobcats to their third state tournament! 

Lady Bobcats Region Champs

Sports Writer
The Lady Bobcats won their second straight Region Championship by beating Clarkrange 60-56 last week at Watertown. And once again our Courtney Pritchett was named MVP.
    Savannah Hammock scored first but Clarkrange came right back with a three. They then went up 5-2. But Kassidy Geesling scored before they fell behind 7-4. Courtney was fouled and made it 7-6. Again Clarkrange scored. Courtney cut it to 1 at 9-8. Again they went ahead 11-8, while their fouls weren’t called. A long pass to and score by Savannah made it 11-10. Clarkrange missed 3 straight shots and then fouled Courtney…12-11 Lady Bobcats. Clarkrange scored and Courtney went back to the free throw line…14-13. Clarkrange scored, we missed a three and they scored again…17-14 which was the score at the end of the quarter.
    Aaliyah was the first to score on a freethrow in the 2nd quarter
but a Clarkrange player knocked down a Lady Bobcat yet the call was on her…no charge 19-15. Kassidy then scored, again no charge and it was 21-17. Abbi then hit a three to cut it to 1. They then took the lead on a Courtney Pritchett shot. No 3 seconds called…23-22 Clarkrange. Courtney drove to the basket and scored 24-23. Lady Buffaloes walked with Courtney scoring again…26-23. Then 26-25.
Savannah’s  score made it 28-25. Buffalo turnover and Aaliyah hit a three…31-25 and that was the halftime score. The Lady Bobcats were given a standing ovation by the huge crowd of  Lady Bobcat fans. Surprisingly, Lady Buffalo fans only filled 2/3 of their side of the gym.
    Clarkrange scored first in the 3rd quarter 31-27. Both teams
turned the ball over on a missed three and a Clarkrange charge.
Kassidy then scored…33-27. A Clarkrange walk led to Courtney driving in to score…35-27 and the fans were on their feet again! Courtney then stole the ball with Gracie Martin driving in to score…37-29.
Another ‘range turnover and another Savannah score…39-29. Ten 39-31, 39-33, with Kassidy then scoring 41-33. Gracie stole the ball with Savannah scoring…43-33. We got the ball back and Savannah scored and hit a free throw…46-35. Clarkrange 3 point air ball. Courtney was fouled and the quarter ended 48-35 Lady Bobcats and it looked like Clarkrange was going on the road for the Sub-State.
    But Clarkrange scored first, then went to the free throw line…
48-39. The Lady Bobcats were slowing down the game but a foul gave the ball back to Clarkrange and they scored. Courtney was fouled…50-41. Clarkrange hit a three…50-44. A bad pass gave the ball to Clarkrange but they turned it over. PC was called for a carry and Clarkrange scored 50-46. We missed a shot and Clarkrange walked, no call and hit a three…50-49. Courtney drove in and hooked in a shot…52-49. Clarkrange hit 2 free throws, one point game.
    Courtney fouled…54-51. Clarkrange fouled…54-53 with 1:39 to go. Courtney added another 2 free throws and Gracie stole the ball and PC was fouled…but the shots were off. Clarkrange missed a 3. Savannah was fouled and sank both free throws…60-53. Clarkrange then hit a long three at the buzzer to lose 60-56. MVP Courtney Pritchett scored 26 while Kara Meadows scored an amazing 45 but that was not enough to beat our Lady Bobcats!
Scoring: Pritchett 26, Brown 4, 1 three, Geesling 8, Buck 5, 1 three,
Martin 2, Hammock 15

Named to the Region All Tournament Team were: Aaliyah Brown, Savannah Hammock, Abbi Buck and Courtney Pritchett was MVP!


Pickett County Bobcats Regional Runner-Up

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Bobcats’ season ends at Van Buren

A huge turnout of Bobcat fans, who were the loudest heard in many years, packed into the too small Van Buren gym Monday night to face the Eagles who were trying to advance to the state tournament for the 3rd straight year. Over 100 fans lined either end of the court, while others sat in the aisles.

Van Buren came out red hot, while the Bobcats struggled. The
Bobcats got the ball first when the Eagles were called for a tip off
violation and Bryson Yorke put the Bobcats up 2-0. The ‘Cats pressed but Van Buren raced down court and began hitting uncontested threes and were ahead 22-9 after one quarter. This was a “let them play” game with few fouls called…at least on Van Buren.  Even with Van Buren holding a large lead, the Bobcat fans and cheerleaders were LOUD and supportive. At 31-19 late in the 2nd quarter, things looked bleak for the Bobcats until Dawson Abbott hit two threes in half a minute to pull the Bobcats back to within 31-25 at the half. While the Eagle fans were quiet, the Bobcats fans roared as the ‘Cats left the court.

   In the first half Van Buren had hit 6 threes, 5 in the first
quarter. The Bobcats were hurt by about 10 turnovers.

   As the 2nd half began, Parker scored and the Bobcats were now
down just by 4 and the crowd was deafening.  But, the Eagles hit a
three, the Bobcats turned the ball over and Van Buren hit yet another three for a 39-27 lead. The Eagle threes continued as did the Bobcat turnovers and by the end of 3 it was 51-38.

    No one had expected the still young Bobcats to get to the Sub-
State this year, even though a lot expect the Bobcats to go to the
state tournament next year. They had the state’s AP ranked #2
Goodpasture, #3 Clay County and #5 Watertown between them and the region final, plus a good Monterey team to beat. But everything fell into the Bobcats’ favor, along with the outstanding coaching of Coach Amonett, to reach the Sub-State for the first time in 10 years.

    This was a very good Van Buren team playing their best basketball of the year. The Bobcats and fans should be very proud of the team’s outstanding year and with everyone back but Jake Smith, who played well in last night’s game, the future is very bright for the Bobcats. Junior and first year starter Bryson Yorke had an outstanding game with 17 points. Dawson Abbott 8, 2 threes. Trent Young 4.
  The final was 71-44 with Van Buren sinking 13 threes. Parker Gore 2, Brian Gibson 10, Clay Smith 1 three.
  Congratulations Coach Amonett, the Bobcats and fans …the best in the Upper Cumberland, on an outstanding  20-13 season!


Bobcats advance to Sub-State

Sports Writer

 Coach Amonett, in his first year as coach, has guided the Bobcats
to their 1st Sub-State game in 10 years. Had a great game against
state ranked Clay County and led until late in the 3rd quarter!
  Parker Gore scored first followed by a Brian Gibson three.
Dawson’s score made it 7-3 but Clay hit a three…7-6. Both teams
turned the ball over before Dawson was fouled…9-6. Clay hit a three. But Dawson matched it…12-9. Clay scored. Trent Young hit a three at the buzzer for a 15-11 score at the end of one!  The Bobcats fans were on their feet!
    Clay came back 15-14. Then both teams had several turnovers with Bryson Yorke (2) Clay Smith having steals. Then Dawson hit a three…18-14. 18-16. A Clay Smith 3…21-16! Ask any fan at the game and this was one of the worst officiated games in memory. Clay was finally called for a walk and Dawson hit a three for a 24-16 halftime lead!
    Clay County stormed back to cut it to 24-23 to start the 3rd
quarter. Dawson scored…26-23. Clay County then grabbed the lead on a three.  Dawson hit a three.29-28. Clay charge, Brian score…31-18. Clay tied it on a 3. They then went up 33-31 after 3.
    Clay then pulled away 40-33. Parker scored twice…40-37. Dawson’s 2 free throws made it 40-39. Bryson then put the Bobcats back on top 41-40 with about 3 minutes to go! It was 44-43 Clay with 1:13 to go.
But the Bulldogs pulled away on 4 free throws to win 48-43.
The Bobcat fans gave our boys a standing ovation for their
outstanding game! This is the first time BOTH our teams have advanced to the Sub-State in the same year!
Scoring: Bryson 4, Dawson 18, 4 threes, Trent one 3, Parker 6, Brian 7, 1 three, Clay 3, 1 three, Jake 2
Named to the All Tournament Team were Bryson Yorke, Brian Gibson and Dawson Abbott
While they didn’t win the game, they may have won the better Sub-State game. They played  Van Buren who upset CSAS. Many felt that this was a better matchup for the Bobcats.

Bobcats beat Monterey, advance to Region Championship

Sports Writer

    The Bobcats met Monterey at Watertown in the region Semi-finals and came away with a 54-50 win to advance to the Region Championship!
 The first quarter was a close one with Monterey taking an early
lead before a Brian Gibson three put them ahead 12-10. Monterey led 13-12 after one quarter. The Bobcats pulled ahead 17-13 on scores by Brian and Dawson Abbott. Parker Gore’s score made it 19-15 with Brian’s 2 free throws made it 21-15. Monterey came back to tie it at 23 all but a Gibson layup at the buzzer made it 25-23 at the half.
 Trent Young drove in to score to start the 3rd quarter with Monterey getting their last lead at 28-27 on a three. Bryson Yorke put the Bobcats back ahead with a score and by the end of three it was 35-28.
 Monterey cut it to 35-33 on a three, then tied the game. Dawson
scored on a reverse layup, and followed that with a three…40-37.
 Clay Smith scored with Brian hitting another 3…45-37. Monterey hit a three. Bryson scored 47-42. Dawson hit 2 free throws. Monterey walked and scored. Brian made it 50-44. onterey hit a three…50-47. With 13.9 seconds to go Dawson sank 2 free throws…52-47. Monterey hit an NBA three…52-50. They fouled Dawson and he made it 54-50 for the win!
Scoring-Bryson 11, Dawson 14, 1 three, Trent 4, Parker 2, Brian 19, 2 threes, Clay 4


MVP Courtney Pritchett scores 28 points


Courtney Pritchett, tournament Most Valuable Player, led the 26-2 Lady Bobcats to their 2nd consecutive District 7A Tournament Championship Monday night at Livingston Academy.

They played in the 2nd game after Clay County demolished Jackson County 63-33, with a huge crowd of fans from both schools packing the gym and the Pickett County student section, cowboy themed, making themselves heard led by the terrific Pickett County cheerleaders.

The Lady Bobcats won the tip off but their 3 pointer was off but their defense caused a Clarkrange turnover. Soon Clarkrange scored on two free throws. Savannah Hammock was fouled and tied the score. A second Clarkrange wild pass gave the Lady Bobcats the ball again and Courtney was fouled…4-2. Each score brought on a roar from the Lady Bobcat faithful! Courtney then stole the ball and Savannah scored and was fouled…7-2. But Clarkrange came right back to take an 8-7 lead.

That didn’t last long as Abbi Buck drained a three pointer! A Clarkrange 3 was off and Aaliyah was fouled…12-8. Clarkrange’s Crabtree also was getting into early foul trouble. Clarkrange came back to tie. Then a Lady Buffalo fouled Courtney and as Courtney started to walk by her, the player body-shoved her but nothing was called…much to the dismay of the crowd calling for a technical. Courtney added a free throw and then hit a three pointer to end the quarter 16-12! That shove may have been the incentive the Lady Bobcats needed!

Savannah scored first to go up 18-14. Courtney scored…20-14. Clarkrange walked with the ball and Courtney hit another 3 for a 23-14 score and the crowd was roaring again! Next she went to the foul line…25-18. After Aaliyah hit a free throw, Courtney sank her 3rd three of the night…29-20. Both teams missed shots and had turnovers before Aaliyah scored…31-23. Kassidy Geesling then stole the ball but a Lady Bobcat three was off. PC got the ball back and Kassidy was fouled…33-23. After a Clarkrange missed shot, Courtney hit 2 free throws and the Lady Bobcats had their biggest lead at 35-23. Clarkrange hit a 3 and the half ended 35-26.

Clarkrange opened the 3rd quarter hitting a three, then scored again…37-31. Courtney then drove in to score. Clarkrange scored, Savannah scored…41-35. When Aaliyah scored it was 43-36. Clarkrange scored, a PC shot was off but Aaliyah stole the ball and was fouled…45-38. Clarkrange got an old fashioned 3, PC missed a 3 with Clarkrange scoring…after 2 Clarkrange walks were not called. PC missed free throws and Clarkrange scored. Another PC shot was off and Clarkrange answered with a three to take the lead at 46-45 and the quarter ended.

They then went ahead 48-45 and the Lady Bobcats missed 2 shots before a huge basket by Aaliyah cut it to 48-47. Clarkrange threw the ball out of bounds on a wild pass but a PC shot was off. Courtney then stole the ball, passed off but another PC shot was off. She immediately stole the ball AGAIN and scored 49-48! Clarkrange turnover, Courtney scored…51-48. Clarkrange score and then one of Abbi’s biggest three pointers of the year made it 54-50!

With 2:55 to go Clarkrange scored. Aaliyah then drove to the basket and scored over a player a foot taller than her 56-52. Courtney stole the ball and was fouled…58-52. Clarkrange missed the front end of a 1 and 1. Courtney was fouled…60-52. Clarkrange scored. PC turnover and Clarkrange score…60-56. Gracie Martin added a free throw…61-56 and with 11.3 to go Aaliyah was fouled and hit both for the winning 63-56 score!

Courtney had 28 points, 6 steals and 10 rebounds as she was named MVP. Also on the All Tournament Team were Kassidy Geesling, Aaliyah Brown, Abbi Buck and Savannah Hammock. While district MVP defensive player Gracie Martin didn’t make the team this time, the Lady Bobcats wouldn’t be where they are this season without her outstanding play all year.

They will now play Trousdale County Friday night at home! Pack the gym! The Bobcats also play at home on Saturday night.

Scoring: Courtney 28, 3 threes, Aaliyah 15, Kassidy 2, Gracie 1, Savannah 11 and Abbi 6, 2 threes.

Lady Bobcats crush Jackson Co. 80-45


The Lady Bobcats breezed past Jackson County in the first round of the district tournament on Friday night. The win was the 7th in a row over the Lady Blue Devils with the Lady Bobcats winning by an average score of 70-46.

JC scored first with the Lady Bobcats missing a three, but Courtney Pritchett stole the ball and was fouled. Her free throws tied the game. With the score tied at 4 all, MVP Defensive Player of the Year Gracie Martin stole the ball with Savannah Hammock scoring. Abbi was next to score…8-4. It was Kassidy Geesling stealing the ball next with Gracie going coast to coast to score.

JC then scored on an old fashioned three but Aaliyah’s three pointer made it 13-7. Another steal and Aaliyah was fouled and sank both…15-7. Courtney then stole the ball and scored and the rout was on! Courtney hit a three and a minute later added a free throw for a 21-11 score at the end of one.

Aaliyah’s score made it 25-15 and then she immediately stole the ball. Courtney scored the next 2 baskets, plus added a free throw…30-19. Aaliyah then drove the length of the court for a layup. Courtney added 2 free throws, Aaliyah scored again with Savannah next going the length of the court to score…38-25. Aaliyah had yet another steal. Savannah scored at the buzzer to end the half with the Lady Bobcats ahead 46-30.

Savannah scored first on a freethrow for Pickett Co with Courtney then stealing the ball and being fouled. She sank both. Next Abbi stole the ball. With the score 54-30, Gracie had another steal and score with Courtney stealing the ball. She was fouled and sank both…58-31. The quarter ended with Savannah nearly stealing the ball but then Courtney did steal it and was fouled. Her free throws made it 63-33 at the end of 3 quarters.

The final quarter scoring began for the Lady Bobcats with Savannah sinking a three pointer. Gracie’s three made it 71-39. At that point the talented younger players came in, along with Aaliyah who stays in since there aren’t enough substitutes for 5 players. She is outstanding in her role of wrapping up a game. Tyra Johnson scored on a free throw with Elly Smith going all the way down the court to score…73-39. She then had a free throw and Aaliyah scored next on a turn around jump shot…76-43. She then took the ball coast to coast to score. The game came to an end with Elly stealing the ball and being fouled. She sank both free throws for a final of 80-45.

The win put them into the finals against Clarkrange, who won 68-50 over Clay County in the earlier game. Courtney led all scorers with 23 points with 1 three. Brown 19, 1 three, Geesling 4, Buck 2, Martin 9, 1 three, Hammock 17, 1 three, Smith 5, Johnson 1.

The win also gave them a home first round region game.

Abbott scores 32 in 64-53 win
The Bobcats met Jackson County in the district tournament on Saturday night and after leading by as many as 19 points, came away with a 64-53 win to advance to the championship game Tuesday night against state ranked #4 Clay County.

The game started with the Bobcats winning the tip off, but turned the ball over. A quick reacting Parker Gore then stole the ball and scored. Brian Gibson was next to score…4-4. JC went ahead on free throws but Dawson then went coast to coast to score. He then stole the ball but his three pointer went in, spun around and came out. JC then scored followed by both teams trading turnovers before Dawson drove in to tie the game at 8 all and added a free throw to go ahead. The Blue Devils scored to take an 11-10 lead at the end of one.

The first score for the Bobcats of the 2nd quarter came when Trent Young stole the ball with Brian Gibson feeding Bryson Yorke for the score. The score was soon tied twice at 11-11 and 13-13. Trent’s free throws put the Bobcats on top 15-13 but a Blue Devil three gave them the lead at 18-17. It would be tied one last time at 20-20 before Brian scored for a 22-20 lead. JC scored and made a free throw to give them their last lead at 23-22. Trent scored with Clay Smith stealing the ball and he scored… 26-23. Jackson County then cut it to 1 point before Brian’s 2 scores made it 30-25. JC scored on free throws with Dawson ending the scoring for the half with 2 free throws…32-27.

Dawson’s three to begin the 3rd quarter started the Bobcats on their big third quarter. Parker scored next, Brian added a free throw…38-29. Dawson drove to the basket to score…40-31, Brian fed Bryson again for another score 42-31. Brian then stole the ball with Trent hitting a three for a big 45-31 lead. It was then Trent to Bryson for a score and then Dawson hitting a three as the Bobcats completely shut down the Blue Devils. It was now 50-31, which would be the Cats’ biggest lead of the game. The quarter ended with a great steal by Parker. The Bobcats outscored Jackson Co. 18-5 in the quarter.

Dawson had one more three in the final quarter to end his scoring for the night with 32 points with 3 threes. Bryson 10, Trent 7, 1 three, Parker 4, Brian 9, Clay 2.

The win put the Bobcats into the championship game against Clay County Tuesday night and gave them a first round home game in the region tournament.

All District 7A Teams

The coaches have voted the All 7A District teams with many Pickett County players being honored. A few Pickett County players may just prove in the playoffs that they certainly deserved to be placed higher! This post was before the district tournament was played and the All Tournament Teams will also be in this issue.

Congratulations to Coach Brent Smith on being Coach of the Year yet again!

Girls’ 7A All District Teams
Coach of the Year: Brent Smith, Pickett County

First Team:
MVP: Kara Meadows
Kyleigh Hardy-Jackson County
Hannah Garrett-Clarkrange
Jada Kerr-Clay County
Taylor Strong-Clay County

Second Team:
Kenzie Arms-Clay County
Gracie Bush-Clarkrange
Kaitlin Pippin-Jackson County

Third Team:
Charity Crabtree-Clarkrange
Courtney Bilbrey-Monterey

Honorable Mention:
Breanna Bush-Clarkrange
Reese Stover-Clarkrange
Bella Wilmoth-Jackson County
Alexis Ragland-Jackson County
Jaycie Woolbright-Jackson Co.
Brittany Boone-Clay County
Mckenzie Biles-Clay County
Maddie Harlan-Clay County
Allie Ragle-Monterey
Tamicka Smith-Monterey

All-Freshman Team:
Freshman of the Year: Courtney Clayborn-Clay County
Faith Walker-Monterey
Anna Hudson-Monterey
Daniella D’augustino-Monterey
Abigail Polson-Jackson County

All-Defensive Team:
Kara Meadows- Clarkrange
Alexis Ragland-Jackson County
Anna Hudson-Monterey
Brittany Boone-Clay County

Boys 7A All District Teams
Coach of the Year: Kevin Thomas-Jackson County
First team:
MVP: Tyreke Key-Clay County
Michael Cody-Monterey
Jonah Smith-Jackson County
Austin Monday-Clarkrange
Dalton Coleman-Monterey

Second Team:
Dawson Russell-Clay County
James Coe-Jackson County
Joe Brown-Jackson County
Tyrus West-Monterey

Third Team:
Briley Stephens-Clarkrange
Gavin Silk-Clay County
Payton Smith-Clay County
Conner Brown-Jackson County

Honorable Mention:
Cobe Hayes-Clarkrange
Nick Hall-Clarkrange
Ryan Miller-Clarkrange
Sean Michalski-Clarkrange
Colby Long-Jackson County
Seth Ogletree-Clay County
Jake Ashlock-Clay County
Heath Kimes-Clay County
Brian Stamps-Monterey
Cade Printer-Monterey
Grayson Randolph-Monterey
Patrick Gago-Monterey

All Freshman Team:
Freshman of the Year: Jake Ashlock-Clay County
Jacob Handy-Jackson County
Paxton Payne-Monterey
Peyton West-Monterey
All Defensive Team:
MVP: Seth Ogletree-Clay County
Parker Payne-Monterey
Conner Brown-Jackson County